Friday, November 30, 2012

Vegas or Bust by Michelle Ann Hollstein

After the holiday of eating turkey and spending warm moments with family and loved ones, everyone leaves and goes on their way to continue with life and the house becomes quiet, the children back at school and everyone back at work. That empty nest brings up the feelings that nags the mind. So what does a reader do to distract themselves they go to the kindle or book ereader and surf around for a book that will lifted the spirits.

Once again this reader decided to find a series, and get cozy; the series chosen was by author Michelle Ann Hollstein. She has numerous written sleuth books about a mid-age quirky British woman, Aggie Underhill and she is a colourful personality with her friends Roger and Betty. These three always seem to get into trouble as they travelled to an exotic location. This time it is Vegas or Bust.

The plot is intriguing as the three are invited to a character wedding from the cruise ship in the previous book, One Hell of a Cruise and something exciting happens to the bride and of course Aggie whom Tom her police boyfriend told her to mind her own business, she cannot. Off she goes to investigate what happens to the bride and following the trial she discovers secrets she rather have not. Now in a dilemma, she has to figure out how to escape before she is also taken hostage.

The story is a light read, hilarious and suspenseful as the three friends, the bad guys and the extra characters all come together for a delightful mystery and the quirky personalities are like family members and stimulated the mind for a fantasy escape for a while. And it is like coming home to the hot chocolate and Smores once again. 

This reader highly recommends this author and this book, also she writes in other genres, so you can Google her Amazon author page and click on the link below and you may find the perfect gift to give someone this holiday season, books are forever memories, that one can go back and treasure in those times the spirit needs to be distracted or laugh, and this author has the quirky talent to do this very well.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Thank You to all the Wonderful Authors and Individuals Who Donated and Bid on the Items Congratulations to all the bidders for the Authors Auction for The victims of Storm Sandy and the authors and individuals who gave donations to the event. The gifts raised $355.00 which is being donated at this moment by the winning bidders to the American Red Cross. It is good and gratifying to know that an individual or family will be assisted with their basics needs because people cared. Evita’s reads: $47.00 Jacque Brant: $32.50 Brandy Schaeffer Dull: $16.00 SJ Davis: $54.00 paperwhite Nicole C: $60.00 Sharon Reddy: $ 11.00 Sue Leonard: $24.00 Kelly Silva Fine: $14.50 Dakota Dawn: $ 51.00 Ren Reidy: $ 10.00 Patrick Ottuso: $5.00 Kim Faulks: $20.00 Jo Michaels: $ 10.00 ALL TOGETHER $355.00!!!!! WAY TO GO GUYS!

 On behalf of Dawn White, Brandy Schaefer Dull and MTMC2FE, thank you to all the wonderful authors and individuals who donated and bid on the items. Now the American Red Cross can help a person or a family with the basics needs.

Dawn and Brandy created a picture album of the winners for the Authors Auction who  bid to help the victims of the Storm Sandy. This is where your bids will be paid. After you provide me the invoice receipt for your donations  to the American Red Cross, I will contact the Item holder and have them send to you. SEND ALL Receipts to! Along with your winning item info. ;) This makes it easier to forward ;) 

Dawn White has poll and it was agreed this first auction was a successful method to benefit victims, and authors and others and will be holding auctions for future events.

Like this one which is scheduled for December 1, 2012.

So this one is for a poor little baby boy, and he has tremendous medical expenses to be covered and the family needs financial assistance. Authors charity Auctions will be sponsoring this cause for the month of December 2012. Support baby Easton Friedel This page was created in Baby Easton's Name to Spread EB Awareness and encourage EB Research in hopes of finding a cure for the Worst Disease You Never Heard of. This is a place to post words of encouragement, find out about fundraisers & benefits, to make donations and support not only Easton but A...

 The story; He was quickly diagnosed with a severe form of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). EB is a rare genetic skin disease (affecting only 1 out of 50,000 births). In this condition, there is a defect in the connective tissue of the skin and mucous membranes that causes the skin to be so fragile that the slightest friction, minor injury, heat, rubbing, or scratching causes severe blistering —inside (such as the mouth, stomach, esophagus) and outside the body. These blisters can cause serious, sometimes fatal problems, when they become infected. The systemic and repetitive nature of the blistering leads to blindness, swallowing and breathing difficulties, scarring, infection, disfigurement, disability and dehydration. Ultimately, such devastating effects can produce a high rate of mortality. In fact, 87% of babies born with one of the more severe forms of EB do not live more than 12 months. There is NO cure for this horrific disease. Sufferers of EB have compared the sores with third-degree burns. They live in unthinkable pain. No cures as of today's date.

This is our next charity for December. I hope y'all will be involved with this little angel also. ;)

This page was created in Baby Easton's Name to Spread EB Awareness and encourage EB Research in hopes of finding a cure for the Worst Disease You Never Heard of. This is a place to post words of encouragement, find out about fundraisers & benefits, to make donations and support not only Easton but A...
Page: 57,478 like this

This is why this cause is being selected for the next monthly auction for December 1, 2012, to raise awareness of this horrible disease and to alert the public, that little ones, babies are the victims, and need a cure as soon as possible. This link was created so the specialists and researchers could be allotted the funds to seek a cure and little wee babies like Easton and his family, in time of need and financial struggles, may find some peace in a dark time.

 Once again the Authors Auction is asking the Indie Community and others who like to help another to contact Dawn White at her email with items you would like to donate for a worthy charity. The items may be Pinterest or created into a You Tube Videos to raise the masses consciousness of this silent disease, a deathly foe which is killing little precious lives. To this blogger, this is the best Holiday gift we can give to another, a helping hand and to help find a cure or a relief from a painful existence.

Please remember the victims of Storm Sandy, and click on the link below for the American Red Cross to make a small or whatever you could afford.

Also in the next blog below is this blogger's review of Author Dawn White's Book, Wingless and Damned, a honest review in exchange for the book and before even connecting with her for this event. So please give kudos to her and all who gave out of the kindness of their hearts and help victims to become strong again. Read her review, it is a teaser novella, but shows great promise of an entertaining story in the coming books of the future. Also check out her author page, there are many other books there to please  all  readers of all ages.

Wingless and Damned by Dawn White

 Wingless and Damned by Dawn White

This is a surreal story with many characters and a deep plot. The first part prologue is set in Eleusis West Attica Greece 1700 BC, opens with the mythological being Aison flying in to rescue his beloved Kora, but it too late. In his fury of her demise he put a curse on the offenders. In his deep anguish he creates evil creatures to stalk and killer all the tribes’ people from generations to generations at a certain time every two centuries.

In the author's words'

"Forces unseen begin to pull him skyward as he glares at the witnesses to the carnage of his once most beloved. Zeus warned me of falling in love with a mortal!  When he gets his wits to him he sets out on his journey to make as many monstrosities he can possibly make. All noble traits and empathy he once possessed for the mortals are continuously consumed by the hatred.  Becoming a monster of immense proportions only to turn his hatred into a sire of five other originals to own the deepest darkest corners of this hell we call earth."

Then the tale continues to a later in time, 1810 Adirondacks Whiteface mountain range Upstate New York.
Opening with the In the Neuri tribe, the medicine woman is ill and they relied on a substitute healer Ciarra, a powerful witch. She decides it is time for her tribe to defend themselves against the cursed fang monsters that come in the night and bloody attacked and executed the innocent. She listens to the spiritual whispers to her and they tell her the ritual to chant to transform the brave warriors into supernatural creatures, cursed all future generations to transform into werewolves at the age of 26 years, to live as immortal creatures of the night to defend their tribe against the evil that comes to destroy, the cursed five originals, of the storgi, the formidable enemies of the Neuri tribe. 

Ciarra the witch and the Alpha wolf Aison the were feeling remorse and wanted to break the transformation but she could not as a powerful witch, for the spiritual voices do not tell her how to change the human men back. She is taken hostage by the supernatural Aison who tries to change the course of destiny and tells her she has to twist the curse and put a loophole in it.  This has to be done to stop the never ending war of evil upon the earth. Before she was almost eaten alive, she chants that the only way this spell can be broken is if a mated pair come together and crossover at the same time. This will make them part werewolf and part strigoi which is the only way they can successfully kill the original five strigoi to break the curse.  

She is rescued by Aison and they continue to figure how break the curse,  but the curse carries into the future until the two lovers meet and bond as mates. And they come together into a bonding union and transform into the destined mated pair through a sensual lustful  transformation, the fae and the werewolf,  Lea and Alexander are the appointed saviours to stop the fateful curse.

This reader added this paragraph in to explain Ciarra's role as a powerful witch,

In the author's words:

"My name is Ciarra and as medicine woman for the Neuri tribe, I work with my tribal ancestors or spirit guides and nature to keep the balance and peace within our tribe. So far my job hasn’t been easy."
"Twelve of the strongest men in the tribe have volunteered to be ones be spelled as werewolves. I begin twisting what used to be thought of as a curse into a simple transformation spell. When I am done, no one will recognize them. However, to be honest, I have no idea how to change them back. I watch nervously as the beautiful, naked men of the Neuri tribe stand shoulder to shoulder as they begin to painfully transform into what seems to be mindless beasts."

"As the Neuri men writhe in pain and agony, my spirit guides start chanting in an unknown language, calming the men. My expressive arm movements while talking to the men seem to draw them in closer to hear me. I give the men instructions to hunt the strigoi down."

then this paragraph of the two meeting, the first couple, Aison and Ciarra and how she has to break the curse:  earlier in the tale.

"He sits down across the table from me and looks me in the eyes with his horrific red glare. Seemingly casual and polite, he says, “You are here to finish what you started. You started a war that eventually will consume strigoi and man beast alike, and no one will be safe. You think you were helping your people but it has been prophesized that this will not end well—millions will die.”

The brief tale continues with suspense as the witch is almost consumed by the evil strigoi, Aison comes to her rescue but he needs to turn her to mend from the feast of the monsters on her broken body. He is concern about the other hostage, who he locked away in safety from the hungry predators. She is pregnant with the last female, and he realizes the only path was to protect the tribe last baby born under the curse, and has her escape with the two faes who were released by him, as hostages of the strigoi, and they escape into a safe realm.

Where she is raised by her aunts, the fae decides it is time to travel to the earthly realm to visit other relatives.  She is at the age of 25, no longer is the defenseless baby girl, developed into a young beautiful woman and she is the catalyst to transform the curse. To have the loophole work she has to bond with a werewolf to become part of each other and they become formidable foes against the evil creatures, the five originals strigoi of the earth and below. All five who were created by their master Aison to exact revenge for his lost love, Kora. They are to be hunted them down and he wanted to execute them in same bloody fashion, as they did to the folks of the tribe. The story is a series and will continue as the two mated couple will continue on the journey to exact their revenge and justice and executed all the strigoi. 

The background of the plot is to have the loophole work they understand they need to have a future couple  come together in a sensual union, to bond as one to attain supernatural powers and as they opened the flood gates of time and destiny. The prediction comes true as Lea and Alexander meet in the future. As they related and they increased their lust for each other and through their beautiful and sensual love bonding, they exchanged their DNA when united, the fae was changed in a predator monster with many new powers and secrets. They become united in their mission, each bringing their own intelligence, and supernatural abilities to become powerful avengers. 

The couple, Lea and Alexander became a team and start to hunt the foes. The poor fae, Lea has much to accept in her transformation. Such as and likes and dislikes some of her new traits. She is not alone for she has her soul-mate and he very protective of her, charming and a sweet lover. Yet he is keeping secrets from her.

The author has added in more twists and made the plot more suspenseful as other events torn at this reader’s heart as lives were lost and hearts are broken.  This and more sacrifices are to occur for the good to triumph over evil.

There are sexy charming woo lala, scenes in the story. Like the heart scene between the mythological being/werewolf and the powerful witch earlier in the beginning of the story, I added this to display this author's style of writing and her technique to attract the reader.

“In order to keep you safe after the ceremony, you will need to be mine.”

“The moment the last word left his mouth, I felt a sharp then amazingly pleasurable pressure on my neck. I do not even have an inclination to pull away! My body melts into Aison as his lips and tongue take what he needs. I feel my inner fire igniting, imagining what his lips and tongue would feel like and taste like on other more sensitive areas. Just as my mind is wandering to these delicious things, he stops and looks at me.”

“You need to drink a small amount of my blood in order to finish this. “You must twist the curse again and make it irreversible All born of your tribe from this  day forward will be cursed as a werewolf at the age of 26 and be doomed to roam the Earth  finding no peace or rest until the end of the strigoi.”

“The only way this spell can be broken is if a mated pair come together and crossover at the same time. This will make them part werewolf and part strigoi which is the only way they can successfully kill the original strigoi to break the curse.”

 Lea and Alexander are even able to communicate telepathically, and there are tender moments, laughable moments and serious moments as they speak to each other in the midst of their lives, love making and preparing for the final battle against the strigoi, by psychic communication.

The conclusion at the end of this short novella of another threat looming on the horizon has compelled this reader to want to keep an eye open for this author's future publications which will be is to be publish as a series. This was a short story, a teaser, but it whetted my appetite to see what will happen with the powerful werewolves and the strigoi as they fight to the death. The battle of love to triumph over hate was definitely the theme to this entertaining story fill with action and heart thumping action.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

As a young child, my grandparents told me there are three topics; one does not speak of in public, only behind closed doors. The three, Sex, Religion and Politics are the subjects some are afraid to explore, or are speaking out but are distorting the taboos to their views. And created delusions of a false perception to deny the reality of what is really happening to our country, and families and lives, we are in serious trouble.

This reader will not declare personal views on any of the three, and will stay neutral and silent out of respect to my darling grandparents with my opinions. I only will relate the author’s insight and it may become heated in this review, but asked not to be debated about my beliefs for writing this review. My heart aches for Beautiful America and her people. I do not wish to be the silent majority and this author has written a book that gives this reader a platform to express anguish for America and its citizen’s future.

Once again this author has broken the barrier of exploring a taboo, deem a possibility of being truthful. He backs it up with through facts and data to vouch his opinion. It is a scary prospect that as young children we were taught to be silent about our views and stay asleep regarding the three taboos. Staying silent or denied the truth in front of our generation and the next, causing doubt and insecurities. We are sacrificing our vital existence, our liberties, freedom, and justice, by not being truthful to selves and loved ones. This author explores history from the beginning of American's split and loses all endured breaking away from Mother England because of high taxation to present day politics.

He declares if you investigated politics of today, one will realized the polities in effect today and the future are snatching away your freedom, and all are becoming slaves to another power.  He continues to explain about the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, and how over time the people of America are letting it become null and void, an useless document. It is not, it is America's foundation, and when it is extinguished so will be America. If America falls, it will be a domino effect, and other countries will suffer from the repercussions.  

He deluges’ the truths of the politic schemes behind the scenes and how each president was not all as they seemed. Some were power brokers and not out of the kindness of their hearts did they develop some many wonderful and social programs for the citizens. Rather there was madness behind their purpose to bring about their own agendas and transformation from day one. The Federal Reserve to the terrorist attacks outside the soils of America. The down incline of America's forefathers’ dreams and the destruction, disregard of the Constitution by some presidents is scary.  And some much more knowledge is included in this 200 pages plus book.

He emphasizes that the politic parties are corrupted and Americans need to open their mouths and speak out before it is too late. To take time this next 72 hours and review exactly what is happening behind closed doors of the government. How they are working in the darkness as the sheep, citizens are asleep and the power brokers are making and creating new laws, disregarding the foundation of the Constitution. That a possible new government will arise and the agendas are slowly destroying the strength and reputation of America in the name of rich giving to the poor and other false declarations. What  if this president believes if America is the scorned rich power and the third world countries were the pitiful poor powers, then yes if the powers to be, played games to shift powers, to those third countries, first they must break down the infrastructure of the rich country. America, and make her weak to steal her riches and resources to be given to the poor.

He wants to wake up people, look at what they are experiencing and on the brink of, the worst financial collapse this country has even experienced when the power brokers, not China or another call in the loans.  How wills the infrastructure of America stay strong, taxation is the solution. Question, who is behind taxation and who is hurting to pay Peter to Paul?   The pawns in the midst of tyrants out for their own benefits, and the flags are waving high, the rising unemployment, the homeless, the poor, the trapped, the health reforms, the high prices, the trappings of a dissemble future. The financial burden will be passed on to the children, grandchildren, their children and so forth, and if the people choose the next leader who has over expensed the budget to be in trillion of dollars in debt as of today's date. Question, what will happen in the next four years? To hear America is trillions in debt is nauseating to the reader's stomach.

America is hurting today and the forefathers are rolling in their graves because America is going backwards to being prisoners of Not England, but its own government, not forward, as one believes in false illusions of the outer surface and chose leaders based on vague truths, and perceptions. The author is screaming open your eyes and investigated the damage that is being forged on your shores.

Americans are losing and one day may wake up to be slaves of tyrants and asked themselves why did they not noticed the red flags before it is too late?

This book may seem to be bashing the leaders and the government, yet it is also a slap in the face and readers should respect their grandparents and the forefathers and read this powerful book. The author has made valid points and has evidence to back up his theories.

The next president if he a puppet or possible soft tyrant will lead America to her victory or doom. Do not be fool by sheep in wolves clothing and in two days, the next 72 hours open your minds and make a decision that will make the forefathers proud and bring America back to her former glory or become more powerful, with taking a risk and choose the puppet over the soft tyrant who if the data is true disregards the Constitution and makes his own laws to fool the people, leading each to your doom.  If one ignored the red flags, then the people may be in invisible chains very soon and regretting their fears, asking why they did not explore all issues before all went to the voting booths on Tuesday, November 6th.

This author as well as others would like to see his children and grandchildren progress and dreams come true and to continue the traditions of the forefathers, and live in an Almighty America for the people, by the people and take back what is slowly being stolen from us right in front of our eyes. The vote on Tuesday, November 6th, may be our last stand or continuation of your Freedom, Liberties’ and Justice for all people of America.

This author was brave to explore the politic history and present day foundation and put this into written format, it is, intense, passionate, raging, stormy, tempestuous, vehement, but it may a lifesaving book, and it is free this weekend with the book selling retailers, like and such. This reader highly recommends you to invest a couple hours of your day and read this before going to the polls on Tuesday, Your life and future may depend upon it.