Friday, November 30, 2012

Vegas or Bust by Michelle Ann Hollstein

After the holiday of eating turkey and spending warm moments with family and loved ones, everyone leaves and goes on their way to continue with life and the house becomes quiet, the children back at school and everyone back at work. That empty nest brings up the feelings that nags the mind. So what does a reader do to distract themselves they go to the kindle or book ereader and surf around for a book that will lifted the spirits.

Once again this reader decided to find a series, and get cozy; the series chosen was by author Michelle Ann Hollstein. She has numerous written sleuth books about a mid-age quirky British woman, Aggie Underhill and she is a colourful personality with her friends Roger and Betty. These three always seem to get into trouble as they travelled to an exotic location. This time it is Vegas or Bust.

The plot is intriguing as the three are invited to a character wedding from the cruise ship in the previous book, One Hell of a Cruise and something exciting happens to the bride and of course Aggie whom Tom her police boyfriend told her to mind her own business, she cannot. Off she goes to investigate what happens to the bride and following the trial she discovers secrets she rather have not. Now in a dilemma, she has to figure out how to escape before she is also taken hostage.

The story is a light read, hilarious and suspenseful as the three friends, the bad guys and the extra characters all come together for a delightful mystery and the quirky personalities are like family members and stimulated the mind for a fantasy escape for a while. And it is like coming home to the hot chocolate and Smores once again. 

This reader highly recommends this author and this book, also she writes in other genres, so you can Google her Amazon author page and click on the link below and you may find the perfect gift to give someone this holiday season, books are forever memories, that one can go back and treasure in those times the spirit needs to be distracted or laugh, and this author has the quirky talent to do this very well.


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