Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mason Cosmo A Family and Community Mission to stop Child Abuse dedication

this is the HMTL link if you would like to copy the Fundraiser logo and post on your blog, promo this worthy mission to help this family and so many others who suffer such a deep and painful loss due to senseless violence. This is the fundrasier link: This weekend MTMC2FE, and the Community's dedication is to Mason's Voice we are contributing Facebook pages and blogs to a very dear departed angel, Mason DeCosmo, a little sweet guy whose life light was snuffed out before his 3rd birthday, 24 plus months old and he was a victim of violence, Child Abuse. Yesterday we asked all your dear people to sign a petition to help Mason helped others, you did a great job, please keep sharing with your friends. Today we as a community ask that you support his Dad with private needs and financial contributions to keep his younger Sibling 9 month old Jaxon safe and at home with his Dad. Otherwise the state may come involved, and this is too much for a grieving family to go through. Fundraiser link following. thank you from Mason's Voice Community. Details $2,925raised of $5,000 goal 336 days left $2,925 raised of $5,000 goal Organizer: DeAnna Geoghegan Beneficiary: Louis DeCosmo We understand money is tight in everyone's household, yet, if we do not contribute then action will not occur, and a family will suffer as they try to support Mason's younger sibling, Jaxon, 9 month old sweet baby brother. The father is a good man, special circumstances, hold him back, but when he gets his DJ equipment set up, he will be able to be independent and support his own family. Right now he needs a lending hand, please give and know that the funds will be use to help a family heal and stay together. Mason's Voice and the community can vouch for this wonderful dad, he is placing the child's interest ahead of him, and would never harm a hair on his head. Jaxon, is a beautiful loving 9 month old, and is in a very stable environment. The family and friends are also selling blue wrist bands. In the previous blog are links to the closed Facebook page and the petition. Let's keep striving and help Mason's mission to stop Child Abuse in it's tracks. Respectfully Mason's Voice Community

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