Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ultimate Deception' by John Boyd

Boom "You are Dead"

Author's description deadly enemy:
After Rodriguez and those transporting him are killed, the US President asks Robert Davis and his team to uncover the leak.

This story is fast action pack with espionage, conspiracy theories, sabotage and backstabbing betrayal between strange bedfellows of various governments’ offices. Behind the scenes of the world there are power brokers who will stop at nothing to gain their dreams of wealth and power. This story is about these madmen who will kill anyone who gets in their way. All for the material wealth and control of the oil reserves of the world. These madmen are in important position of power and are obsessed with becoming the only seller of the black gold of the world. They are power brokers of high ranks daring to mix business with drug smugglers, and weapon black market sellers to establish a strong monetary economy to keep their agenda of being number one rank of world’s broker of valuable commodities and have control over the world's economy.

This is one of the Robert Davis Series books; this is where the colorful characters of Robert Davis and his team member are command into action to hunt for the power brokers and stop their insane plans of hijacking all the black gold in the world; drug smuggling, and tyranny over the defenseless.. The team is assigned to a secret mission to find out who is the leak is, how to stop the sabotage of oil refineries, stop the sale of black market weapons to all foreign terrorists and to rescue hostages and get out alive of hostile territory in a brief time span.

Enclosed is a paragraph in the author's words: “They were being held in that secure facility next to the rocket manufacturing plant and we went in, pulled the scientists out, blew the facility, and walked our way out. It’s the same as with Chavez and the AK-77 facility. They’ve got four of our people instead of two this time, and we blow the facility on our way out.”
He smiled, and the others concurred.
“I hear ya,” Robert said, “but none of those four are American citizens, and that facility sits on the edge of an air base and next to a real prison with guards. Plus, we might be starting a war between Colombia and Venezuela that the Colombian government may not want.”

If you like intrigue and the good guys win against the bad guys’ plots then these books are calling out for you. And surprise there are more books written by this entertaining author and all that were review held this reader's attention as they are complete with action, real and fictional stories of experienced seals and veteran's experiences. Give a glimpse into corrupted governments’ scenarios and were highly entertaining enough to stay up late into the night to finish to the conclusion.

You can visit his Amazon author page and also follow him on his own blog to find out more. Once again if you are in to suspense, excitement and ongoing action his books may be the right choice to put on your to be read list to pass those wintery nights which are predict to be coming in the near future.

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