Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Year God's Daughter by Rebecca Lochlann

Greek Mythology and Greek gods and goddesses and human beings of ancient Greece are the characters in this sensational story which all are magical.

This story is full of myths, actual truths and excellent details about the history, traditions and the beliefs of the Olympian gods. It is about the royal families and their empires how each one has their own beliefs and laws they all existed by and will die for and compete for dominant authority. There is Crete, which is led by a women' society and it is structured upon the Goddess Athena beliefs of the wisdom of women in authority. These women are powerful and knowledgeable in all skills required to command a strong nation and have survived through many trials but there are foes hiding in the shadows who desire to claim Crete and it's riches they are waiting for the right time to attack.

This is where powerful warriors come into the plot and add intrigue as they are half/blood brothers and both are competing for the throne and the second lady in waiting of the land. She is a feisty warrior and ambitious to achieve glory for herself and completes amazing feats of courage to challenge herself, her destiny, defiant her mother, the queen’s laws and tempt her future along with her brave cohorts helping her to be rebellious, risking hers and their own lives to protect her.

There is a supernatural influence with the oracle and the parties responsible to protect the queen and her family. For the male readers there is bloodshed, fighting and sword battles and other surprising glimpses into the ancient days that are hints of a wicked nature. This is an excellent tale of valor and heroism and a forge into the mystery of the myths of the ancient civilization and their beliefs in their Gods and Goddesses and the devotion they pledged to risk their lives for honor in the afterlife which makes this tale entertaining reading.

To sum it up; there is conflict, intrigue, suspense and more coming in other books continuing this thrilling story of ancient Greece, traditions, wars, and forsaken love. This story is for women and men as the battle of sexes continue on. 5 stars

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