Friday, April 18, 2014

Heed the Message Hardened Hearts, Blog 5

This is a poem I found, was placed on my wall, it is beautiful and expresses true divinty. 

This is a poem I want to share, someone posted on my wall,
it should include men too, but still beautiful calling
forth the sisters to serve. A dedication to the Son, who loved us
unconditionally to sacrificed his life.

Blog 5 April 18, 2014

Acts 28:27 Read whole chapterSee verse in context
For the heart of this people is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

Matthew 13:15 Read whole chapterSee verse in context
For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

Today is Good Friday in the Christian faith, the day where the Holy Bible writes of a special man who was crucified on the cross. He was sacrificed his life to take away for the sins of the world. To give humanity a clean slate when they arrive into the world as newborns.

We are all given freewill, the choice to decide our destinies. An amazing brain, heart and spirit which we carry inside a physical vessel to walk the path of righteous and darkness. Not here to get into a debate about religions and beliefs. Just pondering the gracious character and man, a humble servant who did not think of himself but to be a teacher to millions.

 A story that started so long ago, with a climax of a father willing to experienced anguish and with tragic grief suffered heart ache for the masses. When, who or what and how did the writers find their ideas for this particular story.

As an dabbling writer and avid reader I know some books are based on truth and other are of embellishments. One has to wonder is there actually truth in a book that survived many generations and translated in many world languages to be read, taught and cherished by many. In my heart I believe there is much truth in this book. One opens it reads a verse and it seeps into the reader's mind, like a cool glass of water on a hot day, quenching the fire of fear, anguish, doubt and negativity from your minds and spirits.

I as you probably know the trails we all experienced are challenging, but true or not, genius and unique authorship of one or many writers created a Holy story and book written about one simple man who placed his trust in someone higher then himself, in the Creator.  He was taken prisoner, beaten bloody, humiliated in front of his mother, loved ones and others to show the masses true meaning of unconditional love. The greatest story ever told and who plotted our civilization since the  beginning of creation.

Without the book each generation of children would not have a blueprint to decide which actions they did, would affect one or many individuals and learn of the consequences. Never learn or experienced when in the deepest of darkness, all hope lost, spirit shattered, and you call out for mercy there is a higher power, be it your inner strength or someone more magnificent assuring you are not alone and are loved and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Think how many mothers and fathers would sacrifice their child for the cleansing of humanity sins not many One or more authors came together and created a powerful story that awakens the hardest of hearts to ask for forgiveness and a new beginning. Illusion or truth, .I accepted it to be truth, as I journey many dark paths in my lifetime as you have, and calling upon another for strength in desperate times, be it human or supernatural has rescue many lost souls. I am one, and would die possessing my faith, would you?

In these difficult times, we all need a lifeline to hold on too, be it loved ones, an unseen presence to find peace in the chaos. Then again you may have been fortunate enough not to experience unemployment, homelessness and other events in your life. The man Jesus did, he is someone who has been in the trenches, is a beckoning light to once again find hope.  If I did not believe in a higher power I and other abused women and children would not escaped domestic violence, the temptations of alcohol and drugs, be lost in the darkness.

Think about every time you were in a crisis, there was someone to help you through it. Now where did that unconditional love come from, it is decoded in our DNA. Who but a creator could create such complex engineering, the human mind and body. If a stranger with compassion crossed your path, and help you, is it not right to return the favor to another and pay forward. As the Holy Book teaches us humanity to do everyday.

I ask you to consider a sister of the ministry in need of your assistance, Annie of heed the message do not let your heart be hardened and cold, she is willing to help the homeless, and give them essentials to survive another day in the wild. I can tell you from experience, we are one pay check away from being homeless. A abused mother with her children to escape, ended up homeless. A veteran who served and sacrificed his life to fight for your freedom ends up homeless.

Yes, the mentally unbalanced, physical and disabled, senior citizens and even college graduates can be one day living under a roof, and the next in the streets. Fearing for their lives and possessions, cold, hungry, thirsty and lost beyond desperation. On the edge of insanity or suicide. Storm Sandy struck the Northeastern coast and destroyed many homes. Working classes individuals still homeless to this date, and many other disasters around the world, people are suffering.

You get up every morning out of a warm bed, go to work, come home, pay your bills and plan your activities and recreation.  As innocent children caught in the homeless traps, disgusting dangerous shelters are being traumatized by perverts and other schemers. When you could pass the responsibility off to a willing warrior through your donations, and help that stranger, an individual or family escape the horrors of being homeless, against their wills. It could be a brother, sister, aunt, uncle or a loved one you know.

Yes there are schemes and con artists out there, but Annie is not one. Preview her channel, website and see for yourself. Who would take three buses to deliver goods to the homeless population as indicated in her emails in blog 4, as this is blog 5.

I believe in her, and the truth, the way and the light, Jesus Christ and the authors of the Bible believed in her, so why does humanity ignored the call for assistance? Has your hearts became hardened, I pray not. Blessings my Children.

Please donate and help someone today to escape the darkness. Preview the website, donate there or the site

THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU!!  This link is incredible!  Thank you!!

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