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Dead Pen Pals David Diamantes

This is a detective story with many characters and perspectives’. There are the wise cracking detectives who work together and are partners for the long haul. They go to work every day never knowing what cases they will be assigned to. One, then two cases came in, they seem to be two separate incidents but through technology and common sense the wise cracking detectives start to put the leads together and find the clues to break a money making scheme and a possible attempted murder because two shady characters caught in the darkness of on-line internet relationships are humiliated and in their rash behaviours of being betrayed by a con man leads them to act impulsively and commit crimes making them suspects and the chase is on.

The author is trying to emphasize that the internet is a treasure of knowledge and fun but sometimes there are persons out there who intend to be malicious and use it to con vulnerable victims and like a spider in a web the victims are caught in the web and will do anything to get out, be it rational or irrational actions. Thus the title Dead Pens summons up the story.

It is a complex plot the characters are street wise detectives who banter back and forth with sarcastic communication. The technological nerds called into to investigate the computer connection are described as stereotype geeks and then there is the wound veteran who has his anger at being mistreated by the American government when he arrived home and felt betrayed and mistrusts everyone expressing his distrust with his off off-colour remarks. The author adds intrigue of a blossoming romance between Bugs Cameron who is a detective and bee keeper who helps a beautiful reporter with venom therapy for her illness. He looks forward to being with her more and more, he is falling in love with her. Then then was the reverend and his secrets and his actions to be the center of attention as he brings light to the racial tensions and treatment of the homeless in his city. He becomes a target of a hit man.

The twist at the end was not what this reader thought it might be; it was a surprise and complex, it is a story where you become compel to find out what the conclusion is, who the criminals are then bang it is someone no suspects. This conclusion needs more attention because the reader is caught off guard and have to back track to settled the who and why's he/she was the final suspect. Goggle the title and watch the video and then you will be prepare to dive into a world of secrets and intrigue of the lives of detectives and the criminals they capture everyday. .

Here is an excerpt from the story; "Spray painted graffiti covered the concrete culvert as if it were a mural. “Welcome to gang banger central,” Cameron said. He tore open a blister pack of Nicorette. “I’d offer you some of this but I doubt you use the stuff. Debbs will drive us back to our cars.” “I don’t remember seeing the security guard when I first pulled up,” Langer said. “I got the feeling your Lieutenant thought he was full of shit.” Cameron turned on his flashlight and both men drew their weapons as they entered the six-foot diameter culvert. “I’ve done some stupid stuff over the years,” Cameron said. “But this is right up there. Debbs is sitting in his air conditioned car and I volunteered for this.”

If you are into wise cracking detectives and their assignments to find the clues to the suspects who led the detectives on a goose chase until they get the upper-hand and are one step ahead with the background details of life in the big city this is the story for you. It has intrigue and twists which the reader did not have an inking as to this was about to occur.

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A women's Power, Threads that Bind us to God by Fay A. Klingler

This is a warm inspiring book of faith, hope and love. It is a description of a woman belief in the higher being that has authority over his children. It is for all faiths and individuals, women, children and men who need uplift and to understand the power of having faith is indiscernible in human terminology. It is a guide to navigate through the madness we are experiencing in these hectic times. It has tales of people who doubt and people who believe in the mysteries of the good book and each were surprised by the miracles and blessings they received. The author emphasizes when one is afflicted with tragedy in their lives it is not a disastrous event rather it is a test to make us stronger or change our direction away from the false lies of the earthly realm and walk towards the light.

She has incorporated all the truths in the good book and directs the reader to not talk but act with conviction when you reach out to others and the Supreme Being and Holy Ghost. She recommends it is valuable to establish a connection with the Almighty and the Holy Ghost. As one reviewer, states “her stories, quotes, and wisdom offer hope and help to make our lives more deeply meaningful.”—Linda Eyre. Author of the #1 New York Times best seller Teaching Your Children Values

This quote sums up what this book is about; it is an alert for everyone to learn the truth of inner peace by connecting with the source of all in our lives and find the time to meditate and study the gospel to seek for the meaning of our lives. She declares we all come to earth with a mission and it is our jobs to seek the purpose of our existence. With this enriching book the author outlines the principles of how vital women are to the mission to spread the gospel and the unconditional message of love throughout the world, and it is everyone's responsible to do good works and be good role models. To be not afraid to preach the messages of the good book from the tops of the mountains to below the valleys until all hear the calling to come home to their rightful place at the Lord's Table.

This is an excerpt from the book; that I as a reader forget sometimes; With all the stress and chaotic world we live in the author is trying to tell her readers this is the link to find that center of peace to deal with any personal storms.

Regarding answer to prayer, if we practice listening—really listening—we concentrate on hearing or feeling what the Lord tells us rather than on what we want to hear or want to say. And we are patient, knowing the answer will come, but in the timetable of the Lord, since He sees the whole picture and we only see a puzzle piece at a time. While in distress, it may be difficult to stop our asking and concentrate on listening, but effective listening is essential to receiving comfort and guidance from the Lord. She states that everyone; is every day instruments that God uses to do His work

The author is very experience and an expert of holy knowledge and has steady fast love for the Savior and the Holy Ghost and is on a mission to write enlightening books that will open the individual's mind to the possibilities of serving a supreme being, listen to the Holy Ghost for advice and warnings, to be still and know I am God and obey his laws to receive rewards here on earth as thy will be done and in Heaven.

She writes excerpts from the scriptures and this too is one "my favorite—“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7)."

Which is a message and a sign if you are seeking inspiration, wisdom in a book and desire to seek the answers how to be a courageous woman in today’s times, I highly recommend this one. This book will introduce to the mysteries of the spiritual realm and strengthen the threads of your life with inner wisdom and connection to the mighty women you were destined to be.

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E. Marie Seltenrych Amazon.com

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Library Thing

Conversations with a Dead Man by Doug Lucas

Is a story of a man who reached 91 years 7 months and 5 days of life before dying. He is buried and even in death we connect with our loved ones and he knew this. So he is reaching out to a youngster telling him with a witty dry sense of humor about his life and his war experiences. .

This story brought memories back to me of sitting on the stoop of my grandfather's house located in the Bronx. In his Irish brogue he could relay stories of his life and experiences in World War I. I would sit there enthralled imagining the scenes in my mind so it was refreshing to read about another’s experiences during the birth of a nation.

This tale was written about the riches and sacrifices he John Wesley Elder and others who lived through during the birth of the American Nation. He was a man of many talents and enlisted in the militia and mingled with the great forefathers of our nation and expand on their actions. He described in vivid details his experiences of fighting the British, the French and the Indians and how it was an emotionally and physically exhausting battle but he'd do it again to be a free man and he believed everyone deserves the right to have authority over their own life, no master or king should be dictating their freedom.

The character, John Wesley Elder chats graciously about his victories and losses in life and how it affects him and everyone he loves. He even after death, is a teacher and reminds the youngster that he needs to respect, help and have dignity for everyone and strangers in our lives. He believes that paying forward there would be rewards and he does receive the greatest reward of all his children, his boys and girls visit his grave and they play pranks on each other. In all it was a colorful, witty tale and gave the reader a glimpse into American's birth, the hardship and love the colonists survive through. It ends with his dream of being united with his love once again. There were tears in this reader's eyes.

Here is an excerpt from the story; dry humor and warm but some graphic details about the first pioneers of this great nation.

John Wesley Elder

"Aged Ninety nine years, seven months and five daysDeparted this earthly life on the 22nd day of May 1834Servant of God and PatriotI'm dead now, so leave me alone.On the back of my marker, I had my son Seth carve:I helped you when I could, I can't help you now.You will have to do it on your own.Good Luck"

This is a biography of a witty and charming Irish lad that came to America to help her become a free nation and win in the fight against Mother England aiming for everyone's freedom; to become their own person and was the catalyst to create a powerful nation for future generations. Cheers to John Wesley Elder for being a warrior and gentleman in the times of creation of the good old USA and sharing his story life. In all it was a delightful tale reliving the days of being pioneers in a harsh nation, John shared his memories and history of a birth of a nation with a youngster and help him find insight to life.5 ravens

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The Directionless Son of Brain Review by Susan Mahoney

This book explores the dilemma of which direction do we choice to take. It describes the lost journey of finding oneself vs. societal norms and introduces the concept of being true or false to selves. The writer's style uses psychology as its foundation. This author blends all self-identification concepts together, as the characters goes on a journey and discovers self and purpose. The plot aids the reader to think about their own destiny and make them desire to reevaluate their choices and regrets, and find a peaceful center to their existence. It brings the reader into the mysterious world of values, morals and judgment, which is mind inspiring.

This story makes the reader questioned how we all have real and false masks we wear, should it be unmasked and just accept ourselves and accept our differences that do not fit in the norm of civilization and be at peace with the decision. As the character explores to understand the concepts of societies configuration he continues exploring his inner soul awareness. He continues to explore the meaning of his destiny he meets all sorts of egos, greed, selfishness, and compassion and others that confronts him and prompts him and the reader to explore their own beliefs.
He receives insights to tap into his inner guidance to choose the right or wrong choices to walk or not his chosen path. This book is entertaining, especially for psychological, spiritual and readers who like to investigate the essence of life and be willing to ponder the question of developing into a higher personal transformation to become their own true individual against all psychological odds and seek their true calling.

also can be purchase at Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.com.
This book stimulates the mind, rates at 5 stars. This book is a recommendation for readers and students exploring psychology and insight of freewill and all willing to explore the unknown mysteries of the human brain and thoughts.

Cry for the Children Review by Author Saurabh Sharma

I really enjoyed reading this book by Author Susanna Mahoney. Here is the review:

Excellent Display of how forces of nature operate!


When I started reading the story of the book, I assumed after reading a chapter or two that this story was about an innocent wife and her cruel husband (a victim of child abuse) and how their lovely daughter suffers because of their fights.
But as the story progressed, with all it’s twists and turns, I realized that it was something more than that. I started feeling more and more interested in the depth and the hidden moral messages in the story.

We have all heard of Yin and Yang theory. We know that good and bad forces operate simultaneously and it’s their balance/equilibrium which keeps the wheel of life running smoothly. But there is a hidden ambition in everyone to dominate others and we all know that there is always a struggle between good and evil people. Sometimes, we even face the dilemma of choosing one out of two at certain point of time in our life.

Some people choose to be good while others choose to be bad and a few people are always selfless. There are also few people who are always ready to switch the sides.
May be that is how the good and bad forces continuously struggle to co-exist and thrive to dominate each other. May be we are all the mediums through which these forces manifest themselves.

This is the story about that struggle and when you will finish reading this story, you will ask few questions to yourself:
1. Do I respect my beloved or Does my beloved care for me sincerely?
2. Am I the son of light or a slave of an evil dark force?
3. Am I selfless in my actions and behavior?
4. What if, I am one of the soldiers in the battle of good and evil?
5. What kind of legacy will we leave to future generations?
We all know that good defeats the evil in the end, but it’s always amazing to see how some people sacrifice their life and families for the whole humanity and still ask for nothing in return.

This story motivates us to be good and fight with our demons.
With Christmas on the cards, this was a very special read for me and thanks to the author of this book for writing such a wonderful depiction of how the light wins over darkness!

Cry for the Children available for purchase on Smashwords.com https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/103961
You can also join Author Susanna Mahoney on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Message-To-My-Children-2-Fantasy-Escapism/103661739691732

A special thank you to https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSaurabhSharma who wrote this review; check out his Smashwords.com page; https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/29057 His book is an adventure exploring the mind.

Abithica by Susan Goldsmith

It is refreshing to read a story that combines all elements of human and angelic existence. This is a story that was born out of the author's creativity mind; thinking what would happen if some day something significant happens and her body was switched/invaded by another presence, be it evil or good and how would her loved ones react to the change. This is where the plots thickens a messenger on a mission is given assignments to invite herself into hosts bodies. Usually broken souls calling out for help in their darkness moments.

The rescuer comes and helps the fallen soul to mend the broken spirit, she travels from one host to another; until she experiences true unconditional love of a father and his daughter then she is reluctant to leave. Feeling deep anguish to give the broken spirit back her vessel and Abithica has to decide to be faithful or defiant everything she believed in and commit the unthinkable. The author mixes in dark elements also, the violence of gangs, drugs and harsh reality of making bad choices.

There are hidden messages in this story and each reader takes from it what appeals to them. It a wonderful mystery of fiction, fantasy, love and supernatural occurrences and kept this reader turning the pages in anticipation to see what the conclusion was to be. Not disappointed and looking forward to reading more from this author.

5 Ravens - )

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Ultimate Deception' by John Boyd

Boom "You are Dead"

Author's description deadly enemy:
After Rodriguez and those transporting him are killed, the US President asks Robert Davis and his team to uncover the leak.

This story is fast action pack with espionage, conspiracy theories, sabotage and backstabbing betrayal between strange bedfellows of various governments’ offices. Behind the scenes of the world there are power brokers who will stop at nothing to gain their dreams of wealth and power. This story is about these madmen who will kill anyone who gets in their way. All for the material wealth and control of the oil reserves of the world. These madmen are in important position of power and are obsessed with becoming the only seller of the black gold of the world. They are power brokers of high ranks daring to mix business with drug smugglers, and weapon black market sellers to establish a strong monetary economy to keep their agenda of being number one rank of world’s broker of valuable commodities and have control over the world's economy.

This is one of the Robert Davis Series books; this is where the colorful characters of Robert Davis and his team member are command into action to hunt for the power brokers and stop their insane plans of hijacking all the black gold in the world; drug smuggling, and tyranny over the defenseless.. The team is assigned to a secret mission to find out who is the leak is, how to stop the sabotage of oil refineries, stop the sale of black market weapons to all foreign terrorists and to rescue hostages and get out alive of hostile territory in a brief time span.

Enclosed is a paragraph in the author's words: “They were being held in that secure facility next to the rocket manufacturing plant and we went in, pulled the scientists out, blew the facility, and walked our way out. It’s the same as with Chavez and the AK-77 facility. They’ve got four of our people instead of two this time, and we blow the facility on our way out.”
He smiled, and the others concurred.
“I hear ya,” Robert said, “but none of those four are American citizens, and that facility sits on the edge of an air base and next to a real prison with guards. Plus, we might be starting a war between Colombia and Venezuela that the Colombian government may not want.”

If you like intrigue and the good guys win against the bad guys’ plots then these books are calling out for you. And surprise there are more books written by this entertaining author and all that were review held this reader's attention as they are complete with action, real and fictional stories of experienced seals and veteran's experiences. Give a glimpse into corrupted governments’ scenarios and were highly entertaining enough to stay up late into the night to finish to the conclusion.

You can visit his Amazon author page http://www.amazon.com/John-Boyd/e/B006NNIO6K/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1 and also follow him on his own blog to find out more. Once again if you are in to suspense, excitement and ongoing action his books may be the right choice to put on your to be read list to pass those wintery nights which are predict to be coming in the near future.

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Helping a Friend

I and my friend Nicky were watching the popular Nate decorating show last week and he surprised a young mother and her son with a house visit. The son lives in a small bedroom 6x9 inches and it was so clutter and no space to move and he was embarrass because his friends would make fun of it.. As usual by the end of the show Nate came to the rescue and set up a double bunk bed with hidden storage and wall shelves, opening up the space to look larger. When the show ended I and my friend Nicky got into a discussion about decorating her apartment. She decided to paint her apartment in different shades of blue. Now she is furnishing it but still need some items to complete it.

Due to a busy work schedule she needed a friendly company that was easy to communicate with and if she had any concerns after purchasing the products quick to response. So I pull out my laptop and together we went surfing and found this link http://www.become.com and typed in blue in the item bar; and some amazing items higher name products of blue came up and she was pleased with the response. I asked my friend, Nicky what was she looking for.

She said she need a ceiling light and would like a blue leather chair to place in her living room and if there is enough money left from her budget she would like a nice new pair of boots to wear with her date with her special guy for Valentine's Day to wear on their horse riding trip in the New Hampshire mountains. We did research and saw that over 104k Facebook Fans like the site so we trusted their reputation and they promised quick delivery.

In all it was a productive day and we enjoy surfing through this site and my friend was satisfied with her choices; she chose a beautiful lighting fixture: besa lighting wall sconce sky blue aqua http://www.become.com/blue-glass-sconce , a perfect blue leather chair http://www.become.com/blue-leather-chair and of course her horse riding boots; vince camuto bilco boot coal http://www.become.com/boots-coal. In all it was a good shopping day from the internet and the prices fit her budget and she was a happy camper. We were pleased with the experience and like the easy format to find many useful and luxury items at our fingertips.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post, brought to you by your friends at www.become.com. The opinions are solely my own and were not influenced by the sponsor. They may vary from others.

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This book was a challenge, at first I was gripped by the sheer brutality in this story and my heart did not want to continue reading it. I had to break away from it due to a haunting past of my own journey with DV. I went to the back of the book to find out more about the author and get a better perspective about continuing this book, I realized it was from a young author who already had a book published and I read it in the past. One which touch my soul; it was a poetry book fill with cascading emotional poetry and stories which open the gates to critical and emotional thinking, stimulating to the mind. So I continue to read it with an objective mind for I realized the author was passion about domestic violence and writes to spread the message it robs an individual of their dignity and self-worth and no one should have to experience it.

She wrote her plot to include strong characters and the bonds they all have with each other and the interaction of their relationships in the midst of threats, danger, chaos and domestic violence in the royal times of kings and Queens. The kingdom is attacked and the new king is merciless. The story is set in the early witch days when women were alleging accused of real and fake criminal offenses to be arrested, tortured and burned at the stakes; horrific crime in itself. The author is very creative with her writing and has the witches targeted by the military of the Black Guards to become the prisoners of these soul less abusers who think woman are nothing except scum of the earth and they are on a rampage to destroy as many women and children as possible with brutal torture, slavery, etc. methods.

Except a strong heroine is destined to change the fate of the kingdom comes to the rescue and she suffers the consequences of being courageous against the brutes not to be a victim but a victor. So the graphic details of the violence was understandable the ingredients necessary to spin this magical tale of mystery, suspense and the truth of love over comes hate in any situation tale. In between there is courageous actions and a breath of relief as the characters fought and won against the brutes. The element of surprise, swords and bow and arrows add substance to the story too. Also don’t forget the romance between the heroine and her dark handsome protector that is sizzling.

One paragraph stood out for this reader;
"There in the flames of spellbinding anger, there in the grace that had bestowed her with the strength to move on, and there in the beating will that was her aunt’s heartbeat within her, in the end not even human-hungry flames that had haunted her nightmares and her darkest hour could stop her from breaking through the chains and being fearless."

This book has allot of potential, it has quality, poetry, vengeance and justice mixed in and the intrigue of the adventures and bonds with human and animals in the magic kingdom of fairy tales and mystery expresses a vital message for all to hear and recognize everyone, be it woman, man or child everyone should be treated with kindness and respect. If you like stories of overcoming the odds and winning, this one is for you. 4 Ravens

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I'm Prohibited By Hanz Moniefiero Medina

This brief story is of a dark disturbing nature; the author explores the taboo of domestic violence, mental illness, possession of the devil, and other taboos society is afraid to hear about, or acknowledge that it is occurring. To denied the reality of truth afraid to speak about and seek solutions, rather they would rather sweep all the evil under the rug and let the victims live with the consequences.

This story tells of a survivor’s journey through the abandonment, neglect and horrific events that plagued innocent children's lives and how they were broken or made stronger in their personal trials of misfortunate. The author is on the first journey of writing but with right teacher/mentor he could develop this story into an enriching tale of tragedy and victory or develop it into a teaching manual for others to be warned to be safe and not become a statistic to bullies in the world.

At times the story is very gripping and graphic it makes the reader almost gag with the reflux of anger and disgust and invades the consciousness to release their own demons or compelled them to think about helping another explore their painful past and encourage them to write the troubled details into a journal or story as a healing balm for themselves and strangers. The message love thy neighbor and tell others it is okay to not keep silent about taboos any longer. He is sending the message to victims to talk to a trusted adult or professional, someone they trust if someone is hurting them and have it stop before it affects their future. This reader believes in paying forward motto and this author is of the similar thought pattern.

This story has some unique symbolism and poetry language but it needs more substance to expand the plot more. It deserves 5 stars for exploring the dark demons taboos for he is courage to open a communication channel for frightened victims to trust themselves and to not stay silent in their personal misery. He plots the story around an endearing child, who grows bitter but knows deep inside his core he needs to forgive his enemies if he is to release himself from the prison his reality became. I needed my tissue box to read through several paragraphs.

This author dives into a world of reality that is scary and very true in today's times. It is situated around mixed marriages, family conflict and personality flaws and decisions which affect innocent children every day. There is vulgar language in it but makes the story flow since it is a realistic story with realistic characters living through their own personal storms. If you like this touching story the author is planning to continue with book 2. You can find the book on Smashwords.com and Amazon.com and there is a Facebook Page to read more about what the future holds for endearing Syd and his experiences from bitterness to forgiveness.


Message to my Children, vol1 Beginning Journey

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Stolen Book One of the Requiem of Humanity

Stolen Book One of the Requiem of Humanity is a fantasy fiction novel. The story opens with excitement from page one to the conclusion. This book has a bumpy start, but once a reader continues, the thrills increase.

This tale involves two close girlfriends (Jenda and Soborgne) who are bound in the human and later in the vamp dimension. One friend disappears and everyone thinks she is dead but her BFF (best friend forever) will not accept the harsh reality. She is emotionally broken losing her BFF and suffers physically with overwhelming grief that changes into determination to find the answers to what happen to her friend. Jenda is a special teen and has the gift to astral project into an imaginary world and in this plane she finds the answers she seeks but it positions her in risky situations and a love and hate relationship with the strangers of the dark.

Matteo and Belle. Belle is a psychopath on a mission to find an heir and the Matteo is craving for a soul mate. In the darkness, the two seek out human victims and kidnap them. The victims are used in an experiment of turning humans to powerful gifted vamps, it is a torturous procedure, and some graphic details are forth coming. The vampires wish to repopulate, take control of the world, and rule it as a majestic kingdom by having total authority over the human race. Belle and Matteo aim to gain their desires at all costs. Jenna and Soborgne describe their experiences of surviving in the dark world of blood hungry fierce vampires who are on the rampage to turn all gifted humans into strong vamps.

Written by author;

“Matteo sat stunned. She had been so weak the night before, fragile and childlike as she wept in his arms. Now she was a woman scorned. The terror had manifested itself in her soul like a dark storm cloud and he could see the currents of lightning flashing in her eyes. Again, he was caught off guard for a moment by the color of them. The green was now a vibrant emerald with tiny gold flakes decorating them like minuscule jewels. Each emotion the girl felt brought on a different shade. He escaped the enchantment when another voice called to him across the room.
“Matteo, The Lady is asking that you bring the human".

The reader enters into the villous realm of vamps where the humans are taken hostage and forced to choice a destiny that will transform their lives forever. In this plot, there is suspense, mystery, conflict and paranormal romance all package into a stimulating fast-action moving story and choices will be made that either will make them stronger or kill them. Some graphic details take the reader by surprise. Flowing calmly along then bang a shocking event occurs and dries the mouth action occurs, have a glass of water available to quench the thirst and swallow as you continue to the conclusion.

Stolen is the first of a series of works; I am anticipating to see if Matteo, Jenda and Soborgne being chase around the world by the rogue and royal vampire the Dracul will survive. They are the oldest and most powerful of all, are the enforcers of vampire law,and are thirsty for justice. The suspense builds as they are being chase and there are other twists that take the reader by surprise and adds intrigue to the story.

Matteo, Jenda, and Soborgne travel to Budapest to be under the nose of the dragon and not to be caught or worse. The question; Will they survive the hunt as they acclaim their desires? It is a bumpy ride, hold on tight, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes vampires, the occult, and secrets of the night.

5 stars;

Catherine Stovall Website: http://www.catherinestovall.webs.com/

Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10150414545738013&id=668368012¬if_t=wall#!/groups/133686233308403/

Untreedreads Store: http://bit.ly/qCgNAS

On Twitter: @CathStovall

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I Hunted and Killed Osama Bin Laden by John Boyd

Suspense, intrigue and drama wrapped up in an amazing thriller.

Review: After reading Isla Lacra – Scar Island Denver Noles Series by John Boyd I was compelled to read another story by this captivating writer. Title; I hunted and Killed Osama Bin Laden; I opened the book and saw this dedication in the author's words." I also dedicate this book to all the troops past and present who have risked their lives to fight terrorism. I salute you."

I was hooked by this dedication; thinking this author is honoring veterans and I applaud authors who do this. After completing this thriller of the corrupter's series; once again I was delighted by the fast paced action thrill of the characters and the plot, non-stop excitement. This story is about retired experienced military personnel and long-time friends working as independent operators hunting for terrorists in the Middle East; starting with their first assignment and successfully kidnapping an important terrorist; completed the assignment of delivery of Abu Nabil to the CIA which leads to the team being granted the authority and the victory assignment of hunting and killing the fierce dictator Bin Laden.

An excerpt from the story; "He offered us specialized Ops as bounty hunters going after the bad guys. Abu Nabil was to be our first order in plating the big cheese, UBL, the military’s weird acronym for Osama bin Laden."

It is a fiction story but if a reader wanted to have insight into the dark world of bounty hunters/operators of the American military traveling for an hit man assignment this story has all that and much more. The author has the flair to write eloquently to let the reader experience the operators’ personal mission as they seek out their targets while combating their enemies and survive the harsh conditions and traps that were confronted with in the darkness of the dry desert.

The events keep the story flowing and the reader's heart racing as the team chases the terrorists running to escape to hide in the mazes of enclosed caves in deep enemy territory. The climax builds as the team has to get close enough to complete their mission which has them in unfamiliar surroundings surviving dangerous threats from the forces protecting Bin Laden. They are unstoppable and driven to complete their assignment against their dangerous foes and to live to received their large reward of compensation, without losing their lives. Except there is intrigue because there are other hidden threats in the pitch blackness that the operators were not prepare for and it takes them by surprise.

The bond of the characters and elements of surprise and tragedy of the friends/team and their loved ones suffer through brings gasps to the reader's breathing. As if the story is not thrilling enough; the author writes a complex twist of conspiracy and espionage of mysterious allies or foes that become the hunters and the hunted. The question whom is the mastermind behind the betrayal and why the secret of the alleged death of bin Laden is not to be unveil no matter what, they should be rewarded yet their lives are in jeopardy and the drama is intense as they cooperate together to bring the truth to the light.

There is a hint of romance between the main character and the sexy banker who becomes his confidant in the scheming plot to accomplish the mission of killing the terrorists and receive justice for their betrayal. Question; who can they trust; is there anyone that is not corrupted and will they survive to live into their old age? I highly recommend this and his other thrillers by this author to be placed on your library shelf this New Year.

For more information on this and other thrillers of this author; http://johnboydbooks.com/corrupters-series/i-hunted-and-killed-osama-bin-laden