Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Terror on Trial Corrupters Series by John Boyd; is a highly fast paced action thriller

This is a surreal story about the behind the scenes of the terrorist agenda that occur in the earlier 21th century. It starts with when a special group of seals were commanded to be on the lookout for the most wanted financial leader of the Al Qaeda movement, the top man controlling the finances to fund Bin Laden’s terrorist activities of bombing, in countries and the hijacking and crashing of planes of the horrific 9-11 attack on the soil of America. The navy seals were all ambush and left to die except Lieutenant Commander Jose Carmona, a seal and who is an immigrant son of a Cuban investigator whose life was also is in jeopardy too as he knows secrets about the financial mastermind and has documentation of his transactions.

Then there is the other side of this surreal story about the terrorists who are being detained in Guantanamo prison and they are represented by US government officials to be declared innocent or guilty depending upon evidence or used in a pawn game of secret intelligence betrayal.

In the author’s words; If things were to proceed as planned, they?d reverse the trip with the captured Palestinian in tow. The only difference would be the direct pick-up by chopper. They?d found an extraction point less than a click away from their current location and had placed a GPS marker for both them and the chopper crew.

The rest of the team had satellite hand-held to allow communications and GPS tracking, and they had all signaled earlier that they were in place and ready.”
Of course the evidence maybe or may not be corrupted. Then the true action begins; the American shady corruption of a few bad men betraying their own country for selfish reasons; it all goes haywire and a thrilling sabotage plan is hatch and there is excitement and adventure as each character is in trouble and will it be too late to rescue the hostages. You will have to read the story to find out the powerful conclusion.

When I first started to read this story it felt like I was part of the scene and felt every motion and torture of all the characters and their loved ones had to suffer through as their lives were torn apart and rebuilt in both countries, from the middle east to the United States of America. The scenery and the facts all intertwined to make this story come truly alive as if the reader is on the journey with them. To this reader it gave me a possible inside view of the behind perspectives of both worlds, the veterans who bravely fight for our freedoms and the mad men behind the deception of pledging honor to America then stab their country in the back all for greed and their own motives.

This tale is a heroes victory and a stimulating tale of espionage, betrayal and challenges. Highly recommend for stimulating conversation about the war on terrorism and entertaining reading.

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