Sunday, November 27, 2011

Switched by Amanda Hocking

Switched by Amanda Hocking is an amazing story; when I first opened the book I did not know anything about this author.  After completing this tale; I was compelled to learn more about this author; I Goggled her Facebook, and personal blog to discover a very delightful and humble gifted artist...  I have read many types of books of all genres; but this one took my breath away.  I was astonished with the way the words flow to capture the reader's heart about supernatural mystical creatures being switch at birth with human babies to exist in the earthly realm until a certain age and then return or taken back to their original birth realm to carry out their destinies as plan.

The colorful characters; from Wendy, the young teenager to her real and adopted birth parents and the many more characters all intertwined with luscious male candy that were her friends, guardians were so easy to bond with. As they were chivalrous, loyal and exciting protectors, all admiring traits which stimulated this reader’s  mind and  transported  this reader out of the earthly realm into a fantasy world for a while to enjoy  a delightful adventure, full of mystery and  suspense.  Not wishing for it to end;

This is one of a series  out of  the Trylle Trilogy, and there are more of these and others books that this author has written;  To me it was like getting an early Christmas gift and I am looking forward to reading this author's other novels in the present and future.  It is YA fiction but all ages would enjoy this remarkable writer and her powerful stories  5 Ravens.

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