Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prosperous and Victorious New Year to all

♪ღ♪ ░H░A░P░P░Y░♪░N░E░W░Y░E░A░R░2012░♪ღ♪
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Days and Months We Were First Born- The Consolidated Edition [Paperback]

This book opens with excitement on the first page, and continues to the very end. It is a futuristic story about a virus getting out of control and causes panic around the globe. The characters are caught in the dilemma of survival for the fittest and have to sacrificed their morals to exist in a violent society. The scenery is set in New York City with the Manhattan flavor.
This book is full with fast action, emotional impact and survival antics. It has the edge of technology that may be coming a reality on our children future. It opens the mind to think of strategic tips just in case of emergencies, you never know.
...”as if I were weightless: and cracked the very pavement... The surrounding building shook to their cores...with violent force”. This story continued with further graphic details as you turn each page. Don't wait check out this thrilling book. It is one of many coming closer to actual future predictions, not so unrealistic. This author has the gift and flair of unique genuine creativity' as if he is witnessing the future himself.

The Days and Months We Were First Born- The Consolidated Edition [Paperback] available at and ebooks at
Christopher Hunter (Author) 5 Stars

In His Truth The Prophetic Words of Stephen A. Hanson

This author wanted to share his visions and messages to the masses; to inform all to give their time and lives to the Almighty Lord in the coming New Year. For Christmas day I decided to purchase this short book to read. It is based on biblical verses and messages from the author representing the Lord about the state of chaos the world, especially America is in and her downfall if the Children do not wake up in time. He explains it is all due to confused minds, split of the political parties and other wicked trickery there is a chasm growing and the Father is asking for His children to hear his quiet voice in the wind and repent turn away from the busyness of their hectic lives. To take time to devote their energies into the scriptures and prepare for the coming of the difficult times ahead. To leave the earthly realm behind and worship the Holy Father words. Come together in unity to pray for mercy.

The message is the Father is asking His children to bond with him in a personal relationship and believe in Him and his promises and for the righteous to seek for the lost and help them find the way, the truth and the life. Most important Love thy God, self and neighbor during the harsh times coming upon the horizon and to serve with praise and song for it is only temporary until we meet Him in his heavenly kingdom. If you believe, the storms will be less threatening with the Holy Spirit protecting all who believe in the impossible. Be safe, not sorry; seek your savior before the darkness sets upon the lands. It is written in a neat little package and a wonderful gift to give others to open their eyes, ears, minds and hearts to the unseen. The underlying message Have faith and strength in the coming season for your Father loves You and desires to be a merciful Father to all willing to listen to his voice.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cry for the Children; Excellent Display of how forces of nature operate! was kind and gave this story a review; best Christmas present ever; Woo-Hoo

Excellent Display of how forces of nature operate! When I started reading the story of the book, I assumed after reading a chapter or two that this story was about an innocent wife and her cruel husband (a victim of child abuse) and how their lovely daughter suffers because of their fights. But as the story progressed, with all it's twists and turns, I realized that it was something more than that. I started feeling more and more interested in the depth and the hidden moral messages in the story. We have all heard of Yin and Yang theory. We know that good and bad forces operate simultaneously and it's their balance/equilibrium which keeps the wheel of life running smoothly. But there is a hidden ambition in everyone to dominate others and we all know that there is always a struggle between good and evil people. Sometimes, we even face the dilemma of choosing one out of two at certain point of time in our life.

Some people choose to be good while others choose to be bad and a few people are always selfless. There are also few people who are always ready to switch the sides. May be that is how the good and bad forces continuously struggle to co-exist and thrive to dominate each other. May be we are all the mediums through which these forces manifest themselves.

This is the story about that struggle and when you will finish reading this story, you will ask few questions to yourself: 1. Do I respect my beloved or Does my beloved care for me sincerely? 2. Am I the son of light or a slave of an evil dark force? 3. Am I selfless in my actions and behavior? 4. What if, I am one of the soldiers in the battle of good and evil? 5. What kind of legacy will we leave to future generations? We all know that good defeats the evil in the end, but it's always amazing to see how some people sacrifice their life and families for the whole humanity and still ask for nothing in return.

This story motivates us to be good and fight with our demons. With Christmas on the cards, this was a very special read for me and thanks to the author of this book for writing such a wonderful depiction of how the light wins over darkness!

available at, Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Year God's Daughter by Rebecca Lochlann

Greek Mythology and Greek gods and goddesses and human beings of ancient Greece are the characters in this sensational story which all are magical.

This story is full of myths, actual truths and excellent details about the history, traditions and the beliefs of the Olympian gods. It is about the royal families and their empires how each one has their own beliefs and laws they all existed by and will die for and compete for dominant authority. There is Crete, which is led by a women' society and it is structured upon the Goddess Athena beliefs of the wisdom of women in authority. These women are powerful and knowledgeable in all skills required to command a strong nation and have survived through many trials but there are foes hiding in the shadows who desire to claim Crete and it's riches they are waiting for the right time to attack.

This is where powerful warriors come into the plot and add intrigue as they are half/blood brothers and both are competing for the throne and the second lady in waiting of the land. She is a feisty warrior and ambitious to achieve glory for herself and completes amazing feats of courage to challenge herself, her destiny, defiant her mother, the queen’s laws and tempt her future along with her brave cohorts helping her to be rebellious, risking hers and their own lives to protect her.

There is a supernatural influence with the oracle and the parties responsible to protect the queen and her family. For the male readers there is bloodshed, fighting and sword battles and other surprising glimpses into the ancient days that are hints of a wicked nature. This is an excellent tale of valor and heroism and a forge into the mystery of the myths of the ancient civilization and their beliefs in their Gods and Goddesses and the devotion they pledged to risk their lives for honor in the afterlife which makes this tale entertaining reading.

To sum it up; there is conflict, intrigue, suspense and more coming in other books continuing this thrilling story of ancient Greece, traditions, wars, and forsaken love. This story is for women and men as the battle of sexes continue on. 5 stars

To found out more about this amazing author go to

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dealers of Light

Laura Nance the author of Dealers of Light describes on her website that she loves the unusual... the unexpected. I'm a curious explorer of new worlds and new experiences. That's why I ended up writing paranormal fiction. There's no limit to the settings or capabilities of my characters. If you enjoy the mysterious and the unexplained...then welcome... explore and enjoy!"

This is her link to website to found out more about her books;

Dealers of the Light story is a testimonial to the author's description above; it is a supernatural tale of suspense, mystery and adventure. It is about energy, good and bad and how the chosen ones used it for good or evil. There is evil overtaking the land and the wonderful characters, team players all are responsible to stop the madman and his henchmen from making the whole world into the walking dead and take advantage of the weak by sending sublimely messages to the masses while robbing them blind.

There is a burning romance in the works but past wounds prevent the dark mysterious Rolf from opening his heart to love once again. The female, Cara is a feisty independent woman, a possible Egyptian royal in her former life and is not afraid to take on challenges, fighting dark villains and helping Rolf to find his true balance in his long life. The twists and the events keep the reader compelled to continue the story to the conclusion. Plus there are charming pets intertwined into the tale that are brave and defend their owners against the henchmen.

This author is talented in putting together a plot that taunts the senses and incorporates all elements from supernatural, to fantasy to present a thrilling adventure of good vs. evil, fear vs. courage and victory for the fierce warriors in the battle to save the human race. It all it is an enriching fantasy to enjoy.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Upgrade by Stephen Hise

Upgrade by Stephen Hise;

This is the link to a self-publishing author, an Indie author who has the ability to write his stories to captured the mind and keep the reader interested in continuing to the powerful twist at the conclusion of this delicious twilight type eerily story. It follows a character, Brad and his conquests through raw human emotions from insecurity, doubt and self-esteem issues for him to rebound to confidence security and above average self-esteem based upon an experiment transforming the former geek into a super stud. It was fun following his changes of his circumstances be it physical, intelligence or psychological,the surprises compelled this reader to want to know what will happen to him since he now is no longer invisible and becomes the center of attention and gets into intriguing situations. The twist at the end had me stunned.

Yes the character, Brad has obtained his desires and they may be his under doing. Watch what you wish for, the grass is not always greener on the other side. There is mystery, suspense, lusty scenes and humor in this tale and it is for mature audiences. Also this author also has an awesome blog at

P.S. there should create an award for a knight in shining armor it should be given to Mr.Hise who has supported and helped many Indie Authors to realized their visions because he came riding on his horse and called the troops together and commanded team work to accomplish an united literacy kingdom and I know as well as many others want to thank him for being there in the darkness and bringing their talent to the light. Happy Holidays. Oh if this blog is too mushy, for an extortion price I will delete it or just say please it will vanish, lol. I just wanted to declare my appreciation and others gratitude for persons like this author and others in the Indie Community who rallied together and shared their knowledge. Wishing you all a victorious 2012, Charge Indie Authors and dare to dream and share more wondrous works like the links above.

Monday, December 12, 2011

50 Hours, many twists 50 Hours and winner of 2010 NaWrNoMo contest

This book is brilliant, entertaining and pack with many twists. It is a non stop thrilling drama, suspenful story of interesting characters, three women on a holiday tour caught into a tricky situation and has to use their life long experiences and wits to survive a horrid ordeal. It has humor, insights and a spiritual tone that touchs the inner core of the reader. This author is inspiring, her stories help enrich a hopeless soul to breathe again and look forward to a new day.

A Breathe of fresh air to survive any ordeal with strength and faith. The author is very creative and has experienced a rich and entertaining life and has incorporated her fantasy in many genres of books to be enjoy by all ages from fantasy to spiritual and in-between. Check out her Smashwords link and be transform to a magical world of reading and a one stop to find treasures to be cherish for holidays gifts. To find out more about this inspiring writer you can go to her profile at

Friday, December 9, 2011


As a volunteer reviewer for Great Minds Think Aloud Book Club (GMTA) I was honor to review this story. I was first attracted to the title on Facebook on like fest Saturday and read the introduction which pique my curiosity so I put it on my to be read list and an opportunity came to review it.

As I began the story I was uncomfortable with the beginning but as I continuing reading and when it came to the modern day characters and their adventures I was hooked and stay up extra late to finish the conclusion, waiting in anticipation to see what would happen to the three main characters; Andy Taggart and his girlfriend, and the former college friend and rival, who he was competitive with in the former days, John Chalk. Andy was jealous of his easy grasp of physics and concepts of energy.

John was a genius in the old college days and Andy envy him. So when John email Andy 10 years later for assistance on a top secret project, Andy was shock but loyal and decided to help John with the discovery which has no inevitable proof yet the two scientists were skeptical and did not accept the label of divinity for the energy force they were discovering. As with any new discovery the wolves came out of the wood work to claim it for their own selfish benefits. This where the adventures begin and continues through the story.As the Smashwords description states; Since the beginnings of history people have believed in magic, but California science writer Andy Taggart is not one of them. Until the day that John Chalk, his old friend from grad school, makes a ballpoint pen rise to stand on end – untouched. From that moment Andy is caught up in John’s mystery. Why can John do things that other people can’t? And why does he think someone is watching him?"

This author is a scientist by training and vocation who received a BA in Physics from Cornell University, followed by a PH.D. in Astronomy from the University of Massachusetts. He also won as a Finalist, Science Fiction/Fantasy, and 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. This back ground assisted him to make this a stimulating story about energy, whether it is faith, or molecules he was able to explore all concepts from spirituality to the laws of Newton and in-between and write a phenomenal science -fiction with some truth based reality and the possibilities of a future of the potential of the human mind and how the bad guys of power will manipulative the receivers for their own madness and personal agenda. It is a highly suspenseful, thought provoking tale of concepts of beliefs that all human kind has about the magic of the universe and a highly recommended book to read for stimulating those sleeping brain cells and think of the impossible becoming the possible.
The book is available at and

Read more:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gone by Julie Elizabeth Powell

by Julie Elizabeth Powell

A truly amazing tale of fantasy of facing questions, doubts, fears and deep sorrow not in the earthly realm but in a magical wonderland of tests and trials for a lost soul who was to suffer the challenge of losing her two year old to brain trauma and had to live with the guilt. Until it consumed her mind, body and soul; causing the defense mechanism to develop causing fear and guilt from preventing the wounded person from living a full life of happiness and enlightenment. Until she is drawn into a mysterious realm where she has to face and conquer her fears and learn to forgive herself for the dark thoughts we all think when confronted with desperate pain and choices.

The mother suffers a trauma and as she lies in a coma she is transported to a Netherlands of wondrous adventures and meets creatures of all sorts who help, chase and assist her on the journey of forgiveness and a new beginning.

It was a thrilling and mind stimulating story to share with others. It could open the mind to explore 'what if' and how thoughts transform life every day.

This author is very talented and shares her personal journey to help others to heal and learn forgiveness to move forth during difficulties.

It is not all heart wrenching, it is fun and exciting to read as the character goes on a quest to locate the cup and finding herself along the way.

In the author's words;
“What now?” she asked.
“Touch it again,” encouraged Jenny. This time Charley found her face falling into the sticky surface of the door. Automatically closing her eyes until her head felt free and still, she dared to open them to see billions of figures, scuttling like ants, almost covering part of the Earth’s surface.
But it was the jumble of thunderous sounds, indistinguishable to her ears, which caused her heart to quicken.
Pushing back against the pressure behind, she heard squelching as her head was gradually freed, the opening she’d made immediately sucking itself back into place with a jerk.
“W…What was that?” she stammered.
“You were seeing the world as it is now…everyone rushing, thinking only of themselves, not remembering the past or each other. “

Definitely recommend this book for fun reading and exploring the unknown.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Terror on Trial Corrupters Series by John Boyd; is a highly fast paced action thriller

This is a surreal story about the behind the scenes of the terrorist agenda that occur in the earlier 21th century. It starts with when a special group of seals were commanded to be on the lookout for the most wanted financial leader of the Al Qaeda movement, the top man controlling the finances to fund Bin Laden’s terrorist activities of bombing, in countries and the hijacking and crashing of planes of the horrific 9-11 attack on the soil of America. The navy seals were all ambush and left to die except Lieutenant Commander Jose Carmona, a seal and who is an immigrant son of a Cuban investigator whose life was also is in jeopardy too as he knows secrets about the financial mastermind and has documentation of his transactions.

Then there is the other side of this surreal story about the terrorists who are being detained in Guantanamo prison and they are represented by US government officials to be declared innocent or guilty depending upon evidence or used in a pawn game of secret intelligence betrayal.

In the author’s words; If things were to proceed as planned, they?d reverse the trip with the captured Palestinian in tow. The only difference would be the direct pick-up by chopper. They?d found an extraction point less than a click away from their current location and had placed a GPS marker for both them and the chopper crew.

The rest of the team had satellite hand-held to allow communications and GPS tracking, and they had all signaled earlier that they were in place and ready.”
Of course the evidence maybe or may not be corrupted. Then the true action begins; the American shady corruption of a few bad men betraying their own country for selfish reasons; it all goes haywire and a thrilling sabotage plan is hatch and there is excitement and adventure as each character is in trouble and will it be too late to rescue the hostages. You will have to read the story to find out the powerful conclusion.

When I first started to read this story it felt like I was part of the scene and felt every motion and torture of all the characters and their loved ones had to suffer through as their lives were torn apart and rebuilt in both countries, from the middle east to the United States of America. The scenery and the facts all intertwined to make this story come truly alive as if the reader is on the journey with them. To this reader it gave me a possible inside view of the behind perspectives of both worlds, the veterans who bravely fight for our freedoms and the mad men behind the deception of pledging honor to America then stab their country in the back all for greed and their own motives.

This tale is a heroes victory and a stimulating tale of espionage, betrayal and challenges. Highly recommend for stimulating conversation about the war on terrorism and entertaining reading.

Available on Barnes and and

Sunday, December 4, 2011

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The Directionless Son of the Brain by Saurabh Sharma

Author :
Saurabh Sharma
The Directionless Son of Brain
This book explores the dilemma of which direction do we choice to take. It describes the lost journey of finding oneself vs. societal norms and introduces the concept of being true or false to selves. The writer's style uses psychology as its foundation. This author blends all self-identification concepts together, as the characters goes on a journey and discovers self and purpose. The plot aids the reader to think about their own destiny and make them desire to reevaluate their choices and regrets, and find a peaceful center to their existence. It brings the reader into the mysterious world of values, morals and judgment, which is mind inspiring.

This story makes the reader questioned how we all have real and false masks we wear, should it be unmasked and just accept ourselves and accept our differences that do not fit in the norm of civilization and be at peace with the decision. As the character explores to understand the concepts of societies configuration he continues exploring his inner soul awareness. He continues to explore the meaning of his destiny he meets all sorts of egos, greed, selfishness, and compassion and others that confronts him and prompts him and the reader to explore their own beliefs.

He receives insights to tap into his inner guidance to choose the right or wrong choices to walk or not his chosen path. This book is entertaining, especially for psychological, spiritual and readers who like to investigate the essence of life and be willing to ponder the question of developing into a higher personal transformation to become their own true individual against all psychological odds and seek their true calling., also can be purchase at Barnes and Nobles and

This book stimulates the mind, rates at 5 stars.  This book is a recommendation for students exploring psychology and insight of freewill and all willing to explore the unknown mysteries of the human brain and thoughts.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Tourist ...damaged goods by Jack Everett and David Coles; Highly smashing and spellbounding

A mystery that will keep you spellbound.

The Tourist is a modern day entertaining tale about a Sherlock Holmes detective story with colorful characters, a mystery unraveling around an operator who became a victim of shady culprits who used him as a killing machine against terrorists and other war causalities. After an injury he is locked away in an asylum and his superiors used manipulative medications that messed with his brain chemistry and confuses his perception of reality causing amnesia and flashbacks which disoriented his judgment of right and wrong.
He escapes from his jail and goes back to the United States where his impulses of fight and flight are triggered. He becomes a serial killer and the American and British security forces are on a chase looking for clues to locate this madmen before he murders again. In his travels he has one goal and that is to find what he craves and no one is going to stop him from attaining it...

This story was a light and easy read to follow with all the descriptive characters adventures and a hint of a possible relationship mixed in. This kept this reader enthralled with it to the conclusion of the investigation as the British copper and an American sheriff cooperate together to capture an evasive and clever killer.

In the author’s words “Anything been touched or moved?”
“You should know me better than that by now, none of us has touched anything. The boy, the woman’s teenage son, found her. He said he phoned the doctor as soon as he saw her color so I don’t think he touched her either. Oh, he found that knife on the floor, it’s his Mother’s and he just picked it up.”
I moved carefully around the room, noting the position of the body, the clothes lying on the floor and stopped when I came to the knife resting on the bedside table.

This genre is not usually my first choice but this author’s writing and humor in solving the crimes has convinced me to read more like this from this writer in the future. His descriptions of Leeds and surrounding territories had me transported to the little towns and villages in my mind. A sweet tea and crumpet and a warm fire is all you need to let your mind wander and wait in anticipation for the finality and the promised twist. You will not regret reading this gripping tale.

Available at

Also available at and other retailers.  A nice gift for the holidays and Sherlock Holmes Fans.   5 stars

Friday, December 2, 2011

India was One

India was One 

Reading India Was One, was like entering through a hidden portal, the reader is introduced to the rich heritage of India, it is a story that unfolds with descriptive colorful characters that become like a family to the reader. There are the parents, the adults, the zany friends , the traditional relatives and the .lovestruck lovers who let  you follow them through their daily lives;from college, to romance, to friendships, to their favorite past time, Cricket. The married couple traveled to exotic locations, all over India, Europe and United States, the details are so vivid, it lets the imagination believe you are joining them on their journeys. This story divulges hidden secrets, the conflicts and the traditions of people living in India before and after a civil unrest. It adds exquisite colorful artwork and details one is not familiar with. Since the Partition of India in August 1947, there have been three major wars, one minor war and numerous armed skirmishes between India and Pakistan.

India Was One, tells of this country divided in two, North and South. The perils of the lovers and families trying to unite again, but are denied . The Indians are separated by their ethnicities and are trapped behind either the North or South borders according to military protocol, have to go where commanded even if loved ones are separated.. The civilians are trying to coexist and declared their heritage of being an Indian and not lose their heritage to misguided terrorists. The conclusion was heart-wrenching , and at the same time, a ray of hope. The humor and art work is worth the price alone. This book covers all aspects of whata reader needs for a mini vacation away from life’s struggles, so warm and friendly with fast paced thrills. You will not regret purchasing this book and placing it in your library .It is an excellent book to take a mini mind vacation with and opens a portal into a world of wonders and mysteries., also on Amazon and other retailers.   A very warm and educated gift to give to loved ones for Christmas and holidays.