Sunday, November 27, 2011

Branded by D. Perdue Henderson

Branded; a powerful prevention story to protect all children.

Branded by D. Perdue Henderson is a powerful message about children being abducted off the streets and roads of their cities and villages by perverts, alleged business entrepreneurs, pimps into making trying to be rich from the selling of sex slaves, innocent children from pre-teens to adolescents? This is a story of one young victim's fate when she was snatched off a street in front of her junior high school by pimps driving an average looking van. It is a horrific tale about her choices she has to decide if she was to stay alive; and the traumas and events she was part of or witness of others who double-crossed the pimp. In this story the girl experiences life changing turmoil through stages of anger, defiance, submission through extortion and then she becomes her kidnapper's main squeeze because she is a wild cat, a strong willed fighter and he desires her.

This story is a message of precaution and warning to protect the innocent and when a child looks abuse, hungry and dirty; and pleads for help; don't think the adult knows better and walk away; because they will lie to protect themselves from being arrested; don't always take the adult's word, and if something feels uncanny in your gut, then follow through by taking down license plate numbers and descriptions and called the police.

There is the fear of threats and there are many reports of police stopping speeders or violators of the law; and do not investigate when something does not feel right or if they do then they are injured or fatally killed, if this book could save one life then it is worth the investment. The conclusion to this story is that this victim has to decide to be bitter or forgive her kidnappers and the life she suffers through and her personal message of strength to prevent it from occurring to another unfortunate victim.

This author is declaring that society needs to be more attentive to children's presence and beware of the devils on the prowl. To protect the weak and defenseless against the wolves in sheep clothing. By reading this book it has made me more aware to keep my eyes and ears open in the community and if something does not feel right then it should be report personally or anonymous to protect the children of the world before they are abducted and their fragile lives are broken forever.

The urgency of this story compels the reader to want to advocate for laws to be voted on to have all book bags or personal items equipped with a safety device such as an emergency GPS in them to ring a silent alarm to the local precinct and alert an Amber Alert. This is a good book for adults and older teens to read and sit down with their children to have a discussion about stranger danger and teach them techniques to keep them safe.

Switched by Amanda Hocking

Switched by Amanda Hocking is an amazing story; when I first opened the book I did not know anything about this author.  After completing this tale; I was compelled to learn more about this author; I Goggled her Facebook, and personal blog to discover a very delightful and humble gifted artist...  I have read many types of books of all genres; but this one took my breath away.  I was astonished with the way the words flow to capture the reader's heart about supernatural mystical creatures being switch at birth with human babies to exist in the earthly realm until a certain age and then return or taken back to their original birth realm to carry out their destinies as plan.

The colorful characters; from Wendy, the young teenager to her real and adopted birth parents and the many more characters all intertwined with luscious male candy that were her friends, guardians were so easy to bond with. As they were chivalrous, loyal and exciting protectors, all admiring traits which stimulated this reader’s  mind and  transported  this reader out of the earthly realm into a fantasy world for a while to enjoy  a delightful adventure, full of mystery and  suspense.  Not wishing for it to end;

This is one of a series  out of  the Trylle Trilogy, and there are more of these and others books that this author has written;  To me it was like getting an early Christmas gift and I am looking forward to reading this author's other novels in the present and future.  It is YA fiction but all ages would enjoy this remarkable writer and her powerful stories  5 Ravens.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wake Up America before it is too late; highly recommended for all ages.

In the author’s words:  “At this point in American history, we stand on the precipice. Below us lies utter ruin and the jagged rocks of socialism and national collapse, while behind us is the America our forefathers built and loved and died for.
Will America wake up and turn back before it‘s too late?”

Dreams and visions come to some, to be declared to the masses to be pronounced before it is too late and this book is one of these such as Nostradamus’ warnings; As a reader and a spiritual person seeking answers I choose to read this book because it has an old verse from the Hosea prophecy of the Old Testament; a prophet Hosea is commanded by God to take an adulteress as a wife.  It is written in the times of Israel uprising and betrayal against the almighty and displays the Almighty’s personal anguish as he watches his children disobeys him and relishes in the adulteress and sinful ways of the earthly/Satan realm and as an wise father he has to punish his children but still love them.

What is unique is that the author transform the words of Hosea's letter to Israel to be read as not a letter about Israel and her doom; He replaced Israel and surrounding territories in the letter as if America and it' states were the chosen nation to face God's wrath if the masses do not listen to the whispering of warning and obvious the chaos striking America; to continue ignoring the Holy Ghost or the inner consciousness of our essences which will be the destruction of our nation.

If America continues to ignore the warnings; All will become pawns to powerful countries, such as China who we are borrowing money to pay off our overwhelming debts and they are using the interest to build their defense artillery and the corrupted government who in the dark are leading the lost sheep, us to the slaughter and then letting the dangerous immorality run rampaging throughout the United States of America, which is leading to chaos and downfall of mighty America.  The way this message is written; this author could be described as a prophet, scientist, historian and Nostradamus  of the times; His story is predicting a possible collapse of our existence and life taken for granted if all keep ignoring the truths in front of our faces.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fox by Parrisha Martelly

Fox by Parrisha Martelly is a powerful story, at first I was attracted by the cover; As I was reading I did not think I was going to finish the story because I thought it was about knights and their era, of fighting and jostling with other foes but as I continued to turn the pages I was pleasantly surprised that it turned into a mystical supernatural fairy tale with a strange and beautiful female creature coming into her destiny as heir of a kingdom that she did not think care for her; terrified of her hidden powers and her unnatural form.  She longed for companionship and the joys that all females desire; a happy life with friends and a mate. Her loved one goes missing and she decides to rescue him from their ally turned foe.

There is fierce loyalty, honor and a budding romance intertwined into the plot.  This tale has suspense, drama, action as the tale develops around the Pandora Box and the secret of its location is to be hidden at all costs. To be protected with the sacrifices of her and friends' lives. There is a psychic who makes a predication; depending upon the predication all will be won or lost; it is refreshing and I not sure but it may be a tale not made into a movie yet.  This one of an amazing series in the works;   this book I would highly recommend for those who are into fairy tales, magical creatures and heroes then  these stories are for you and look forward to reading more from this author in the future. 

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Amador Lockdown by Coral Russell

Amador Lockdown by Coral Russell, is an enlightening thriller with family relationships, work and what sacrifices father will do to save his son. It is a tale about a family business of ghost hunters and on one job something goes terribly wrong. No one believes that something dark and sinister is behind the veil between the two dimensions. The father is the only one who knows the truth and will do anything in his power in this realm or the other realm to rescue his son before it is too late. The twist at the conclusion of this tale blew this reader's mind. This author's has other tales of suspense waiting for readers who enjoy Stephen King's and other awesome writers like him; tales waiting for suspenseful action and opens the mind to be willing to explore the unknown to let the mind wonder; and asked self if there is truth about the myths of the dimension beyond reasoning; watch and beware when you dare to open the unknown portal; You never know what is on the other side.RATING: 5 ravens

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Laura Lond is an internationally known publisher and has written several novels and a collection of short stories. This tale of A Merman's Kiss is a fairy tale about a merman and two sisters who desired beauty and riches and desperate to have their wishes fulfilled, one listens to the instructions incorrectly, only to have broken a heart; and the other to mend the wounds ended up with a transformed future. After this story there is another tale of a first person narratives of a villain and his plot to help his arch enemy obtain each other's desires only to be betray; then another; in all these short tales give a glimpse into a very creative and remarkable author who entertains her audience with short tales of many genres and her writing compels the reader to escape in a wonderful exciting world of mystery and what if's; stimulating  the mind to many wonders. This is a synopsis of this author's creativity and she has the unique knack of keeping her readers entertain.
Highly recommend for readers looking for variety to check her works out.
4 Ravens

Monday, November 14, 2011

Josie Thorn by Lisa Vandiver

A romance story with mystery mixed in as the past comes to meet the future; two torn lovers separated are forced to cross paths again.  Will they be able to get pass their regrets and help one another save her father’s lifeblood, her brother inheritance;  the family ranch.

Once again this author has the knack of pulling together a memorable romantic, complex situations and high charged hints of mystery, secrets and human emotional perils tale. Which entertain this reader as I turned each page to see what action would occur next?    It is not lacking action, drama or twists, which keeps the story racing to the conclusion. The human emotional toil of Josie Thorn and sexual impact is striking right at the center of human emotions, hot and lusty as the cover. The range of human emotions; laughing, crying and fearing for the colorful characters and their pets too makes this reader’s heart race as they are confront with life and death events.

This author has a gift to bring life to her characters as a reader it was exciting to bond with the independent strong male and the feisty fiery female characters and the rest of the ranch hands. Rallying for them as they journey together to solve the mystery, forgive their past and head into their future.  As they face this dilemma; they become a target of a greed plot of having their ranch sabotage by friends or enemies, threatening all their lives. . Included in the plot are highly sexual tension scenes and dark mysteries which are intertwined in between the scenes as the story unfolds all for a vendetta. 

Will Josephina and Jacob regret their choices or find peace in the midst of the chaos.  That is the challenge of this tale.  It is a heartwarming exploration into what one will do for love and forgiveness.  5 stars

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Need a pick me up, this book is for you. Smiles are gifts.

Out Of My Head
Ebook By Lisa Vandiver at

This book is a wonderful mixture of every human emotion a soul can experienced, there is happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow and all between with a variety of topics and poetry. All the stories were heartwarming, with kittens, lovers, broken hearts, and strength. These short stories are a breath of fresh air from a harsh day. They raised the reader’s endorphins, the happy hormones. This author is an excellent story teller. Her stories leaves the reader to experience a peaceful sense of all is right with the world, highly recommended if you enjoy smiling. 5 + Stars.

The author is honoring her readers with additional treats; check out this link; a delicious exciting fantasy waiting to be read. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Is a promising mystery about a complex interracial relationship as it develops into a personal inventory of a beautiful woman who was told she was abandoned as a baby in a trash bin. She grows up thinking no one loves her and lives in the world of low self-esteem which makes her the perfect target for a smooth talking slime, her husband who uses her insecurities against her by abusing her being a Casanova and breaking her heart. She wakes up one morning and realizes that is more to life and leaves him. The departure starts her on an adventure with a mysterious Dr. Jekyll and Hyde man and brings her in a world of intrigue and secrets changing her destiny forever.

I have read this author's other books and this was on (tbr) my to read list, once again I was amazed by her works. She is a gifted writer that can take words and spin them into an entertaining tale that kept this reader up until the wee morning’s hours to watch the sun rise. Hours not lost for It touches on so many levels of human emotions from hurt, betrayal, anger and the characters rising from the ashes to be victorious once again and giving hope. Of course there is romance mixed in which is an additional benefit. The twists add suspense and drama to the story keeping the reader engaged to find out what will happen next.

I highly recommend this author books to anyone looking for adventure, mystery and entertainment all rolled up in one.

5 Ravens

(Reviewed by Sue Mahoney - Great Minds Think Aloud)

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