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Heed the Messages email and call for help Blog 4

As I am restless with the condition of the world today, I desired to find people who still believe in compassion and helping their fellow human  beings. Annie seems to be one of those, beats her own drum and follows her heart where ever it leads her. Crazy or a true believer, she walks the path that Jesus Christ alleges to have done. We need more caring compassionate and gentle people like her in the world fighting the darkness. She is full of wisdom and writes like a poet with a hint of truth, lessons and a calling to awakened the masses before it is too late, be it the coming of the Almighty or the self destruction of the human race.

I will enclosed her two previous emails, beginning with today's as it touched my heart and cries that someone, a church, sponsor, an employer, a good heart person sees this and helps her. In this season of resurrection, will you seek your divine spark and help someone today? thank you

ByHisGrace Ministry

12:08 PM (6 minutes ago)
to me
Hi Cat,

Love that name :))

I first want to say thank you for all you are doing.  It is so kind of you and no one has ever gone to bat for me or this ministry before.  Forgive me, it is very new for me to experience this.  

The couple can't give away the car.  The husband wishes he could but they have medical bills just like most people.  I wouldn't accept it either without paying something toward it anyway.  That is way too kind!   

I recall the days though when people did do that.  What was theirs was yours when anyone was in a bad spot. The world has changed much in my 51 years.  It is very sad to witness the things I do.  But, the Word of God says in the last days peoples hearts will wax cold. At times I try to imagine what the world would be like if we all joined as one to help our fellow neighbor.  We surely would not have empty foreclosed homes.  Nor human beings living like animals on the street.  It is sad to see families so separated too.  One falls on a hard time and people can't even rely on their own families anymore.  The meaning of self sacrifice has been taken out of this way of life.  So many are wrapped up in their own little worlds, they do not see the hardships others face.  

When I was driving, I would pay attention to much.  People walking by an old lady struggling to get into the market and not giving her a helping hand.  Heck, most of the time no one would hold the door open for her.  I would run up to her and say Mam can I help you?  Oh how the eyes would light up with joy and a big smile.  If people would just stop for 2 minutes and look around them.  They would be shocked to see what they pass by...

This is why I know that the messages the Lord has given me with regard to judgment coming to America will unfold.  Notice how when there is a horrific event, all gather to assist?  Recall 911 for example.  The world changed for just a bit.  We all looked at life differently.  People were kinder to one another, just for a bit.  Amazing that it takes the shock syndrome to wake people up to be united.  But as with every tragedy, it passes and things go back to what they were.  Self absorption.  So God will bring the judgments to 'shock' the people, but in a much bigger manner.  It is time America gets back to the basics.  Loving one another.  

Tomorrow I am heading out to Chicago taking 3 trains and a bus.  I NEED to begin this.  It aches my heart at all I have researched thus far.  If I have to just take as much as I can carry with my camera to do the witnessing and interviews for the next month, I will do it.  I am literally choked up inside knowing how badly these people are living.  Did you know the number one requests homeless people have?  Socks.  Because their shoes are so worn out and if they are not wearing socks, their feet get blisters and infections.  Or they get boot rot is what I read.  They are grateful for socks, can you believe it?   Huh majority of people if they can't find the "missing sock" they just throw it away.  Honestly, so many do not know how good they have it.  

All I see today is people's noses glued to their smart phones.  Walking, standing, driving.  All wrapped up in a hand held device.  Heck most people won't buy a new car unless it has bluetooth in the car so they can continue to "talk" as they drive.  It is sad, isn't it?

I am praying for you S for your health.  I am not calling it out by name for I am not going to identify it.  I only identity healing in a persons life.  Amen!  So yes, I am praying for a complete healing in your life.  As in the Lords prayer - On earth as it is in Heaven.  There is no sickness in Heaven.  Our Lord and Savior bore all on His body for us.  Not just our sins, but all.  We must walk in that victory also.  

I have "things" too but refuse to acknowledge them.  I continue to speak life.  :))

Anything I write you, yes you can use in your blogs.  I think that is what you meant a couple of emails ago?  As far as the interview I would love that!  I don't know what I will be discussing though with a presidential candidate?  The condition of this world?  Phew I can talk for hours on that subject!  :))   I would be honored though!  Where ever the Lord takes me.  

Again, thank you SO much for all you are doing.  I am so grateful, you have no idea!  

Okay gotta get ready for the PACE bus.  I need to pick up a few things at the dollar store for tomorrow's journey.  

God bless you!

previous email

Hi S,

Thank you so much for doing this for me!  I am in tears...  What is more unbelievably awesome is the amount you put forth.  I was just alerted of the following:

I have one of my son's friends parents that are willing to sell me their 2007 Honda Accord that has only 58,600 miles on it and are willing to sell it to me for $5000.  It was the lady's Mom's car and she hardly drove it anywhere.  I looked it up on the Kelly blue book and am shocked they were willing to sell this to me at such a cheap price, so I called them.  I spoke to the husband and he heard my story through his son and wanted to help.  He said he would love to give it away for free but they are encountering medical bills and can't.  But are willing to do that low price.  So I ask you to PLEASE pray that God will supply/provide the means to obtain this vehicle.  I took a look at it and it is perfect.  Took my daughters friend who is a mechanic and he stated it's in impeccable condition. And Honda's last forever!  I am praying so hard.  I believe GOD brought this across my path to really heighten my faith and to pray.  

You and one other person I have told about this cause I just found out.  I will not do a video about it cause I know how people are when it comes to situations like this.  Susanna, you know they pay Pastors million dollars a year to run a church, some have million or multi million dollar homes, jets, you name it.  Here I am a simple woman just wanting to make a hard hitting difference in the needs of human life on the streets.  I am all prepared.  I have the care packages all put together.  I have studied and researched everything possible of how to even teach women who are homeless on the streets - to be safe.  I know that I know, GOD is leading me further once this documentary is done.  It's like the first step.  My heart and passion has always been for the homeless, for the poor.  I pray I come across with that passion in the YouTube videos.

One of the hotel workers here at where I stay said to me today as I was coming back in from looking at the car... said how's it going?  I told her.  She said you know it's amazing to see a semi homeless woman on fire to go out and help those that are totally homeless.  She said I can see this hitting the news!  LOL  She said it's the perfect story.

As I sat here praying to God about the car and everything the young woman's words came up in my spirit.  It would be the perfect story!  I have heard of testimonies similar, but nothing like this.  I laughed and said to the LORD wouldn't that be something and I got such a peace and assurance in my spirit like that is where it's heading.  

THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU!!  This link is incredible!  Thank you!!

YouTube Channel

All rights reserved to Jesus Christ ®

Heed the Message, (spiritual cleaning) Blog 3

Heed the message spiritual cleansing Blog 3 April 17th, 2014

    This picture was created for a tender anthology Angels Cried    for the Boston Marathon survivors by me for the Indies in Action when the  tragedy occurred last year.

               A wonderful Indie authors and artist community
  I am not advertising, I selected this photo  to show you when  you find the divine spark, also find wonderful compassionate people who crossed your path every day.
  Such as all the warriors out there who care.

Blog 3. 

Today is Thursday of Holy Week, I lay here pondering what to write about to touch other peoples' hearts and souls to desire to help me assist Annie to raise funds to purchase a car, or locate an employer willing to give her a job to earn the money.

Do I write about a dark secret and bring it out into the light to ask for forgiveness for myself when I committed the transgression and released the guilt to the Almighty and his son Jesus Christ. As quoted in the Holy Bible you go to the person say your grievance and ask for forgiveness. If the party does not accept, you go and seek witnesses and once again ask for forgiveness, I am paraphrasing here, will include verse.  

Matthew 18:15-17 ESV / 

“If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. And if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.

My life has been a roller coaster ride mostly on the dark side starting in my youth. I was the caretaker of my unbalanced parents since my adopted brother left home. I grow up without a childhood, given responsibilities at a tender age. Raised Catholic and planned to keep my virginity until marriage.

But a dark hair lonely abused wounded man came across my path and his sad eyes just blown me away. He was sweet talker, one date to the next, navy enlistment round the corner, ladies you know temptation was knocking on my door and I gave into it. Now unwed and could not go home to daddy, had to get married. 

Definitely not ready, the sweet guy after the ring was put on became a snake in the grass. Thus 15 long years on and off abuse, and two lose babies and three healthy children. I became lost and angry with God and Jesus. Crying out why? Dived into alcoholism and abusing prescription drugs as my escape. Affairs to make him stay away, nothing work, he was in the wings waiting. (Girls please learn the red flags of abuse, meet the family, and tested him before getting attached.)

I wondered where were the angels be it human or spiritual where to open my eyes and whisper do not take this path, you know what was ironic I did hear a whisper years ago not to marry this man, but his broken eyes claimed my heart. After many trails, evictions, homeless, and starting over we separated but he needed a caretaker and we came back together, the violence stopped. I was diagnosed with progressive ms and now he was the caretaker. 

His dad did not approve of our relationship and my choices. He invited his son, I was three month pregnant and should of not gone on a canoe trip early in our marriage. So gullible he asked and I went. The true colors of the dysfunctional family came through on that trip. Boozing and violence. His father did not respect women, I pregnant, thirsty and no water to drink, suffered. 

Was physically and verbally attack by him and his son, words that still trapped me too this day, 28 years later. A rocky relationship, he try to make amends years later, he lost his second to oldest child a son, I felt for him, yet my heart was hardened. As I lost my father to a drunk driver earlier, I was drowning in self pity and rage, could not hear my inner voice to hold on and have faith.

Peace and tolerance reign for awhile between me and the in-laws, but evil reared his head, my wounded pride came out as I lost the baby on that trip and could not easy forgive him or his son, that bitterness ate through my soul and affect my health. His father was trying to bribe us with a new home, and I did not, could not let go of the fury I felt as I felt my second child dying inside in, in a flashback and I reacted impulsively years later by sending a hateful email to him. I was not setting myself up to live in the boon docks, away from civilization with an abuser. Did not accept his terms, he was furious.

In the midst of a bitter crisis I went ballistic and pour out my anger to him in that email, under influence of alcohol, wished I kept that email, oh well. Of course, he retaliated and decided it was time to finally closed the door to his son and daughter in law. Who could blame him. I write this for I have and he has trespassed against me and each other, yet Jesus asks we forgive our enemies. Many wounds between us, deny the children for many years, gave false promises and broken them, yet did help financially at times. Complex relationship.

I wonder did God and Jesus direct my life on this path of difficulties to make me a stronger person, to experience heartache, temptations and recover from them so I could hold someone's hand and relate as they too described their darkest secrets. Became a homeless counselor for ten years and helped many people to live independently in their Section 8 housing. Best job or career I ever had.

As of today I do not have any regrets, no tears, for a spiritual force, real or imaginary is showing me the truth and preparing me to be a messenger and assist the lost. 

Today message help Annie of heed the message gain her peace, to continue on her path, helping others, and do not be afraid to come out of the darkness in front of witnesses. It can be very cleansing to the mind, heart and spirit. Blessings my Children. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Heed the Message, second blog (spiritual awakening and spiritual calling)

Helping another is what life is about,
are you ready to join hearts, souls and hands
reach across the divide and
donate to a worthy charity and ministry.
Helping the homeless, is accepting the Good Lord's laws.
                                                                                Matthew 25:35
For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,

Blog 2, Heed the Message, April 16, 2014

What does a person who has not been raised with proper etiquette social skills and known boundaries do when they hurt another? Obviously I need to explore this query?  In dysfunctional families, this seems to be a normal occurrence with relationships. It seems every time a relationship is established between one and another person, be it family, loved one or friend, it lasts a brief moment in time and then it falls apart. 

When one tries to understand and questioned the other party to explain or express their feelings or hurt pride, they become defensive and used defense mechanism skills to protect themselves. One has to ponder if it is immature or a tactic to closed the door on the broken relationship.

The signs of damage is the person stops calling, texting and makes excuses why they can not visit anymore. Sometimes they  just disappear as a storm passing through, silent with no explanations or goodbyes. 

You do everything you can considering the circumstances, to repair the broken bond but that party is not able to let go of the wound, and moves  on, leaving no closure. This method is very painful, the silence is heart breaking and the void hurts. One day you are laughing, the next crying wondering what went wrong.

I write this short note to let you know that do not blame yourself for the other person's decision to vacate your life. There is a season for everything, they came as the wind, left a loud or quiet storm, left behind a vital lesson, now it is your job to discover what it was. 

I have accepted the truth of he abuse we experienced in our childhood carries into adulthood, and we have to forgive the trespassers who trudged upon our boundaries and violated us, be it physical, emotionally or psychological, otherwise one will be trapped in the past, losing the spark of the present  moment. Become a prisoner of our past actions or of a bully, as who have forgotten the wound they have caused and vice averse you have done upon them and moved on.

I have accepted one has to stop thinking negative thoughts, stop blaming self and others for trespasses against you and me, and the ones you trespassed against, apologized and move on. Life teaches us as experiences, good or bad, they will make you or break you. If they break you, remember you can bounced back, better and stronger then before. As all experiences are learning lessons to advanced in one's spiritual awareness. I as I hope others read this enlightening blog realized that life is precious and God loves us all and you are never alone.

He wants us to live enriching lives while we resided here for a brief visit. My past has many dark secrets and lately every day it seems as if He or the angels are showing me signs of one door closes, another one opens. We are given freewill to groan or jump for joy. Today I raised my hands in praise and asked the Almighty to awakened your dominant hearts to seek him and desire to help others. 

This blog this week is dedicated to a worthy warrior, Annie of heed the message. My mission is to alert good hearted people that this ministry head by her is in need of assistance, will post two links for you to discover a true apostle on a mission for the good Lord and his son.  Will you click and donate to a worthy cause especially in this Holy season. Thank you and blessings my children.

These two links are Annie's ministry and the I started it to assist her with her mission, be it donations, services, suggestions or leads to employment. May the divine spark come into your heart. thank you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Heed the Message (helping one another to spiritual awakening)

If I were to blog my life story, it would be a therapeutic healing from many wounds, physical and emotional that I have carried over 50 years. It starts as a baby born in the Christmas season to dysfunctional parents. Mom a mentally unbalanced woman with a thirst for alcohol, violence and verbal abuse. A Irish dad and  workaholic who deny the abuse behind closed doors. Why I write this as my introduction because when I listened to Annie of heed the testimonial, I felt as if a kindred spirit was speaking to me.
I have experienced many sorrowful events in my youth, into adulthood. Abuse, domestic violence and homeless. Now I struggled with a illness which is still undefined to cause and cure, multiple sclerosis. Yet, in all of my darkness, even as a young child, cold, afriad and hungry, there was a divine spark, a quiet presence holding my heart and broken spirit in his hands. A gentle father to reassured me I was not alone and loved.
Be it a phantom, delusion or true Holy Ghost sent by an unseen presence or the Almighty and his son this divine spark has aided me in the darkness of darkness journeys. Alcoholism, drug abuse and self destruction it was there. In dangerous situations it was there. In loss of loved ones, and all the traumas the flame stay with me. I would loss hope and be angry and with a sense of humor he would sent an angel like Marie, Paula, and others to reignited my dying flame.
This spark burns in my soul, asked me to create books and sites under message to my children 2. An outlet to help and promote others and teach through love. I had done this. Now my spirit craves to aid a courageous warrior Annie and her daughter on their mission to spread the messages and help the homeless. please go to her site and see her testimony and open your hearts and wallets donate to a worthy charity. Passover and Easter is here and coming. All faiths welcome, we each have a life journey and stories to share.  Help the ministry through donations, $, items or suggestions. By the way, she did not ask for this assistance. I decided to aid her as my spirit soars with her and the divine spark in my soul. <3 br="" nbsp="">

in the darkness, my heart, spirit and mind were broken,
so shattered there was no more hope.
 No reason to continue on.
I called upon the Father and his son for mercy.

A light slowly entered me and  lite the dying flame in my heart,
 and hope came alive.
I cried and spoke to the inner voice,
it was as if my Earth father was with me, and I felt
his loving compassionate warmth of his huge arms hug and surrounded me. 

All was well again, it was  a difficult journey through the sorrows and darkness,
  one thought would never end, and we know there is another in the wings waiting for me and you,
  but nothing is impossible if we believe in the Father and his son, 
the divine spark in each of us.  Please think on this thought and help blessings 
to come to Annie and her ministry. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Looking for the Perfect Holiday Christmas Gifts, Look No Further. Except at these links.

Cairo Caper (A Wendy Darlin Comedy Mystery) Barbara Silkstone (Author)

Cairo Caper (A Wendy Darlin Comedy Mystery) Barbara Silkstone (Author)


Hot on the trail of Cleopatra’s grave all we had to do was get from Cairo to the Temple at Taporisis. Morning sunlight glared from the muddy surface of the Nile. Six floors down a body in white sprawled in a splat of blood. My first official kill as a tomb raider and it was an ashtray-rubout. How embarrassing. Professor Roger Jolley and I were in the first trimester of our third archaeological case. The adrenalin high of tomb raiding had become an addiction. As we sat in the Smiling Camel CafĂ© I noticed Roger was wearing two left shoes. Brown wingtips. We were definitely starting off on the wrong foot.

Cairo Caper (A Wendy Darlin Comedy Mystery)

Author Barbara Silkstone has done it again with her next book: Her writing is exciting, hilarious, and a cross between Indiana Jones and modern comedy. She has incorporated a style that compels the reader to see what wild event will happen in the next scene. The plot and setting are reminiscent of Indiana Jones.

The story is written with intelligent, sarcastic humor that keeps on rolling. Wendy Darlin, archeologist Roger Jolley and a cast of billionaire oligarchs and loopy street peddlers all race to find Cleopatra’s tomb. If you like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft adventures, you will really enjoy a lighter look at their escapades. The author adds in delightful descriptive details, and even some are clues. 

In all the witty journey make this a keeper, as Silkstone’s other books are. Her writing is light reading for those moments when you need a laugh and a decent book to pass the time and raised the spirits when all is not true with the world.

My favorite part was the invisible cat scratching rubbing against Wendy’s legs. Was it a hallucination or something more?

This reader highly recommends this book for all ages over early teens. 

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