Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine.


Ain’t No Sunshine by Leslie DuBois, this author is brilliant in her writing style, she wrote this story with twists and was able to openly discuss a taboo still existing in today's society in the shadows and make it an easy read. It is about interracial relationships and issues in the time period when schools and society were still against white and black interaction. There are two lifetime friends who are betting against the odds and willing to sacrifice all to be together. This author touches upon the conflict of interracial relationships which is powerful in itself. Then she adds a few twists and mysteries that keep the reader's assuming the conclusion and then getting it totally wrong. The conclusion totally shocks this reader's assumptions.

It is refreshing to read a story that stimulates the senses as the characters fight their fate to end up happily ever after or not. You have to read the story to solve the mystery.

5 Ravens!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tritcheon Hash by Sue Lange

Tritcheon Hash by Sue Lange is an complex space odyssey story  about female’s version of surviving without  the male species making the ultimate decision of  dividing their genres to not co-habit but to separate to their own world and create a new life without each other.  It has the emotional, psychological, sexual tones of being their own individuals yet the curiosity of what “if” the two genders risk all and united together weaved throughout the story...  It has sweet and bitter terminology intertwined throughout.  Tritcheon Hash is to gathered data to bring back to her council to decide if unification is the solution.  Has the male species clean up their act, are they still carnivorous beasts, violent fighting raging felonies not the vegetarian, passive and thinker of the these questions to be resolved.  She is assigned to gather this information and afraid yet curious throws away her misconceptions and opens her heart to this strange male alien and finds the truth out about herself and her destiny to be.

At first it was difficult to follow the thread but as this reader plunged forward the story started to unravel.  It is a space odyssey instead of earthling and aliens.  It was about separation of the male species on earth from the female species who decided to relocate to another planet echelons ago and decide to explore if unification is possible many centuries later..  It is interesting to think that the male and female species has so much conflict between them that they needed to separated and developed their own existence away from each other.  It is a good escape for women and men alike to think what would become of each other’s existence with and without each other. It has interesting concepts and strange point of views which keeps the story moving along.

It is not usually my choice, but this reader was glad to take on this challenge and complete this story, it leaves one to wonder about the gifts and the “what if’s between the two sexes and their future together or not . . To find more about this author’s works, you can visit her website at

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Legend of Witchtrot Road

Legend of Witchtrot Road by author E.J. Stevens is a YA paranormal tale and has a unique style to describe the human and supernatural worlds to readers of all ages.  This one is about teenagers coming into their supernatural powers and uses them to solve a mystery. It is through the eyes of teenagers and has the flavor of their language, clothing and beliefs.

It is humorous in some paragraphs, frightening in others and serious as they investigated a town's history, rumors and sudden deaths, who or what is behind it?  There are blossoming relationships and suspense of kidnapping, accidents and finding out secrets through amateur detective work to solved a mystery that has everyone stumped.

The author has the flair to describe her females and males characters with flair that get under your skin, as a reader you want to beat the daylights out of some of them or give kudos to the heroes who sacrifice their lives and secrets to protect their friends.  It is unique and as in the introduction they are truly quirky characters that leave you spellbound and wanting to continue reading this author's adventurous tales such as this one and others written in this series for the experienced and beginner YA paranormal readers.

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Review by: Sue Mahoney

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cemetery Street

This book is not just about families and friendship bonding through the years. It is an in depth exploration into the trials and tribulations of the late 80's- into the early 90's, 20th century which a close group of friends experienced, the joys and sorrows of daily life. It is very descriptive, poignant and realistic with the raw emotions of human feelings, the deep attachment one's has with another and they all are intertwined into life's journey through being a friend, support network and concludes rallying and seeking justice for a veteran who fought bravely for the Gulf War. The letters home brought tears to this reader's eyes.

It started as a roller coaster ride down, then picked up speed as it surprises the readers with events not expect, then boom the heart is racing and the tears are flowing for all the characters as they travel down the road of life and experiences life and death realities and grow or are defeated by life's blows to transform from adolescents to adults.

In the author's own words "A breeze rustled the trees, their bare limbs swaying to the sound of her voice. I turned praying she would be sitting on the sandstone bench like she was thirteen years ago - Indian style, her wild mane speckled with snowflakes. I imagine her gaze staring across the dozing river, past the distant rushing traffic, into eternity. My gaze was met by a dusting of snow atop the bench. Disappointment consumed me. “People who do nothing but watch, feel nothing but disappointment,” she once scolded. "

An eye opener to remember our loved ones who are here today and maybe gone tomorrow, not to take them for granted. Every precious moment is enriching as this book is a keeper

Mouch and Company; The Dream Psychic by Bob Dixon

A brilliant novel that shines

This review is from: Fool's Journey (Kindle Edition)
This is a tantalizing and light imaginary tale of a young woman's struggle to keep her dark past a secret and to achieve her dreams. Easy flowing tale with intriguing suspense, mystery and secrets that make the reader feel compelled to turn each page to come to the conclusion but not too quickly. The references of the most amazing writers and poetry works intertwined into the story brought butterfly wings flutter feelings to this reader.

This reviewer has not read any of this other author's works but she captured my heart and soul with the opening dedication. Mixing the present with the past, tarot cards and angels and romance into her tale only captured my soul. This reader was taken away into a fantasy land of wonder and surprises. There were moments of thrills, fear and courage that sent tingles up the spine.

The conspiracy plots and the environment of this story were well portrayed. It was comprised of many elements and characters that combine together to weave a spell of intrigue, mystery and action.

This tale is highly recommended for light reading and/or to take a mini vacation away from life for a while. Looking forward to reading more style of this genre of remarkable and entertaining literature like this from this author in the future.