Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Author January Valentine, Head Over Wheels

 Extra Sweet chocolate that hit the spot!

Author January Valentine of Head  Over Wheels  (spicy  romance)

Head over Wheels, by January Valentine, is the right title for this delightfully spicy romance novel. It is scrumptious from page one to the end. It opens with a breathtaking poem and awesome artwork.  It steams ahead into the sensual dream of the main character, Jewelia Delarosa.  She meets a delightful treat of a sexy man in the cafe, and the fantasies to reality start to spin out of control.

Set in Manhattan, the story centers around two ambitious college women studying to be professionals. Their bond is like a younger version of Sex in the City characters, deep and committed. Set in a modern style of Manhattan's fast-paced life and infused with delicious romance, it is an enthralling read for mature audiences.

When Jewelia tells her roommate, Emma, about the gorgeous hunk who catches her eye, the two girls cook up a plan on how to attract his attention the next time she runs into him. Ah, the intrigue and the scheming kept this reader entertained.

Then the fateful meeting was not to be, for intervention and competition faulted Jewel, but she was not one to give up. In the midst of scheming, Jewelia, Emma and police detective buddy are chummy and life rolls on. Jewel is volunteering for a bike-a-thon, and living the city's life with all it thrills and surprises.

The author has a unique style of writing that compels the reader to want to see what will happen next. There are little insights which warm the reader's heart, then again the spicy romance that makes it steamy hot. This story is definitely a roller coaster of emotions, which is one of the threads that kept the story flowing and interesting. Ah, the situation is set, and the bait is ready, and the two will meet, either by destiny or coincidence.

Jewelia and Indigo  continue to dance around each other, learning, exploring and discovering each other. Roommate Emma is also surprised by a flash of the past and the saucy romance ignites as secrets unfold between the four college professionals.

The suspense, conflicts, and events are exciting and hints of desire titillating. The conclusion is powerful. This reader recommends this book for those who seek steamy romance. You may want to research this author and preview all her other books and if they are like this one, they too are definitely a reader's paradise. 

I highly recommend Head Over Wheels spicy romance, written with a poetic and modern creativity of future promises and dreams coming true through a revenge plot and personal life storms. The author takes the reader on an exciting experience, following the characters as they struggle to discover what fate has in store for them.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Artist and Author highlight on Spotlight Event 2/20/13

Matthew C. Nelson Artist and Author Spotlight guest on February 20th at 9:30 p.m. link following;

20th of February   at 9:30 pm
Matthew C. Nelson, Author and Artist

He is hard working and resides  in a financial struggling economic area of employment. He wants to be an excellent provider for his family and he has alot of talents, as an author and one of the contributors to the Grove Comic on Facebook and the anthology of Angels Cried available at Amazon.com and so much more. Go to the Facebook page of Angels Cried  click a like to show support to the world that the angels did not depart in vain and support the survivors please. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Angels-Cried/291375294299301?fref=ts

The artist was there on my birthday and gave me a wonderful gift and a story about Silvertoe, a dragon. The story board is on my personal Facebook Page and I have been posting his other artwork on Message to my Children Facebook Wall.  He has been seeking ideas and a publisher to publish his books as a children's author, an artist.

Matthew is willing to communicate with his customer on Facebook and through email to create a memorable digital art-photo to be saved, upload to a CD, flash-drive, email to others or print out on Kodak paper. If you prefer speak to Matthew and make arrangements to send him a money order or a check for his services.

Matthew has old fashioned pride and will do his best to give you a quality product with in a 48-72 hour turn around timeline  in email. For $15.00 dollars a life-time memory is not that expensive, considering a percent is going to the Newtown, Ct Community, as he desires to fulfil as a promise to someone dear to him.

this is one of the photo of my family to show the likeness, awesome.

These are some of his pictures, he has a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Artist-Matthew-Christopher-Nelson/444024478985652?ref=stream   and an artist site http://ghostdragonpoet.deviantart.com/  I will update the Pinterest board, but he can take a photo and make it into a memory. So what is your acts of kindness for 2013, please join us at the Facebook event, share and enjoy.  Think of a memory, hook up with Matthew, check out this link too.  http://pinterest.com/bubblesue30/ghost-dragon-poet-matthew-c-nelson/ and have him create you a digital print.

Artist, Angels Cried and a Dedication to Supporters of Worthy Causes.

 gifts for loved ones.

And if you which I do not believe in community, many do not know about this great site, please check them out too, It is a treasure chest of wonderment, entertainment and knowledge and give them a like to show support. 

https://www.facebook.com/IndiesUnlimited?ref=stream includes a winner blog and a bookstore. What more can you ask for, shop local and surprise your loved ones for Valentine's day. Buy a artist masterpiece, give to a worthy cause, Angels Cried, buying their book or donating here or at Author Stephen L. Wilson blog. the Twitter link is above. In all I am discovering with the ups and downs of the beginning of 2013, it can be a year of Divine Love starting with each of us. At the Facebook event, come and add an act of kindness and let the light shine forth. 
  May Hope, Faith and Love find you and wrapped you up like a special gift with a bow and let others unwrapped it to be delightfully surprised. 

 All artwork and many more at the links are all created by Artist Matthew C. Nelson

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Snake Pit: Jr. High Can Be Torture by Author Donna Dillon

The Snake Pit: Jr. High Can Be Torture by  Author Donna Dillon 

This is a short but powerful tale about high school is not as safe as anyone thinks, bullies come in all shapes, sizes and popularity. There are little angels that are are really wicked and the adults can not see the truth in front of them. It is an excellent story and a resource to be taught in classrooms everywhere.

The writing was light and serious at the time. A possible scenario and the friendships and peer pressure of the popular vs. the normal students is a tricky situation, to explain to teenagers. But you as an inspiring author explained it in an entertaining non fictional story about bullying, yet could come true.

The message comes across clear, All the community should be involved to stop it. and not hide their heads in the sand. The 21st century definitely needs more stories like these to teach the children the consequences and the aftermath of events that are mean and cruel. How the effects reverberant in the present and future of all involved and to receive consequences for the ones who do not stop bullying and violence before it gets out of control. This reader highly recommends this author and her books, she is wise beyond her years with her insight. This book can be read by all ages.



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Songs for the Lord, by Author Linda Bonney Olin

As a reader I was looking for an uplifting book to heal a broken spirit. Times were dark and health low, so when I came upon this book, with it amazing abilities to listen to music of instrumental tunes playing and read the lyrics at the same time, I was delightful surprised. This reader have not listened to Christian songs in a while, as I went away from the church due to excuses or life responsibilities taking priority over being in touch with the Almighty and self.

I listened to the music and read the poignant lyrics, written by the author and I felt as if I was once again a little girl worshipping at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City or a favorite local church. In awe with the wondrous sensations of being one with the Almighty. As the instrumental sounds seeped deep into thy vessel and the vibrations came, it became a healing balm and an enriching experience.

The chorus of the instruments playing and the reading of the lyrics reach deep within this reader and I was lost to the wonder of hope, faith and divine love, once again. Gain faith in humanity with tears of joy pouring forth from my eyes and soul.

Even if you are not Christian, this is beautiful instrumental gift, as if the angels are singing, listen carefully you might hear them.

I highly recommend this book for all ages and all faiths. There one or more instrumental melodies or a songs that will reach into the reader's/listener's deepest recesses of a weary mind and the soothing sounds of the instrumental chords as well as the inspiring words may recharge you to believe in the impossible is the possible.