Sunday, November 27, 2011

Branded by D. Perdue Henderson

Branded; a powerful prevention story to protect all children.

Branded by D. Perdue Henderson is a powerful message about children being abducted off the streets and roads of their cities and villages by perverts, alleged business entrepreneurs, pimps into making trying to be rich from the selling of sex slaves, innocent children from pre-teens to adolescents? This is a story of one young victim's fate when she was snatched off a street in front of her junior high school by pimps driving an average looking van. It is a horrific tale about her choices she has to decide if she was to stay alive; and the traumas and events she was part of or witness of others who double-crossed the pimp. In this story the girl experiences life changing turmoil through stages of anger, defiance, submission through extortion and then she becomes her kidnapper's main squeeze because she is a wild cat, a strong willed fighter and he desires her.

This story is a message of precaution and warning to protect the innocent and when a child looks abuse, hungry and dirty; and pleads for help; don't think the adult knows better and walk away; because they will lie to protect themselves from being arrested; don't always take the adult's word, and if something feels uncanny in your gut, then follow through by taking down license plate numbers and descriptions and called the police.

There is the fear of threats and there are many reports of police stopping speeders or violators of the law; and do not investigate when something does not feel right or if they do then they are injured or fatally killed, if this book could save one life then it is worth the investment. The conclusion to this story is that this victim has to decide to be bitter or forgive her kidnappers and the life she suffers through and her personal message of strength to prevent it from occurring to another unfortunate victim.

This author is declaring that society needs to be more attentive to children's presence and beware of the devils on the prowl. To protect the weak and defenseless against the wolves in sheep clothing. By reading this book it has made me more aware to keep my eyes and ears open in the community and if something does not feel right then it should be report personally or anonymous to protect the children of the world before they are abducted and their fragile lives are broken forever.

The urgency of this story compels the reader to want to advocate for laws to be voted on to have all book bags or personal items equipped with a safety device such as an emergency GPS in them to ring a silent alarm to the local precinct and alert an Amber Alert. This is a good book for adults and older teens to read and sit down with their children to have a discussion about stranger danger and teach them techniques to keep them safe.

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  1. Thank you Susan, for the review you gave on my first novel of Branded. I am so thrilled that you actually got the message I was trying to send. This is not an easy subject to talk about, but I thought it had to be said, especially in today's world. I too, am a Christian and want to make a difference in the world. If my book can save one life, than it was worth it.
    Happy Holidays and God Bless!
    D. Perdue Henderson