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Stolen Book One of the Requiem of Humanity

Stolen Book One of the Requiem of Humanity is a fantasy fiction novel. The story opens with excitement from page one to the conclusion. This book has a bumpy start, but once a reader continues, the thrills increase.

This tale involves two close girlfriends (Jenda and Soborgne) who are bound in the human and later in the vamp dimension. One friend disappears and everyone thinks she is dead but her BFF (best friend forever) will not accept the harsh reality. She is emotionally broken losing her BFF and suffers physically with overwhelming grief that changes into determination to find the answers to what happen to her friend. Jenda is a special teen and has the gift to astral project into an imaginary world and in this plane she finds the answers she seeks but it positions her in risky situations and a love and hate relationship with the strangers of the dark.

Matteo and Belle. Belle is a psychopath on a mission to find an heir and the Matteo is craving for a soul mate. In the darkness, the two seek out human victims and kidnap them. The victims are used in an experiment of turning humans to powerful gifted vamps, it is a torturous procedure, and some graphic details are forth coming. The vampires wish to repopulate, take control of the world, and rule it as a majestic kingdom by having total authority over the human race. Belle and Matteo aim to gain their desires at all costs. Jenna and Soborgne describe their experiences of surviving in the dark world of blood hungry fierce vampires who are on the rampage to turn all gifted humans into strong vamps.

Written by author;

“Matteo sat stunned. She had been so weak the night before, fragile and childlike as she wept in his arms. Now she was a woman scorned. The terror had manifested itself in her soul like a dark storm cloud and he could see the currents of lightning flashing in her eyes. Again, he was caught off guard for a moment by the color of them. The green was now a vibrant emerald with tiny gold flakes decorating them like minuscule jewels. Each emotion the girl felt brought on a different shade. He escaped the enchantment when another voice called to him across the room.
“Matteo, The Lady is asking that you bring the human".

The reader enters into the villous realm of vamps where the humans are taken hostage and forced to choice a destiny that will transform their lives forever. In this plot, there is suspense, mystery, conflict and paranormal romance all package into a stimulating fast-action moving story and choices will be made that either will make them stronger or kill them. Some graphic details take the reader by surprise. Flowing calmly along then bang a shocking event occurs and dries the mouth action occurs, have a glass of water available to quench the thirst and swallow as you continue to the conclusion.

Stolen is the first of a series of works; I am anticipating to see if Matteo, Jenda and Soborgne being chase around the world by the rogue and royal vampire the Dracul will survive. They are the oldest and most powerful of all, are the enforcers of vampire law,and are thirsty for justice. The suspense builds as they are being chase and there are other twists that take the reader by surprise and adds intrigue to the story.

Matteo, Jenda, and Soborgne travel to Budapest to be under the nose of the dragon and not to be caught or worse. The question; Will they survive the hunt as they acclaim their desires? It is a bumpy ride, hold on tight, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes vampires, the occult, and secrets of the night.

5 stars;

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