Thursday, December 15, 2011

Upgrade by Stephen Hise

Upgrade by Stephen Hise;

This is the link to a self-publishing author, an Indie author who has the ability to write his stories to captured the mind and keep the reader interested in continuing to the powerful twist at the conclusion of this delicious twilight type eerily story. It follows a character, Brad and his conquests through raw human emotions from insecurity, doubt and self-esteem issues for him to rebound to confidence security and above average self-esteem based upon an experiment transforming the former geek into a super stud. It was fun following his changes of his circumstances be it physical, intelligence or psychological,the surprises compelled this reader to want to know what will happen to him since he now is no longer invisible and becomes the center of attention and gets into intriguing situations. The twist at the end had me stunned.

Yes the character, Brad has obtained his desires and they may be his under doing. Watch what you wish for, the grass is not always greener on the other side. There is mystery, suspense, lusty scenes and humor in this tale and it is for mature audiences. Also this author also has an awesome blog at

P.S. there should create an award for a knight in shining armor it should be given to Mr.Hise who has supported and helped many Indie Authors to realized their visions because he came riding on his horse and called the troops together and commanded team work to accomplish an united literacy kingdom and I know as well as many others want to thank him for being there in the darkness and bringing their talent to the light. Happy Holidays. Oh if this blog is too mushy, for an extortion price I will delete it or just say please it will vanish, lol. I just wanted to declare my appreciation and others gratitude for persons like this author and others in the Indie Community who rallied together and shared their knowledge. Wishing you all a victorious 2012, Charge Indie Authors and dare to dream and share more wondrous works like the links above.


  1. Thanks so very much Susan. You are one in a million. I appreciate all your continued support and friendship. I am honored to know you. :)

  2. I agree 100% about Stephen Hise. He should get an award for all the work he's done helping and supporting indie authors!