Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cemetery Street


This book is not just about families and friendship bonding through the years. It is an in depth exploration into the trials and tribulations of the late 80's- into the early 90's, 20th century which a close group of friends experienced, the joys and sorrows of daily life. It is very descriptive, poignant and realistic with the raw emotions of human feelings, the deep attachment one's has with another and they all are intertwined into life's journey through being a friend, support network and concludes rallying and seeking justice for a veteran who fought bravely for the Gulf War. The letters home brought tears to this reader's eyes.

It started as a roller coaster ride down, then picked up speed as it surprises the readers with events not expect, then boom the heart is racing and the tears are flowing for all the characters as they travel down the road of life and experiences life and death realities and grow or are defeated by life's blows to transform from adolescents to adults.

In the author's own words "A breeze rustled the trees, their bare limbs swaying to the sound of her voice. I turned praying she would be sitting on the sandstone bench like she was thirteen years ago - Indian style, her wild mane speckled with snowflakes. I imagine her gaze staring across the dozing river, past the distant rushing traffic, into eternity. My gaze was met by a dusting of snow atop the bench. Disappointment consumed me. “People who do nothing but watch, feel nothing but disappointment,” she once scolded. "

An eye opener to remember our loved ones who are here today and maybe gone tomorrow, not to take them for granted. Every precious moment is enriching as this book is a keeper

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