Monday, April 8, 2013


    Amanda R. Browning lives in southern Indiana with her husband and three children. She has    been an avid fan of all things paranormal her entire life. After being a dedicated reader since childhood, she started writing when she ran out of books to read and her brother challenged her with, "So write something."
   Amanda does intense research for everything she writes, hoping to lend a sense of reality to the worlds she crafts from imagination. She is a big fan of history and tries to find a piece of real history to explain with the paranormal. She writes all types of paranormal fiction, from horror to romance to erotica.
   Amanda is the author of The Immortal Choice Series, and is currently writing the sequel to Birth of the Nyxian, as well as several short stories. When she isn't glued to the computer writing, she can be found with her children exploring the woods near her house for the hidden fairy portal, or 

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  • Who from our talents will be the sole survivor? Apr 1-16 the battle is waged to become the First HFA Author of the Year..

    Each Author has a day for themselves so come check them out. They will promote their work be around for fan questions. Tons Tons more. Don't miss out......

    To Vote- email put author's name in subject line

    Apr 1- Announcement of judges, announcement of Recruitment contest winner
    Apr 2-Tim Miller
    Apr 3-Jeff Glaze
    Apr 4-Bryan W. Dull
    Apr 5-Emily Goodwin
    Apr 6-Rick Carter-Squire
    Apr 7-Greg Carrico
    Apr 8-Dawn White
    Apr 9-Amanda R. Browning
    Apr 10-Chad Repko
    Apr 11-Linna Drehmel
    Apr 12-Brooklyn Hudson
    Apr 13-Carmilla Voiez
    Apr 14-Karen Dales
    Apr 15-Deidre Frost
    Apr 16- Announcement of winner

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