Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Forgotten Manuscript

In this story the author Doug Lucas became a story telling master writing about a sensitive topic the author created a highly charged terrorist plot and wrote a story about the military and the terrorists in the early 1980's set in the Middle East and in-between brings in Cuba's threats. It is a suspenseful plot complete with espionage, conspiracy and intelligence data designed into a fast packed action tale about how the terrorists believe they are the final victors when they planned an attacked on an American military base; They as well as the foreigners discovered that Americans are not the weak soft underbelly slugs everyone thought they were before the attack; in the end the terrorists were served justice, the American way;

This writer describes with human emotion very graphic details of the before and aftermath of a horrific attack as if he was there in the midst of the chaos. He describes the events as they unfold; the details are sensitive which brings the reader to rally for the characters in the midst of the action, chaos and clean-up. The descriptions of human toil going through the range of personal agony to acceptance and about the loss of lives as well the urgency to bring justice to their fallen heroes, made this reader gasp.

The characters are written as if they could be your spouse, brother, sister, aunt and uncle. Your heart goes out to every family affect by this malicious vendetta against the friendly veterans who were there defenseless with unloaded weapons by the orders to be a peace ambassador or protector and not fire upon natives unless shot at first. Since the orders were lax; the compound was open to the enemies and they scheme to destroy their foes. The plan was hatched and the friendly lives were destroyed in less than 30 seconds when a crazy scheme is executed by the ruthless enemies.

As the story progressed every time the knock on the door from the military personnel and clergy came, it brought either tears or a leap of faith of Amen; yes one more veteran, loved will be coming home. Yet another family will be given the knowledge that they will be burying their child; one who dies before the parent. It is a tragedy yet at the same time the determination of the troops to respect the living and dead and bring their guys home to their families is a light in the darkness.

This story is written as if someone like a reporter was there on the scene; listening behind the doors in Washington D.C. as the President, his cabinet and all vital personnel are meeting about what action was necessary to investigated and conclude the incident before it becomes a major storm with too many casualties and finger pointing and more death. This author implanted a Wag the Dog theory into the tale where the higher staff of the POTUS OFFICE (President of the United States) and head commanders tries to distract the American public about this one horrific event and turns attention to another priority which was creating another threat to invade the homeland; so the story is not lacking adventure.

He also discussed the behind the scenes from the veterans fighting in foreign lands, to the commanders of the military personnel to the President to the cabinet and other staffers to the hidden threats to all involved parties that are involved; such as the UN and last to the news reporters asking where their loyalty lies; report the gripping details for the money or to defend America and keep the lid on the secrets until a calmer time. The plot goes further by showing the military personnel and clergy entering into average military homes to report to the families the state of their loved ones and it ends with victory and payback. It also touches upon personal lives experiencing regular day trials and their families and the decisions they need to decide for future generations.

It is a dedication and knowledge insider story about the danger threats which the honor proud men and women face every day, the danger they face when away from home and how they are brave veterans who serve and fight for world freedom every day, facing the unknown; It touches upon what fears they may go through every morning when they awake in a foreign land assigned as protectors or peace ambassadors. The author creates realistic and colorful characters and invites you to experience their everyday rituals of the life of a service person and their inner thoughts. Letting the reader senses the emotions and to know each individual in a special way. The additional bonus is the details about the team work of all people of all diversity coming together and supports each other when human tragedies become a reality and the faith they depend upon all to get through the darkness to save another life.

It explores the behind the actions of all the parties involved in protecting and supporting the veterans; from the President of each nation, to the tyrants, terrorists and service personal and all the other players needed to protect and guard the safety of the world. Discussing the factors involved for all who are there to be supported or possibly to abused their position to gain their own greedy benefits and how it is vital for all to cooperate together for the safety of all. The competition between the departments’ heads is somewhat witty as each director has their own show down guarding their authority.

Author's words; "The UN Envoy seemed to be barely grasping what Phillips had just told him. Richard decided that now was the best time to swing the UN's demands back towards negotiating an outcome acceptable to not only the UN, but to the White House as well.
"With the stroke of a pen, the President can issue an executive order to withhold all funding for the UN and refuse to allow our military to participate in any peacekeeping efforts the UN may attempt. I remind you that he can instruct the Ambassador to the UN to veto anything he feels is not in the best interest of the United States. These sir, are just some of his options. I can assure you our present president is not only capable of executing them, but if he felt he had cause would go even further."

The Envoy's repressed anger was replaced with complete understanding---the flushed anger drained from his face and was replaced with a calmer demeanor."
This story is an intense inside glimpse into the tragedy of terrorist attacks and how the victims do not retreat, but reinforced themselves with team work to not be defeated but to prove how strong defenders they are. The excitement of the characters that are committed to their urgent vow to execute payback to their enemies for their fallen heroes who dedicated their lives 24 hours, seven days a week protecting others adds stimulation to the plot. The plan for payback is the powerful conclusion to this story.

This story is broken down into easy reading chapters for there are numerous characters involved from the top to the bottom and behind the scenes in each of their lives and loved ones. It was impacting and gave insight to this reader how much we do not realized what the vets who defend our countries experience while we are sitting at home cozy, in denial or not involved . All service personnel should receive a thank you next time you see one passing you by.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


The Man in the Mountain by Doug Lucas was more than I thought it would be; I was highly surprised delighted and immensely enjoyed this story. It is not the typical DEA story about a safe house, a witness and the agents assigned to protect her. It goes into depth using literary references relating to real and not famous authors and describes the trials each character experiences when in a sticky predicament and how they tapped into their reminisces about what this or that favorite author would have done in a tricky situation. It is full with adventure, "what if" good guys vs. bad guys and a wild chase across rocky terrain and dangerous water paths. The mysterious stranger that comes to the rescue from his mountain hideout and the strategic plotting to hunt the prey or captive the hunters keeps the reader turning the pages to see what will happen next.

This story was written to relate to the author and reader in each of us. The bonus is when each character adores or mocks the author he is thinking of expressing real life experiences or they are overzealous with their details of the truth; the agents expressed their appreciation or sarcasm with colorful language as they experienced being trek, shot at and chase and cornered like in a cat and mouse game; then they switched the game and the fun really begins. The literacy references are an added humor which this in itself is a treat of surprises and worth the time to read this story.

This story to this reader was a delicious tapestry of a plot of warm, sensual witty and clever characters who are full of common sense and knowledge to get away from their predators since the chase is on to kill the witness and agents protecting her and leave no evidence.

It is done with a flair of style that is thrilling, yet this author has a clever sense of humor and incorporates secret ingredients in the story; the jive at self and others; the details of the elegant hide-out with the beautiful scenery and the talents of each character is highlighted which creates a memorable tale. The conflict between agent and witness is a typical women cat fight that changes over time, hints of romance in the air too makes this a women's heart throb. As the adventure and masculine approach to live another day and escape their foes is a male's tonic.

As one is reading you are taking away absorbed into the plot and can imagine being one of the character; running and hiding; scoping out the landscape and thinking will this be the last breath taken. It goes behind the scenes of the conviction of the bad guys the trial and their weaknesses and how each one adjusts or is eliminated to the wind storm of their fateful destiny. It explores human nature and how individuals react when the desperate moment arrives and they face uncertainty.

It has it heroes and its villains and excitement. The human toil the good as well as the bad guys experience and the fight against the odds to achieve the possibility of living until their dying breath, desiring to enjoy just one more day is a teaser in their lives and with the literacy references this story makes this choice a stimulating read and I am becoming a fast fan of this writer.

There are other stories out there by this author and hopefully others in the works because this writing is like dipping into a refreshing mountain brook and relishing coming to the top and enjoy the sunshine of a beautiful day, mysterious and full of wonderment.

From the author' "Every time he tried to crawl closer to the tree line, Jorge and company made fear and the desire to grow older even more significant in his decision to stay right where he was. But he had decided that when he was down to ten rounds, he was going to try and shoot his way to safety. It would be an all or nothing effort, he damn well didn't intend to go gently into that good night, he intended to "Rage, rage against the dying of the light" as his favorite poem from Dylan Thomas read".

This reader also read the first book; Conversations with a Dead Man and they are like night and day; many hidden talents are rare to find but this one author seems to be able to change genre and still delight the readers. Highly recommend this author for readers looking for a rare undiscovered treasure and action packed stories that touch the soul then go be curious and Google for the Amazon page for this writer and see for yourself.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Twisted Fate by John Boyd

Author's words' Castro was sure that this was a CIA plot to oust him from power. He’d decided to take the three Soviet rockets he hadn’t decommissioned and launch them at the U.S. He had instructed Raul to launch them on day six of the U.S. President’s deadline. They were on mobile launchers, well-hidden for forty years. His scientists had told him they could be prepared in three days and would cause great damage. He closed his eyes. Believing he was in the right, as always, he began to fall asleep"

Once again this story was compelling, suspenseful, and full of action; this reader enjoys this author because he has a refreshing style of writing about conspiracy behind the scenes as each country and nation tries to prove who is the most powerful. This book is one with Robert Davis and his experienced seal team and Washington contacts cooperate together as a team to solve a world threat within six days or the warning of a nuclear war. The refugees of the past Cuba who escape with the shirts on their backs and abandoned all their family land and treasures are tired of Castro, Cuba's dictator and want him to relinquish his position.

They have plotted to overthrown him but were not powerful enough so they scheme to betrayal the VIP's of each country and make them turned against each other. The plot creates a wild conspiracy plot, kidnapping American tourists, but not just typical visitors; Robert's close friend; Matt and three governmental officials.

When Major Robert Davis heard the news of his friend's disappearance he drops everything and schedules to gather his friends and resources to rescue him and the three US agents before the sixth day or all will be lost. The prisoners will be eliminated for they will be of no use to the kidnappers if war breaks out. The story is filled with action pack adventure spanning across the ocean and journeys into unknown territory and secret enemies.

Robert has to rescue the hostages, get them off the Island and still not finished he and his team have to sabotage Castro's plan to strike America with Cuba's hidden missiles.

It is not all military jargon, there is sentimental chapter about Major Robert Davis and his family heritage included, it made this reader warm and tearful to follow the struggle the generations experienced as refugees, foreigners and establishing their destiny as American citizens. There is even an event that tore at this reader's heart when a loved one is struck ill and how the family and loved ones rallying about to show their support.

Then the chapter with Robert's bother Luis and his adventures; I have read almost all of the series but this book hit all human emotions and it was a pleasure break from other genres.

This reader has developed an addiction to read more from this author. It is stimulating and fun to imagine what is behind the scenes of our powerful countries and the conspiracies that could be if concern citizens do not awake to the possibilities of the greed behind all mad brokers seeking absolute authority over humanity and what means they will go too to achieve their agendas. If you like good guys vs. bad guys and competition of meeting the deadlines before it is too late then this author and his various books are the right choice.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Walking for Peace an inner journey By Mony Dojeiji and Alberto Agraso

Walking for Peace was an inspiring story about two friends who frustrated with the rat race decided to abandon it and agreed to a challenge; walking across the European continent through 17 countries hiking along the path the apostle's and servants of the pass travelled seeking the mysteries of inner peace and question the unknown. Along their journey their beliefs are shatter and replace with strangers kindness and gifts of gratitude that brings tears and joy to their hearts and a new found knowledge of the spiritual truths.

The woman is bond to her beliefs deny all religious and faith beliefs stating she is walking only as a message that a person may change others inner thoughts and assist them to open their minds to the possibility of transforming the negative to the positive ideals and change the course of their destiny.

Mony is of Lebanon descent and was raised to be leery of all due to the conflict in the Middle East. She is skeptical and raised to be enriched with the simple pleasures of life; shelter, food, warmth and clothing; along her trek she is meet with obstacles that could of broke her will but acknowledges she needs to strip herself of all worldly opinions, beliefs and hurts and believe in her inner conscious to guide her to the right path of enlightenment and spread the message of peace.

The man, Alberto starts as a friend who is also called to abandoned the earthly realm and seek peace but also inner wisdom to the purpose of life and what is beyond the earthly realm. He walks as a pilgrim and declares his truth of finding the light, the Supreme Being inside each of another and to share it with others; break down the walls of hatred and distrust among the warring nations and people in general. There is conflict between the two characters which adds excitement to the story. This is a complex tale with many messages intertwined in the pages; the final message unconditional love will conquer all.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Murder on Skidrow Charlene Wexler

This was a delightful at the same a harsh reality story about Skid Row in Chicago in the late 1960's. A well-educated man from a working immigrant family graduated as a dentist and decides to open a practice to serve poor and poverty individuals in this downtrodden community. They are junkies, alcoholics and gang members with state insurance. Behind the scenes there are the money scammers, the neighbor pharmacy and others all looking for the quick buck. He is torn between keeping his eyes and mouth shut to the dark secrets of the neighbourhood and serving the patients.

Then the killings occur and the secrets are no longer in the dark. The conclusion was shocking but sweet. Generations continue on and everything changes for the good. Highly recommend this story for readers who wish to reminisce about their childhood in the ghettos of the city and who like mysteries and detective stories. A lot of suspense and warm characters.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Always You

Always You is a short story about lost love, betrayal and lies and broken communication. It is a journey of grief a woman Lyla who has to rediscover herself after losing the loves of her life. She is humiliated and furious after finding out from another friend she was living a lie in a rebound relationship with Alex. Hers’ and former lost love Andrew; best friend turning to him for comfort falling in love with him; The truth he was the culprit who was responsible for his best friend and her lost lover's death. Alex was a Casanova and was busy flirting with a stranger when the incident occurs. A selfish egotistic playboy who never explain what happen to his best friend on that dreadful night. Her heart was shattered and she departs from him with hatred and closes her heart to any promise of love for many years.

Until she and Alex had to crossed paths again on a job assignment; will she be able to work with him with the hatred she felt for him; will she survive the emotional turmoil of losing her love Andrew and then Alex because he lied to her and broke her heart. The tension between them is highly passion with hatred but some other emotion was brewing between them. This tale is short and has hints of lustful scenes in it for she is engaged to another man; the dilemma; for her is to move on she needs to let go of the past and forgive Alex or escape from present reality and start new somewhere new; leaving him regretting his actions that fateful day and losing the only woman he cherishes. .

A sample from the author’s words; “Her ears and checks had gone red with embrassment. Why the hell did she have to care what Alex did? Alex and the pretty woman were still waiting for a reply. She had no idea what to tell them. Alex raised his eyebrows in question.”

In all a touching story about “what if” and choices that challenge lost loves and should the fire of passion be ingnited again or should she Lyla snuff out the flame of unrequited love and start a new destiny with her engaged finance.

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Outside the Wire by Richard Fansworth

This short novella to this awesome author's writings Is a shocking short 66 page of delightful morbid horror stories about fallen angels, demons, lycanthropes, monsters and a disembodied hand (or is it), it is a collection of six previously published short stories about things we don’t want to let in, all anthologized for your reading pleasure. This is the introduction from the author himself.

Reading these tales sent spine tingling chills up my back and my theeth chatting as each story described interesting characters and their dilemmas they all encounter and the conclusion of each story took this reader's breath away.

This author has a natural talent to weave words into descriptive stories that pulls in the reader and make them lose themselves in the plot; the style of writing with details keeps the reader's interest and savor each word knowing the tale will end too soon. It is short but very entertaining horror taunt, a teaser to some of his full published books available in the market and as ebooks on the internet.

He is professional that he gives the reader a glimpse in his introduction into each of the story so there is no confusion just delightful reading that ends to quickly and compels the reader to Goggle this author's other works to continue the addiction to the dark and bizarre tales. He varies with his topics; so the reader can take a break and move into the next story and be satisfied with a different conculsion. It has wit and surprises in each story. He has won many adwards for horror and fiction writing and he deserves them.

from the first story in this compelling teaser of dark wicked strange tales;

Succumbing to Gravity

"It stood taller and broader than me. Great leathery wings stretched out from the
second set of scapulas. One wing in the hall, the other reached back into the room. The smoky gray skin was thick and covered in oozing boils where the ancient words had been written. It turned to me and paused, the eyes were dead, the pupils blown. The skin of the lower face had torn away and the yellow-white mandible shown through.

“Araqi√™l? Is that you, little brother?” His voice rasped like a file being pulled across
a steel pipe."

This is one teaser of the above story; does it made you want to explore further about this creative witty author with a dark sense of humor that leaves you scared and laughing at the same time. Highly recommend this flash fiction at it's best and his other books all available at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com and other fine retailers.

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The Devil's Eye by Jennifer Loren

The Devil's Eye by Jennifer Loren

The reviews for it and well as many remarks from her book reviews on Amazon.com definitely tell the truth, yes it is steamy and hot, intriguing, suspenful, amazing and definitely a page turner. It is about broken hearts, mistrust, revenge and passion. Except the broken hearts are heal, the mistrust understood, the revenge turns into a passionate love/hate relationship and two very charming characters, Nick the suave sophiasted gangster and the tough but very feminine character, Kayla both add the explosive elements to an intriguing plot about a young woman out for revenge against the man with the devil eyes that caused a serious tradegy in Kayla's life.

He ignores her until she defiants him and puts herself in a tricky situation she becomes an employee in one of his clubs. Then the adventure begins. It is charming, suspenseful, hot and steamy and witty at times as each page stimulates the senses, bringing an ah ha moment. The details enthralled the reader to champing and booing for the good and bad guys in this story. The lustful scenes and the competition between the characters kept this reader compelled to savor the excitement and highly recommend this book to readers who like dark secrets and intrigue.

Several paragraphs from the story;

"There was no reason for him to remember me. I was awkward
and shy the last time I saw him. We never spoke and he only looked
at me the one time. I have changed a lot since then and I am not a
shy, awkward girl any more. Now I am a woman who is standing
outside his club working up the courage to go in and perform well
enough to gain his attention. Stripping was never my intent, but it is
money and more than I can possibly make working at the same diner
my mother worked at until her pained legs gave way. Oh hell, why do I
even bother to think of her at this moment? She was no saint and certainly
no mother to Braylin and me."

It is for mature audience who enjoys drama, cat fights and the intrigue of love/hate relationship between two opposite characters; male and female and it has a powerful conclusion which was not suspected so it kept this reader's heart racing and looking forward to read more stories from this intense author.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

KINGDOM OF LOST CHILDREN: The Book of Ren by L. J. Carter

“In the story of Kingdom of Lost Children, the children were afraid to speak out about the cruelty they were suffering by the hands of their guardian, Lord Faolan. Meanwhile, many of the townspeople turned a blind eye for fear that speaking out would disrupt their own lives.” This is the introduction from the author.

This is a fantasy supernatural story based upon a magical child with powers but she is not aware of them until she and the children she is responsible for in a horrible home for alleged forgotten, neglected children are being cruelty mistreated by a harsh guardian, Lord Faolan and she desires to set them free and the adventure begins.

It could like other stories of magic kingdoms and cruel masters but this one is very unique for it combines various threads of other stories familiar to the reader’s heart and woven them into a magical mysterious tale about evil vs. good, light vs. dark and which side will one choose when all the riches and desires are display for their benefit, hidden in the verses are many messages that touch this reader’s heart and soul. The question; will Layla and her friends chose materialistic riches and greed over love and sharing with others. Will she and her friends or enemies turn towards the light or darkness of enlightenment or evil destinies? She is torn between two realms and desires one over the other, but which one?

This book is alluring pack with action, suspense, and mysteries. Every page is a delight to see what will happen next. Will she escape from the darks one chasing her; will she find what she is looking for? It is an exciting journey with the characters from the mystical creatures, adventures to the intertwining of the ancient texts incorporating with various bibles verses and modernization concepts of reality and fantasy makes this a captivating story to read. It is poetic haunting and very descriptive with details; it pulls you in and you are trapped in fantastical places as it teleports you into dark magic places. Rallying as Layla is fighting as a warrior to regain her destiny and save the children before it is too late. This story could be created as video games it has all the thrills and secrets that intrigue a reader's mind.

Author's excerpt; "She had always been plagued with strange dreams; dreams of warning; dreams that more often than not came true. But the recent nightmares had been different, more like a memory, a terrifying memory, that faded from her mind as she woke. There was only one image that remained with her: a man watching her from behind the darkness of a broken window; his skin so pale it reflected the moon’s light, eyes so cold they were like stone".

My heart was racing and I could not put it down until I finished when the clock struck 3 .a.m. in the morning, the witching, devil hour and it still tingles my spine into the next day.

Read more: http://www.greatmindsthinkaloud.proboards.com/index.cgi#ixzz1lqRBLaSR

Thursday, February 2, 2012

“Next Time Lucky Lessons of a Matchmaker A novel by Siggy Buckley

I really enjoyed this novel. I loved following Cherie on her journey. I thought Ms. Buckley did an excellent job adding 21st century realism to this novel. Cherie and her friends and gentlemen suitors were the perfect the perfect equation of exploring the intrigue of the dating scene on the internet. This is a story is about a charming woman starting another phase in her life's journey. She is divorce and has to start over with her high school son. In her loveless marriage she sacrificed her selfhood and gave into her domineering husband and moved from the elegant life, family and traditional German roots to be transplanted as a farmer in the rainy landscape of Ireland. After many years of marriage she woke up to discover her lose selfhood and realized that her children were about to fly the coop and she was not happy wanting to strike out on her own ask for a divorce. She was granted one and embarked on a strange but fulfilling destiny as an independent woman.

She is a successful matchmaker and has a second career as a wine broker; all is fine except that missing element; after being alone for a while she desires to share her new found freedom and life with a partner again. Now the question; is where will she, even as Ireland's number one matchmaker find a mate. The old fashioned ways were no longer working; so enters in the modern technology of internet dating. Hesitant she decides to take the plunge and thus the story is born;

It is witty and very realistic as she is experimenting with the pros and cons of meeting men from Mars; one with commitment issues, others looking for hanky panky only; others who are insecure with a professional successful woman and run away with the excuses and other colorful characters. This author is gifted in spinning words into artistic scenes of life experiencing it through Cherie as she travels to places through her main character on a mission seeking for a love and life-time partner.

It is written to go across the European continents to the United States, back and forth searching for the perfect soul mate. Her descriptive mind painting of the scenery pulls the reader into the story and has the reader experiences the night air, the salty smell of the oceans, the hot sand under her feet as she is dancing to music. It is so poignant the reader is actually traveling with Cherie as she places herself into tricky situations with strangers behind the screen, being brave to see if he is the one she desires and rallying for her safety. There are lustful scenes in the story but not too graphic; hints of a women's deepest desires. Men should read this story to spice up their love techniques and heat up the dominant flames in their lover's bedrooms.

Here is an excerpt; “Then I regained my sense once again: Pull yourself together! Make your own plans, Cherie. It’s your life! Go where you want to go and do what you want to do. It dawned on me that I didn’t need a guy to change my life around and to go where I wanted to be. I felt a sense of liberation and gave the Internet a break. Not that I was giving up on men – yet – but the day to day demands of life and hunting down Mr. Right at the same time as I was in the midst of changing the rest of my life around – Gee wizz, it took all my energy, cosmic, every day, cyber and all.”

This tale is of strength and daring; to not let anything or one stop you from achieving your dreams. A It is a compelling tale with carefully drawn well-defined characters from Cherie, to her friends and the men passing in her life. This romantic thriller will pull you into the world of its heroine and inspire you to see the true power of human relationships, the pros and cons of meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right and letting your mind or heart direct your steps to the unknown mysteries of life and be free to be yourself and happy with the choices.