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The Man in the Mountain by Doug Lucas was more than I thought it would be; I was highly surprised delighted and immensely enjoyed this story. It is not the typical DEA story about a safe house, a witness and the agents assigned to protect her. It goes into depth using literary references relating to real and not famous authors and describes the trials each character experiences when in a sticky predicament and how they tapped into their reminisces about what this or that favorite author would have done in a tricky situation. It is full with adventure, "what if" good guys vs. bad guys and a wild chase across rocky terrain and dangerous water paths. The mysterious stranger that comes to the rescue from his mountain hideout and the strategic plotting to hunt the prey or captive the hunters keeps the reader turning the pages to see what will happen next.

This story was written to relate to the author and reader in each of us. The bonus is when each character adores or mocks the author he is thinking of expressing real life experiences or they are overzealous with their details of the truth; the agents expressed their appreciation or sarcasm with colorful language as they experienced being trek, shot at and chase and cornered like in a cat and mouse game; then they switched the game and the fun really begins. The literacy references are an added humor which this in itself is a treat of surprises and worth the time to read this story.

This story to this reader was a delicious tapestry of a plot of warm, sensual witty and clever characters who are full of common sense and knowledge to get away from their predators since the chase is on to kill the witness and agents protecting her and leave no evidence.

It is done with a flair of style that is thrilling, yet this author has a clever sense of humor and incorporates secret ingredients in the story; the jive at self and others; the details of the elegant hide-out with the beautiful scenery and the talents of each character is highlighted which creates a memorable tale. The conflict between agent and witness is a typical women cat fight that changes over time, hints of romance in the air too makes this a women's heart throb. As the adventure and masculine approach to live another day and escape their foes is a male's tonic.

As one is reading you are taking away absorbed into the plot and can imagine being one of the character; running and hiding; scoping out the landscape and thinking will this be the last breath taken. It goes behind the scenes of the conviction of the bad guys the trial and their weaknesses and how each one adjusts or is eliminated to the wind storm of their fateful destiny. It explores human nature and how individuals react when the desperate moment arrives and they face uncertainty.

It has it heroes and its villains and excitement. The human toil the good as well as the bad guys experience and the fight against the odds to achieve the possibility of living until their dying breath, desiring to enjoy just one more day is a teaser in their lives and with the literacy references this story makes this choice a stimulating read and I am becoming a fast fan of this writer.

There are other stories out there by this author and hopefully others in the works because this writing is like dipping into a refreshing mountain brook and relishing coming to the top and enjoy the sunshine of a beautiful day, mysterious and full of wonderment.

From the author' "Every time he tried to crawl closer to the tree line, Jorge and company made fear and the desire to grow older even more significant in his decision to stay right where he was. But he had decided that when he was down to ten rounds, he was going to try and shoot his way to safety. It would be an all or nothing effort, he damn well didn't intend to go gently into that good night, he intended to "Rage, rage against the dying of the light" as his favorite poem from Dylan Thomas read".

This reader also read the first book; Conversations with a Dead Man and they are like night and day; many hidden talents are rare to find but this one author seems to be able to change genre and still delight the readers. Highly recommend this author for readers looking for a rare undiscovered treasure and action packed stories that touch the soul then go be curious and Google for the Amazon page for this writer and see for yourself.

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