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"MEAT CAMP (by J.T. Warren & Scott Nicholson)

"MEAT CAMP (by J.T. Warren & Scott Nicholson)

J.T. and I adapted this from my original B-movie horror screenplay. It's a little different from my usual but hey..."

As a reader I read Liquid Fear and others by Scott Nicholson, I was hooked. This was during Hurricane Sandy, as the lights were disconnected and the house lit by candles. Every noise the gusts of wind made me jump, as a tree branch hit the side of the house I thought I was going to jump out of my skin.

So of course when the author is offering a special, his newest book with a promotion for reviews and an opportunity to win more of his books and created Meat Camp with his partner J.T. Warren, I was intrigued. Actually I was restless and needed a terrifying scare and knew that Nicholson and Warren could definitely stimulate this reader's mind.

Meat Camp here I come. This time it is a sunny breezing day and for back up I put on Meditation music to read this story for I can tell from the preview, as a reader I am about to be scared, **** out my head.

The story opens with the setting of the woods, the old cranky farmer, now camp owner, the odd house, the sniffing of wild animals, intruders? His ramblings about no good punks need a good switching,

The plot is set in a farm/ camping grounds, with many colorful characters, from the virgin, Casanova, troubled youth, and the intriguing plot of teenagers always on the hunt, will she or will she not give it up? Includes the real estate tycoon. coming to survey the bounty of open land and dreams of becoming richer with development of condos and such. The hunting of the contiguous diseased zombies and other events kept this reader entertained.

I like Grumpy old coot, and his good kind daughter running a camp for troubled youth, and with Nicholson witty style the story flows peaceful, as a reader i am savouring it, and waiting for the scare to jump out of the pages. He leads the reader on a goose chase, with the missing dog, the rebellious teenagers playing pranks, and wild animals hunting their prey. Question, who is the monster in this story, the reader wonders. The anticipation is building, even the meditation music can not cut through what was coming. The plots thickens, the jealous boyfriend, the scheming vixen and the plot to exact justice, to hatch a plan to have riches beyond their wildest dreams, but ...

The city youngsters unfamiliar with the woods, and the descriptive details and wild imaginations can make anyone terrified, never knowing if a wild rabid animal, Satan cult, out for blood letting, or other unimaginable creatures and incidents can occur in the dark shadowy woods.

The plot only intensifies, the strange dead animals, rabid and no marks, the frigid girl saving for Mr. Right, the furious notch on the belt player, was played and now he wants revenge. Not this monstrous, yet karma is a witch. The pot smokers, and the Casanova has a heart, at the last moment.... and others, all unique in their own way.

The story continues with the city Police officer who decides to look for the green on the other side of the fence relocated to the backward town, after a scary incident, he does not know as sheriff what and the old coot's family with the kind hearted daughter trying to save the farm was about to discover. The rose colored ideal of opening it as a rehabilitation for wayward youth, was only the tip of the iceberg. What was hidden in the woods, was the climax. The present characters and plus other cocky characters are facing their worst nightmare. The suspense is like a train running out of control, and keeps the reader on their edge of their seat, waiting.....

It is up there with his other works, with an edge, kudos to the authors for writing a scary tale that had this reader's heart thumping rapidly, waiting to see who the next victim was to be. I enjoyed the heroic female with the skills to defend herself and other characters. The conclusion was a blast back to the past, how Alfred Hitchcock and other horror experts left the reader craving for more.

In the authors' words:

But a strange infection contaminating the camp's mess hall soon triggers a violent rampage. As the isolated camp turns into a bloodbath, camp counselor Jenny Usher first fights to save the children, and then finds she must fight to save herself.

Because this infection doesn't just kill, it brings the dead back to life...

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