Friday, February 17, 2012

The Devil's Eye by Jennifer Loren

The Devil's Eye by Jennifer Loren

The reviews for it and well as many remarks from her book reviews on definitely tell the truth, yes it is steamy and hot, intriguing, suspenful, amazing and definitely a page turner. It is about broken hearts, mistrust, revenge and passion. Except the broken hearts are heal, the mistrust understood, the revenge turns into a passionate love/hate relationship and two very charming characters, Nick the suave sophiasted gangster and the tough but very feminine character, Kayla both add the explosive elements to an intriguing plot about a young woman out for revenge against the man with the devil eyes that caused a serious tradegy in Kayla's life.

He ignores her until she defiants him and puts herself in a tricky situation she becomes an employee in one of his clubs. Then the adventure begins. It is charming, suspenseful, hot and steamy and witty at times as each page stimulates the senses, bringing an ah ha moment. The details enthralled the reader to champing and booing for the good and bad guys in this story. The lustful scenes and the competition between the characters kept this reader compelled to savor the excitement and highly recommend this book to readers who like dark secrets and intrigue.

Several paragraphs from the story;

"There was no reason for him to remember me. I was awkward
and shy the last time I saw him. We never spoke and he only looked
at me the one time. I have changed a lot since then and I am not a
shy, awkward girl any more. Now I am a woman who is standing
outside his club working up the courage to go in and perform well
enough to gain his attention. Stripping was never my intent, but it is
money and more than I can possibly make working at the same diner
my mother worked at until her pained legs gave way. Oh hell, why do I
even bother to think of her at this moment? She was no saint and certainly
no mother to Braylin and me."

It is for mature audience who enjoys drama, cat fights and the intrigue of love/hate relationship between two opposite characters; male and female and it has a powerful conclusion which was not suspected so it kept this reader's heart racing and looking forward to read more stories from this intense author.

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