Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mason DeCosmo, Your Light Will Burn Forever and Forever,....

Your Light Will Burn Forever and Forever, Mason DeCosmo, 2 Honor Mason DeCosmo and help his father and little brother.years old, was the victim of a terrible act of violence. He passed away on August 5th, 2014 from the result of physical abuse. He died of... This is not a fictional story, this is the real truth, a beautiful angel departed from this earthly paradise to soon, and we as a community are united together to raise awareness of an evil action, and what we need to do to stop Child Abuse in it's tracks, and to honor a young man Mason DeCosmo, help his loved ones to keep his memory alive and help others not to suffer what he did. As a community we are shocked by a recent event, in the Hudson Valley community, sitting here we are trying to find the words that would be a healing balm to the parents and loved ones who suffered an indescribable tragedy, they lost a precious 2 year old angel, his name was Mason DeCosmo, he lived 730 plus days on this planet. He laughed, cry and experienced the daily milestones of any two year old. Somewhere in between those days he became an abused child, hurt by a loved one, murdered by the perpetrator, by the constant abuse of being struck over and over again, until his broken spirit became a broken body, and the blows became so violent, his life's candle was snuffed out. His soft breathes were no more and his beautiful smile with his heartily laughter will never be seen or heard again. Left behind is memories and so many uncountable broken hearts, a month later we are still emotional broken over the senseless act and desired to share Mason's Message "Stop Child Abuse in it's Tracks." We are aware circumstances and stressful incidents,be they a generational pattern of violence, poverty or unknown stressors can be like a ticking time bomb, and the loved one caring for the children are holding on with a delicate thread of sanity, losses their moral compass and are broken. They become monsters and another amazing child like Mason DeCosmo, and his peers are lost to the insanity of this sick violence and they become victims. These unfortunate victims became a punching bag to a very ill caretaker. Mason' s community is uniting as a united front to notify the world that so many children around the world are in jeopardy today, right at this moment. They live in fear everyday, as this may be their last day on earth, as a perpetrator strikes and hits a defenseless baby or children. They are agencies out there to defend these children but they are short handed and short sighted, and sometimes it is too late. Mason's biological father is a wonderful caretaker and has many supporters in his corner, he desires to give Mason's younger brother, Jaxon a safe haven and a promised future of security, love and happiness, to heal from the lost of his dear sibling. He is in need of supplies to equipped his home and buy other items that one needs to give a child a sanctuary to thrive in. We write this blog as a community to aid the healing, which can not be describe in any language, or words. We share their grief, decided to be proactive to raise awareness about Child Abuse, his Dad and loved ones started a campaign to ask others to aid with Mason's fundraiser, and to sign a petition to transform the victims lives, and give them hope that another child will not be lost to the demons and evil trickery of silent child abuse, which is happening behind closed doors, right at this moment. Our hearts are broken, shattered that a angel was taken too soon, and we write this blog, to aid the family and loved ones on their mission to alert the public that Child Abuse is alive and thriving and needs to be stopped in it tracks. To help the father of this unfortunate child, Mason DeCosmo go forth with his and Mason's loved ones mission to not let this baby boy, 2 year old's life pass in vain, to let his name and his courage live on, with alerting this public to his family's efforts to raised money to keep custody of his 9 month old sibling, Jaxon in the care of his biological father's capable hands and to live with his true family that will defend him against the demons and never to experienced the torment his older sibling experienced and passed away from. There is a candlelight vigil at the St. Peter's Cemetery on Salt Turnpike, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 on September, 5th, we will add the links to the candlelight vigil, the Facebook Page which is closed, but out of respect if you are concern and would like to assist the family of this brave little guy and his brother Jaxon, with a donation of funds or a act of love of charity. Please give, as Mason will be looking down from Heaven, relieved that humanity has a heart and cares enough to donate, volunteer, contribute their energies, to be with his Dad and brother, be it in person or in spirit, for him, his little brother, father, family and loved ones, and continue his wish to not let another child suffer. Today, a month later as a community our spirits are broken, hearts shattered to hear of a little angel Mason has been taken away by the sweet angels to sit in God's lap. He left this earth too soon, left behind his little sibling Jaxon as the wind blows, he softly whispers, his laughing eyes look down upon Earth, and he is asking us, as a community of his sisters and brothers to unite and aid his family with healing. Through actions, words, donations and love for his dad, younger brother and all other children who can not advocate for themselves. He asked in his name that Child Abuse be stopped in it's tracks, around the world and here in the Hudson Valley. In our hearts, Mason whispers to tell them, his Dad has a Facebook page, closed to the public, then Mason states be polite and knock and my dad will let you in, read our mission, sign the petition, join us for the candlelight vigil, Mason we are here! Candlelight Vigil Tomorrow at 8:10pm St Peters Cemetery 171 Salt Point Turnpike, Poughkeepsie, NY. 12603. Most important, If you can donate to the fundraiser so that my brother can live with our loving dad, and family, I would ever be grateful. He would be with my Dad, my Aunt and Uncle who will shield him from the demons lurking about, and let my short life's existence not be in vain, and I would be at peace knowing my brother and other children will be safe as the community raises the red flag and notifies the public the ugly truths about Child Abuse, work together to break the vicious cycle and saves children from suffering. He whispers to us here on earth, “I was raised to be a champion and I believe in the goodness of people's hearts, let my hopes be strong, raised on the winds around the globe. I asked that you promise me, my dear dad to keep your word, fight and be successful with all that is needed for this crime to be stopped in it's tracks.” Promised not to let one more child or children be hurt or killed by senseless violence at the hands of ill individuals.” Do not let another parent or loved suffered this terrible loss, as mine did.” Listen open your eyes, and report any actions that raised the hackles on the back of your neck. Do it anonymous or as an individual. Advocate to teach young parents skills before they have babies, prepare them for the joys as well as sorrows raising a child. Learn coping skills to deal with our quirks. There is so much he wanted to tell us, but he can feel your hearts are shattering, and it is too painful, but he knows with his Dad's guidance your promises will be kept. He tells us “I am safe, and I will always love you.” The children are calling me to come out and play, so I blow you a sweet kiss from the Heavenly Gates, and request that you as a community go forth to defend the silent ones, the little babies who can not speak for themselves.” Be silent no more, and help my Dad and all who miss me to find peace and hope once again. Follow the Links below which are the closed Facebook link, knock gently, and be welcome in to help my family and friends to save another child before it is too late. The next link is a closed livestream for all who can not attend the Candlelight Vigil, but wanted to give my family and loved ones strength and join us in spirit on line for the candlelight vigil on Friday night. The third is the link to read the petition and join us in signing and sharing so we can alert the public of the changes necessary to activate new laws to keep our earthly angels safe from harm. The fourth link is the fundraiser site so that his Dad can adequately support his little sibling, Jaxon and give him a bright future surrounded by loved ones who will protect him, and teach him to grow up to be a fine gentleman.

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