Saturday, February 18, 2012

Murder on Skidrow Charlene Wexler

This was a delightful at the same a harsh reality story about Skid Row in Chicago in the late 1960's. A well-educated man from a working immigrant family graduated as a dentist and decides to open a practice to serve poor and poverty individuals in this downtrodden community. They are junkies, alcoholics and gang members with state insurance. Behind the scenes there are the money scammers, the neighbor pharmacy and others all looking for the quick buck. He is torn between keeping his eyes and mouth shut to the dark secrets of the neighbourhood and serving the patients.

Then the killings occur and the secrets are no longer in the dark. The conclusion was shocking but sweet. Generations continue on and everything changes for the good. Highly recommend this story for readers who wish to reminisce about their childhood in the ghettos of the city and who like mysteries and detective stories. A lot of suspense and warm characters.

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