Thursday, February 2, 2012

“Next Time Lucky Lessons of a Matchmaker A novel by Siggy Buckley

I really enjoyed this novel. I loved following Cherie on her journey. I thought Ms. Buckley did an excellent job adding 21st century realism to this novel. Cherie and her friends and gentlemen suitors were the perfect the perfect equation of exploring the intrigue of the dating scene on the internet. This is a story is about a charming woman starting another phase in her life's journey. She is divorce and has to start over with her high school son. In her loveless marriage she sacrificed her selfhood and gave into her domineering husband and moved from the elegant life, family and traditional German roots to be transplanted as a farmer in the rainy landscape of Ireland. After many years of marriage she woke up to discover her lose selfhood and realized that her children were about to fly the coop and she was not happy wanting to strike out on her own ask for a divorce. She was granted one and embarked on a strange but fulfilling destiny as an independent woman.

She is a successful matchmaker and has a second career as a wine broker; all is fine except that missing element; after being alone for a while she desires to share her new found freedom and life with a partner again. Now the question; is where will she, even as Ireland's number one matchmaker find a mate. The old fashioned ways were no longer working; so enters in the modern technology of internet dating. Hesitant she decides to take the plunge and thus the story is born;

It is witty and very realistic as she is experimenting with the pros and cons of meeting men from Mars; one with commitment issues, others looking for hanky panky only; others who are insecure with a professional successful woman and run away with the excuses and other colorful characters. This author is gifted in spinning words into artistic scenes of life experiencing it through Cherie as she travels to places through her main character on a mission seeking for a love and life-time partner.

It is written to go across the European continents to the United States, back and forth searching for the perfect soul mate. Her descriptive mind painting of the scenery pulls the reader into the story and has the reader experiences the night air, the salty smell of the oceans, the hot sand under her feet as she is dancing to music. It is so poignant the reader is actually traveling with Cherie as she places herself into tricky situations with strangers behind the screen, being brave to see if he is the one she desires and rallying for her safety. There are lustful scenes in the story but not too graphic; hints of a women's deepest desires. Men should read this story to spice up their love techniques and heat up the dominant flames in their lover's bedrooms.

Here is an excerpt; “Then I regained my sense once again: Pull yourself together! Make your own plans, Cherie. It’s your life! Go where you want to go and do what you want to do. It dawned on me that I didn’t need a guy to change my life around and to go where I wanted to be. I felt a sense of liberation and gave the Internet a break. Not that I was giving up on men – yet – but the day to day demands of life and hunting down Mr. Right at the same time as I was in the midst of changing the rest of my life around – Gee wizz, it took all my energy, cosmic, every day, cyber and all.”

This tale is of strength and daring; to not let anything or one stop you from achieving your dreams. A It is a compelling tale with carefully drawn well-defined characters from Cherie, to her friends and the men passing in her life. This romantic thriller will pull you into the world of its heroine and inspire you to see the true power of human relationships, the pros and cons of meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right and letting your mind or heart direct your steps to the unknown mysteries of life and be free to be yourself and happy with the choices.

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