Monday, December 12, 2011

50 Hours, many twists 50 Hours and winner of 2010 NaWrNoMo contest

This book is brilliant, entertaining and pack with many twists. It is a non stop thrilling drama, suspenful story of interesting characters, three women on a holiday tour caught into a tricky situation and has to use their life long experiences and wits to survive a horrid ordeal. It has humor, insights and a spiritual tone that touchs the inner core of the reader. This author is inspiring, her stories help enrich a hopeless soul to breathe again and look forward to a new day.

A Breathe of fresh air to survive any ordeal with strength and faith. The author is very creative and has experienced a rich and entertaining life and has incorporated her fantasy in many genres of books to be enjoy by all ages from fantasy to spiritual and in-between. Check out her Smashwords link and be transform to a magical world of reading and a one stop to find treasures to be cherish for holidays gifts. To find out more about this inspiring writer you can go to her profile at

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