Friday, February 17, 2012

Outside the Wire by Richard Fansworth

This short novella to this awesome author's writings Is a shocking short 66 page of delightful morbid horror stories about fallen angels, demons, lycanthropes, monsters and a disembodied hand (or is it), it is a collection of six previously published short stories about things we don’t want to let in, all anthologized for your reading pleasure. This is the introduction from the author himself.

Reading these tales sent spine tingling chills up my back and my theeth chatting as each story described interesting characters and their dilemmas they all encounter and the conclusion of each story took this reader's breath away.

This author has a natural talent to weave words into descriptive stories that pulls in the reader and make them lose themselves in the plot; the style of writing with details keeps the reader's interest and savor each word knowing the tale will end too soon. It is short but very entertaining horror taunt, a teaser to some of his full published books available in the market and as ebooks on the internet.

He is professional that he gives the reader a glimpse in his introduction into each of the story so there is no confusion just delightful reading that ends to quickly and compels the reader to Goggle this author's other works to continue the addiction to the dark and bizarre tales. He varies with his topics; so the reader can take a break and move into the next story and be satisfied with a different conculsion. It has wit and surprises in each story. He has won many adwards for horror and fiction writing and he deserves them.

from the first story in this compelling teaser of dark wicked strange tales;

Succumbing to Gravity

"It stood taller and broader than me. Great leathery wings stretched out from the
second set of scapulas. One wing in the hall, the other reached back into the room. The smoky gray skin was thick and covered in oozing boils where the ancient words had been written. It turned to me and paused, the eyes were dead, the pupils blown. The skin of the lower face had torn away and the yellow-white mandible shown through.

“Araqi√™l? Is that you, little brother?” His voice rasped like a file being pulled across
a steel pipe."

This is one teaser of the above story; does it made you want to explore further about this creative witty author with a dark sense of humor that leaves you scared and laughing at the same time. Highly recommend this flash fiction at it's best and his other books all available at and and other fine retailers.

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