Sunday, November 4, 2012

As a young child, my grandparents told me there are three topics; one does not speak of in public, only behind closed doors. The three, Sex, Religion and Politics are the subjects some are afraid to explore, or are speaking out but are distorting the taboos to their views. And created delusions of a false perception to deny the reality of what is really happening to our country, and families and lives, we are in serious trouble.

This reader will not declare personal views on any of the three, and will stay neutral and silent out of respect to my darling grandparents with my opinions. I only will relate the author’s insight and it may become heated in this review, but asked not to be debated about my beliefs for writing this review. My heart aches for Beautiful America and her people. I do not wish to be the silent majority and this author has written a book that gives this reader a platform to express anguish for America and its citizen’s future.

Once again this author has broken the barrier of exploring a taboo, deem a possibility of being truthful. He backs it up with through facts and data to vouch his opinion. It is a scary prospect that as young children we were taught to be silent about our views and stay asleep regarding the three taboos. Staying silent or denied the truth in front of our generation and the next, causing doubt and insecurities. We are sacrificing our vital existence, our liberties, freedom, and justice, by not being truthful to selves and loved ones. This author explores history from the beginning of American's split and loses all endured breaking away from Mother England because of high taxation to present day politics.

He declares if you investigated politics of today, one will realized the polities in effect today and the future are snatching away your freedom, and all are becoming slaves to another power.  He continues to explain about the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, and how over time the people of America are letting it become null and void, an useless document. It is not, it is America's foundation, and when it is extinguished so will be America. If America falls, it will be a domino effect, and other countries will suffer from the repercussions.  

He deluges’ the truths of the politic schemes behind the scenes and how each president was not all as they seemed. Some were power brokers and not out of the kindness of their hearts did they develop some many wonderful and social programs for the citizens. Rather there was madness behind their purpose to bring about their own agendas and transformation from day one. The Federal Reserve to the terrorist attacks outside the soils of America. The down incline of America's forefathers’ dreams and the destruction, disregard of the Constitution by some presidents is scary.  And some much more knowledge is included in this 200 pages plus book.

He emphasizes that the politic parties are corrupted and Americans need to open their mouths and speak out before it is too late. To take time this next 72 hours and review exactly what is happening behind closed doors of the government. How they are working in the darkness as the sheep, citizens are asleep and the power brokers are making and creating new laws, disregarding the foundation of the Constitution. That a possible new government will arise and the agendas are slowly destroying the strength and reputation of America in the name of rich giving to the poor and other false declarations. What  if this president believes if America is the scorned rich power and the third world countries were the pitiful poor powers, then yes if the powers to be, played games to shift powers, to those third countries, first they must break down the infrastructure of the rich country. America, and make her weak to steal her riches and resources to be given to the poor.

He wants to wake up people, look at what they are experiencing and on the brink of, the worst financial collapse this country has even experienced when the power brokers, not China or another call in the loans.  How wills the infrastructure of America stay strong, taxation is the solution. Question, who is behind taxation and who is hurting to pay Peter to Paul?   The pawns in the midst of tyrants out for their own benefits, and the flags are waving high, the rising unemployment, the homeless, the poor, the trapped, the health reforms, the high prices, the trappings of a dissemble future. The financial burden will be passed on to the children, grandchildren, their children and so forth, and if the people choose the next leader who has over expensed the budget to be in trillion of dollars in debt as of today's date. Question, what will happen in the next four years? To hear America is trillions in debt is nauseating to the reader's stomach.

America is hurting today and the forefathers are rolling in their graves because America is going backwards to being prisoners of Not England, but its own government, not forward, as one believes in false illusions of the outer surface and chose leaders based on vague truths, and perceptions. The author is screaming open your eyes and investigated the damage that is being forged on your shores.

Americans are losing and one day may wake up to be slaves of tyrants and asked themselves why did they not noticed the red flags before it is too late?

This book may seem to be bashing the leaders and the government, yet it is also a slap in the face and readers should respect their grandparents and the forefathers and read this powerful book. The author has made valid points and has evidence to back up his theories.

The next president if he a puppet or possible soft tyrant will lead America to her victory or doom. Do not be fool by sheep in wolves clothing and in two days, the next 72 hours open your minds and make a decision that will make the forefathers proud and bring America back to her former glory or become more powerful, with taking a risk and choose the puppet over the soft tyrant who if the data is true disregards the Constitution and makes his own laws to fool the people, leading each to your doom.  If one ignored the red flags, then the people may be in invisible chains very soon and regretting their fears, asking why they did not explore all issues before all went to the voting booths on Tuesday, November 6th.

This author as well as others would like to see his children and grandchildren progress and dreams come true and to continue the traditions of the forefathers, and live in an Almighty America for the people, by the people and take back what is slowly being stolen from us right in front of our eyes. The vote on Tuesday, November 6th, may be our last stand or continuation of your Freedom, Liberties’ and Justice for all people of America.

This author was brave to explore the politic history and present day foundation and put this into written format, it is, intense, passionate, raging, stormy, tempestuous, vehement, but it may a lifesaving book, and it is free this weekend with the book selling retailers, like and such. This reader highly recommends you to invest a couple hours of your day and read this before going to the polls on Tuesday, Your life and future may depend upon it.

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