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Thy Kingdom Come Piercing the Scared Veil by Mia DiDio

This story is a personal invitation into the afterlife, of a writer, former paranormal researcher who passion is unearthing objects and ghosts. On one trip she met her challenge one eerily night in an abandoned cemetery. This time it was not a friendly lost spirit looking to cross over to the light. It was an evil spirit looking to bond with a flesh human. He zoomed in on her and waiting for her next visit to communicate through her tech devices.

They had a friendly exchange except he hitches a ride in her SUV back to her home. Peter the spirit, possibly alleged to be the Apostle Peter who denial Jesus three times before the crow crows before sunrise. He was damn to Hell and was Satan’s puppet. It invades her mind and home.

This enmity became obsessed with this paranormal researcher. Using her cameras and sound devices and one’s night event she turned it on and taped something very chilling and evil, and when finally listening to it realized weeks later there was an uninvited guest (s) in her home.

She became frightened and seeking assistance was lead on her destiny path to become a 21st century recorder and with computer technology, a messenger and writer to informed the masses that there is proven evidence that there is a spiritual warfare occurring and Satan like a wolf is hunting for lost souls.

She opens the story with her beliefs about her faith and then continues the plot into her adventure and experience in acknowledging the presence of friendly yet evil spirits and that she was walking a dangerous path. She also tells of her past and her reasons as why she is on this path she is walking on and where it is leading her in the future.

In her words;

“Rightly so, I cannot run through the halls of this sanctified cathedral screaming for protection, shrieking as a wild woman that something is in my house. Something invisible. Something wicked. Something that just puffed three times in my ear and thinks it was amusing. As if a movie camera were rolling, something wanted my soul, only this was worse. This held some kind of long standing history in place. A history I knew nothing about and these beings, on either side of the divide, so bold that they were, knew me by both of my names.

They speak about me in their realms of good and evil. Surely I must compose myself. I cannot go into this subdued house of worship, in this sleepy little lake town and wail on about how I may have brought this problem to the forefront of my existence”.

This author is sharing intimate details of fleeting conversations between good and evil. Some readers will be skeptical about the communication between the seven angels she called upon in her hour of darkness. Yet one only has to think about times when one felt an unseen presence helping them through a difficult time or emergency, just can’t be coincidences all the time. She gives glimpses into the spiritual battle between the angels and demons. They are fleeting sentences and words, but so much meaning behind them, if you read in between them carefully.

She also in the back of the book gives a glossary of the terminology and names of angels which could become spiritual ammunition to have just in case.

This book could be both, an entertaining fantasy or an invitation to open your mind to the impossible becoming the possible. This is the decade of awakening and if this author is a vessel to communicate a message I would be following her future publications as she is promising to write more on this topic and invite readers into a supernatural world and prepare for the battle upon the horizons.

To find out more about this enlightening author and her books you can go to this link;

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The Cell by Chris Hambleton free Saturday April 28th

This author was given a gift, a vision which he took and compelled into a sci-fiction, fantasy book with hidden parables of a spiritual nature, one has to read in between the lines to understand the purpose of this book. A true believer reading this book will be enlightened to the possibilities of the future on the horizon and be prepared of actuality of its occurrence. This book is full of impact, it is a reverse of Islamist against Christians. Today's Americans claim Islamic terrorists are enemies doing whatever they can to accomplish their mission of bringing their Allah to the forefront and be the world leader. Except it is not Muslims being prosecuted in this story but Christianity is abolished and outlawed as a fundamentalist religion. The Christians disband or go underground to escape the lies and deceptions of the Arabic world who is trying to sabotage the Christian's institution with attacks and slander. The United States becomes a Socialist and corrupted government. The head agency FAAHAD, against Hate Crimes is a ploy breaking all constitutional laws to go after all Christians and destroy any foundation they have to stand upon.

The characters in this book, from William, John, Najeev Mohammed, others and Professor Burkhart are all powerful. BurKhart becomes the leading character, lawyer and helps John fight the Supreme Court against the corrupted Anti-Hate agency, FAAHAD.

There are so many elements in this story, one has to have a sticky note pad to keep up with all the excitement and possibilities of characters and future events.

My conscious of a reader rallying for William and his underground mission. He and others were true Christians until the end of their lives and the sacrifices they gave captures a reader's heart. Leaving one to ask would they be as brave to sacrifice their lives as martyrs for a higher supreme being?

I have read one of this author's books, waiting for the suspense, a little disappointed thinking the scene should ended until the most horrifying but plausible scenes came to life, this author is an artist at making the heart race, I had to walk away to get my breathing under control and go back and read it detaching my self from emotions, to get through this part of this magnificent story. The factutal truth in this story touches all aspects of the human soul and ha sthe impact of making one want to redecide their lives choices and to stored away all books for safe keeping. In case fantasy becomes reality.

It is filled with vital information and knowledge that Americans and the whole world has forgotten about and put on the back burner for selfish pursuits. The author is remarkable in concluding the book with factual knowledge that ties the ends up nicely. There is a message written among the suspense. A parable to be figured out. This book has to be read more then once to receive true enjoyment out of it.

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Zadar by Sarah Jo Easton is a delightful fairy kingdom tale where once upon a time there was a supreme being who thought of creating a world and was lonely so he created four races of dragons, one for water, one for fire, one for earth and the last for wind.  They were of the same race except for their abilities.  The world was missing one vital element light and an incident occurs to allow this to be created only through passing the powers to be to the next heir of the kingdom. But for the last ten years there was a loophole and the throne was abducted by  the darkness, an embittered daughter who was the fire Queen she was able to claim the title upon transference  of the throne  and taught the kingdom  about the emotions of hatred and she declared laws that all are inferior except the pure. 

The kingdom was divided and they used the lies against others.  Until one the event when a dragon and human children became victims of the Queen’s hatred and no one would protect them until the mighty son of the fire dragon and others colorful characters united to rescue all from her bullying them.

The plot continues when the exchange occurs and the ruling throne was abandoned and the evil Fire Queen sneaks in and took authority.  Now she was full of hatred and demanded all inferior children and humans were to become slaves to her and the other superiors of the kingdom.  The earth dragon and human girl became friends along the mighty Delbralfi son of the Fire Queen.  

This trio are the main characters who break the hold over them and the kingdom.  The inferior earth child dragon, a healer who is not allowed to use her powers is a slave she uses her wits to live for another day. She acts cheery around the embittered Queen faking her happiness which confused the Queen.  Thinking how a useless creature could be happy around others full of hate. 

The human was unique and now she by the head leader of water, the father Deyraeno of the five hatchling who was not afraid of the Fire Queen decided to break the laws and invited Jena, the human child to the ceremony of bonding with the hatchings in a special ceremony where other   wait to bond with a hatchling.  Everyone in the kingdom believed humans could never bond but all are in for a surprise as she enters into the leyr to begin the ceremony.

In the author’s words

“The first thing Jena noticed was Rulsaesan, the mother of the eggs. She was hard to miss, as her skin had a vibrant saffron glow, and on the end of her tail was a bright orb that lit up the entire Leyr Grounds. The orb symbolized that she was a Child of Light, and if she had her proper title, she would be called Leyrque, the heart of the Sandleyr  and true ruler of the Onizards. 

But when the former Leyrque died under mysterious circumstances, no Onizard gained the form of a Child of Light and, since Rulsaesan could not control her powers of ultimate empathy alone, the Fire Queen had taken over the Sandleyr”.

In the ceremony, the son of fire was able to bond with one of the hatchling.   Next it was Jena’s turn.  

In the author’s words;

"drown! Jena debated running toward Deyraeno, but stopped when she realized that in the confusion, everyone had ignored the last hatchling, a Child of Wind. He was already in water close to his neck, and he was desperately trying to get toward the shallower water near Jena. Quickly, she ran out until the water was deep…”

Jena rescue the fourth dragon but the 5th  hatchling   injured  where the wall fell upon his leg was left to die in the raising rain storm waters.  The father was scheming to rescue his baby against the Queen’s rules but first he had to save the human and hide her for risking her life to save a baby.  The injured called out to her and bravely she jumped into the high waters and rescued the injured creature.  This creature became her bonded and ally.  Now they both need to go into hiding for disobeying the Queen.

The adventure continues from there along with lessons of morality and what actions are right and wrong and the consequences of hate to love, good vs. evil and to accept everyone for who they are, do not judged a book or a dragon and human as indicated in this cute little fable.  Highly recommend this tale for all ages. 

Journey to Terreldor, By Chris M. Hibbard

In the author's words;

"His next words are burnt clearly into my memory, though they meant nothing to me as he first spoke them. Certain I’d misunderstood, I repeated them over in my mind several times as the head councilman waited patiently. Though they sound like nonsense, I’ll produce these words of his exactly as I remember them. “You traveled to our world through the Path. Our worlds exist in different dimensions, or at least very far apart in space—we cannot know for sure. The Path is a link between them, and it is unstable. The last time we know the link to our world was open, it was about a century ago from our perspective, and, judging by your appearances, won’t open on your end for another five or ten years in your future".

 This is a story about two brothers somehow entered into a mysterious land where a princess and the royal guard are held hostage by trolls and the two brothers helped them escape. The princess is grateful and wants to introduce the boys to her father and kingdom. This king is a wise man and he has laws and morals that all should obey. His Captain is very knowledgeable and thinks through every situation before acting. The younger brother Mark shows promised to be enlisted into the secret knighthood but he has to be tested first in the morals and temptations the world live by. He is tested their incidents and events from fighting trolls to protecting the Captain of the Royal Guards against the foes.

On their journey to the healing mineral waters the Captain is responsible to tutor Mark in their ways and show him teaching him which was the right choice to be decided in times of need. There is a lot of adventure as the characters fight off their enemies as they cross the lands to their destiny.

The author is writing in a style of a fantasy and supernatural weaving tales, fables and prophesy together to entertain the reader with the possibilities of what if. Maturity is a growing process and without the right mentors and wisdom some individuals become lost and trapped in immaturity and develop false hoods to believe in never reaching their fullest potential. This is a story about two brothers struggling in a foreign land and learning to become leaders and scouts preparing to fight against the enemy, the duke who conspired against the wise king and created a military of troll rebels who hatred the human race and wanted them to be extinguished.

This tale threads with the values of compassionate, humility and forgiveness.

It has a strategic agenda of governmental laws and using the secrets tables of wisdom and values that all should live by to grow into respectful individuals. The two boys are faced with many dilemmas and need to think of their next action and the consequences of their decisions. This is a delight tale with messages of wisdom thread through out and should be placed on the reading list for others, especially young children and teenagers to read and discuss. The author concludes it was an undiscovered manuscript written by a father whose family was not aware he was creating a masterpiece and teaching book in a C.S. Lewis style. A lost land full with mystery and adventure that takes the reader on a thrilling ride into maturity while having fun sharing with others and the possibility of a continuing series about the two boys journey to become warriors and defeat the trolls or bring the human and trolls into an unity to live as one in the land of Terreldor.

 Highly recommend this book to let your imagination go on a new journey of suspense and have an adventure while growing into the knowledge of maturity. To find out about this author and book (s) and more you can go to this link;

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The Necro Device by M. T. Dismuke

The story starts off innocent with the plot of families enjoying a day at the Circus. The audience is watching the Mandiev boys performing they are the main attraction, all acting on cue completing terrifying acts and the crowd is caught up in the thrill and fear of what will happen next. The tension is building and the last performance of the night was to be the grand finale. Except something terrifying goes wrong and now some people are injured or killed. The brothers’ lives are extinguished in one explosive moment or are they?. The plot advances to the future and the town where the performers had their mansion. The town folks think the mansion should be razed and the land dedicated as a memorial for the tragedy of the day long ago.

 An innocent family, father, mother and 21 year old daughter are hired with the responsibility to build the mansion back to its former glory days. They quickly are in the midst of the anger and hatred of the community not aware how dangerous their lives are about to become because the broker of the mansion was a greedy man and has secrets he does not want unveiled just yet. The father and daughter are at each other throats and she decides to take a break, goes to a local pub with all the town’s folks drinking and watching her closely. The daughter is blind-sided by two strangers into drinking and playing pool, but they have other games on their minds. They tell her about the massacre and in the author’s words give her a warning;

 “Yeah. They used their minds…” Scott says. “They didn’t use their minds!” Bill exclaims, “They breathed fire… Anyways, the bottom line is the place has some sort of curse and everyone knows about it in these parts, and if I was you, I’d not stick around for long. Lots of people here don’t want that place restored. They all fear something bad will come of it.”

The plot continues with the daughter leaving to college leaving mom and dad behind to finish the renovations. While they are working on getting the mansion prepared for it grand opening as a historical landmark for the greedy broker, since they are behind the scenes contracts and secrets, everyone is acting vague and strange incidents starting occurring. Mary the wife is already on edge and has her own personal demons to fight is in the middle of the mystery which is only going to become darker and weirder as the opening date is to be announced The author is hinting at ghosts and spirits and Mary’s behaviour is becoming more erratic toward the males and cooking strange foods for the workers and husband. The anger between the married couple is becoming dangerous close to violence.

The story continues with the eerily twists and horror that made the reader’s mouth so dried, but too absorbed in the story to go get a drink of water. Taking a break coming back to the story and realizes this is a combination of supernatural fantasy and science-fiction mixed into one tale. This story is for age 18 and over with the complex details which are very graphic and chilling. There is back stabbing, betrayal, and conspiracy among all parties involved. The writer’ style had this reader compelled to find out who will survive the Necro Device and the conclusion blew the mind. Some details has to be re-read to grasp the gist of the story which is not bad because it gave the plot a different perspective, seeing it from a fantasy, supernatural or science fiction view; either way it is a very entertaining out of the world type of writing and was enjoyed by this reader, happy with the ending, not sure if it was a happy ever after one or a sadistic one, that decision will be up to the next reader.

 It has the realm of light and darkness written throughout the tale, touching all facets of the human personality from revenge to love and in-between. The vivid description of all events and incidents were taunting as each character suffer through their own personal conclusion. Looking to escape reality and the obligations for a while then definitely review this author and his works. He is differently a unique madman or genius creator. If you are a reader who enjoys Twilight Zone tales then this book is for you.

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No Weapon by Audrey Mckay

A Spiritual and Fantasy tale for Believers and Non-Believers.

Is the second book of The Good News Series continuing with Sidney and her family struggles and daily life passages. Except in the first book if you have not read it, Sidney was stalked by a deranged man who created fake naked pictures of her and scared her enough to have him arrested and sitting in a cell. In this No Weapon plot She is starting a new life and joins a church when one Sunday, a guest, a prophet points to her and tells her that God has a major purpose for her to fulfilled. Some of the ministry especially the preacher becomes jealous of her appointed calling and is taken by transgression to lose himself in the darkness thinking he is doing good for God, he is being manipulative by an evil influence.

At this same time the past pictures of Sidney taken and doctored are discovered at a police precinct and now they are being distributed among the congregation and the rumors among the public causing wildfires and gossip to be a burning flame that is going to burn them and Sidney. Enough to be scary that the offenses committed against could be judged as criminal and there are severe consequences. .This author has the talent to point out something simple can turned into an out of control raging flame and if not douse in time a lot of individuals could be hurt.

The assumptions of Sidney’s past all the gossiping is creating a distorted view and the truth is being hidden in the darkness and in the lack of knowledge, it is not her body but doctored fake photos which is placing Sidney in the gossip limelight and causing false lies that others are believing and need to act upon. Be it to pray for her soul for her future destiny or to either stop her from alleged marriage busting with all the Christian men in the church. Or, she is in danger again from jealous conspiring persons out for their own benefit and the question who will save her this time?

Sidney received the Holy Ghost and dedicated her life to God and was part of the choir and felt comfort in her new church until the gossip began and a distance of coolness from the congregation lingers around her along with these warning symptoms. Other darkness of personal trials was invading her life again. She once again takes on a family responsibility and she about to be tested to her limit of patience.

The story continues as a mystery and real and unseen saviors are called in to help her through the spiritual battle knocking at her door. The suspense picks up and the story ends up in a way if you are not a believer then this author is on the path to make you think about your choice of whom you should follow for peace to become a centre to your core in these difficult times.

Once again this reader was pleasurably satisfied to take a break and read a refreshing entertaining book in a series that has more coming out in the present future. It was like experiencing a refreshing dip in a well of water and cleanses to the soul. A fantasy stories for readers who like adventure, excitement and personal victory. Here is her website; to discover more about her treasures.

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The Healer's Legacy by Sharon Skinner

This is a supernatural tale about a young woman making a serious error and defiant her adopted parent who was a healer and run away with a stranger. This stranger was powerful and abusive. Now she is in a race for her life and escaping through the woods. She has two mystical creatures helping her escape the brute and his henchmen.

She travelled deeper into the woods, hiding from searchers and experienced many adventures, such as meeting a rock creature and taking care of lame animals while on the run. Along the way she almost sacrifices her life staying in a settlement healing an ill gnome child with herbs in exchange for goods.

She senses dark shadows watching her and is in fear of being found; she journeys to a settlement in exchange for lodging and goods she is to be a hunter and a teacher to the spoiled son and shy daughter of a royalty family whose father was killed and now the settlement is commanded by his brother, their uncle. A cold distant angry stranger until events bring the light back into his eyes again.

The wife in law is scheming for her oldest arrogant son to contain his heritage and title by manipulating her way into the brother's in-law bed. The stranger healer and hunter are a threat to this conspiring lady in waiting. The hunter is slowly attracting the son and daughter to her knowledge and develops a teacher and student bond and later a more personal relationship with one and yet the other will stay defiant, planning for his future inheritance to grow into a dangerous foe or friend.

To get the older boy’s attention Kira decides to bring out the wyvern out of hiding. This reader wanted to refresh her memory and goggle the creature’s picture; it is an awesome smaller dragon with wings and a tail, he is adorable and a protector. What boy would not be interested in such an amazing creature? The colorful characters, the fiery healer, her mystical creatures, horse and other players are entertaining in their own ways.

Then the mystery of she is not just a healer but something more, but what ? Her personal inner war to be depended or independent upon others is an emotional conflict, bringing the reader to senses Kira’s personal agony. and kept this reader alert and turning pages in anticipation to the mystery that was waiting to be unveiled. You will have to read the tale to see if the fiery warrior reaches her mother’s homeland before the brute or something more stunning occurs.

The emotional conflicts the shy little girl who lost her father to an accident experienced and the deep heart ache she went through tugged at this reader’s core, such as the emotional tumult of how she was afraid to be herself because so many people, especially her embittered mother and abusive brother were giving her mixed messages and she went into a shell, the only one to break through would be Kira as she discovers her true self along her own inner journey of self-realization and matures in a confident lady.

Meanwhile the reality of the threat is coming closer to the settlement, strange incidents and events lead to a battle and bloody struggle to freedom and beginnings of healing for Kira and others from past trauma. The blossoming of opportunities are hopeful as they wait to see what destiny will unfold for them as they continue on their journeys. The question Will Kira and others will be able to forgive and trust themselves to find their destinies in more ways than one.

This story is enthralling, exciting, hints of love is on the horizon and the battle scenes are descriptive as if the reader is sitting on the horse and charging into battle and other details in this book are so vivid bringing the reader into the adventures of escaping, hunting, hiding, and meeting others along the way and hints of more mysteries. Definitely recommend you check out this book if you are into adventure and supernatural fantasy..

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The Last Free Cat is advanced review copy by Jon Blake

It is a fantasy,sci-fiction story about the future and the corruption that occurring. Except this author has a genius concept of wrote not how the tyrants not only control the people, the sheep to obey all laws but to not defiant what they believed inor there would be severe consequences. This new order has a madman who is popular, rich and a super celebrity to the masses. He has a scheme to lie to the masses and announced that all cats were a dangerous threat diagnosed with the cat flu which is contagious to humans. Like all threats only the rich who can spend money to possess them can own them. They can take care of them, take them to veterinaries while ill and so on. The working class and poor masses miss out on the joys of being a cat owner.

This author is deep, funny and serious about the threat of corruption, the blind obedience the masses believe in and then makes it more entertaining as he has the rebels come into action to help two young people escape within inches of their lands escaping the corrupted military and police force to protect the almost last free treasure in the world for poor people. This is the beginning of a wakeup call and is explained with British humor yet a serious tone of loss and found love and the fight for freedom and values.

These two young characters, Jade and Kris sacrificed their lives and freedom to save the treasure and run to journey to a free Isle where they can live in peace, except along the way they are met with dangerous situations and close calls of being caught by the corrupted officers working for the rich celebrity. They are chase by the Compers, and sniffing dogs to end up as prisoners, rebels or both, you will have to read this delightful fantasy with some truth in it about how valuable someone or thing is to us until we lose it.

It is a short novella, has true meaning and a delight for all pet owners and readers who like to see the underdog win the victory. The characters, Jade and kris are a winning couple and easy to sympathize with as they get into scrap after scrap saving themselves and the treasure.

This is a work in progress and here in the author's words;

"I went to the window to see half the street gathered below. As usual, they watched sullenly. A lot of them hated Comprot, others went to them all the time, like going to teacher to tell on your classmates. But all of them needed entertainment, anything to break up the boredom of their lives. There were a few jeers as the van moved off, then all eyes turned to me at the window. As you may have noticed, I am a private kind of person, and last thing I wanted was to be the center of attention. I knew they thought I was stuck up, and I knew some of them would be relishing this moment—seeing the posh people from the marina on the wrong side of the law, brought down to earth, getting what they got all the time. Well, they could think what they liked."

To find more of this amazing author’s works you can go to this link;

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Josie Thorn by Lisa Vandiver

A romance story with mystery mixed in as the past comes to meet the future; two torn lovers separated are forced to cross paths again. Will they be able to get pass their regrets and help one another save her father's lifeblood, her brother inheritance; the family ranch.

Once again this author has the knack of pulling together a memorable romantic, complex situations and high charged hints of mystery, secrets and human emotional perils tale. Which entertain this reader as I turned each page to see what action would occur next? It is not lacking action, drama or twists, which keeps the story racing to the conclusion. The human emotional toil of Josie Thorn and sexual impact is striking right at the center of human emotions, hot and lusty as the cover. The range of human emotions; laughing, crying and fearing for the colorful characters and their pets too makes this reader's heart race as they are confront with life and death events.

This author has a gift to bring life to her characters as a reader it was exciting to bond with the independent strong male and the feisty fiery female characters and the rest of the ranch hands. Rallying for them as they journey together to solve the mystery, forgive their past and head into their future. As they face this dilemma; they become a target of a greed plot of having their ranch sabotage by friends or enemies, threatening all their lives. . Included in the plot are highly sexual tension scenes and dark mysteries which are intertwined in between the scenes as the story unfolds all for a vendetta. Will Josephina and Jacob regret their choices or find peace in the midst of the chaos. That is the challenge of this tale. It is a heartwarming exploration into what one will do for love and forgiveness.

Sin by Shaun Allan

This work is a surreal story describing the weird twist about a mental patient who voluntarily commits himself to a psychiatric facility to escape or stop his delusions under heavy medication. As the reader continues into the story the question to ask is he insane or actually san being manipulative by a dark evil doctor. The journey to insanity to sanity takes the reader for a wild ride; the humor excites the brain, because this author ingenious incorporates all sort of humor from dark to light to entertain the reader.

Sin has character; he is witty and very knowledge about people and psychology. His personal interaction and experiences stimulates the mind, "what if". The question is he insane or in reality is able to use his mind to kill? This story is zany, witty, like traveling into twilight zone, definitely a challenge firing dominant brain cells, but worth the time getting familiar with this unique style of writing. Thanks for the entertainment. To find out more about this creation the author has a blog which introduces his character and his adventures.
The book can be reviewed at Goodreads and OR and my website is
and at Lisa Vandiver's Blog


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The Embittered Ruby by Nicole O’Dell

This spiritual and fantasy story Is about a sixteen year old Mexican girl with a mom and two siblings who had to relocate to New Jersey to a ghetto apartment from a luxurious rich life in Westchester, NY, because of a divorce. Mother was offer a job in NJ in a dentist office and moved the family there. Now Carmen used to the easy life of riches and luxury, tennis clubs and swimming pools and a gorgeous boyfriend who she is planning to married later in life is all being sacrificed. The tennis club kicked her out, because Daddy's younger peppy girlfriend ratted on her and told them Carmen does not live with her daddy anymore. Carmen wants mother and father to get back together and plans secret matching making dates but dad is inconsiderate and brings along his younger girlfriend Tiffany to her college night and humiliates her mom.

Now Carmen is in trouble because in NJ the leader of the gang has his eyes on her and wants her as his gal, Diego a another gang member comes to her rescue telling her let everyone know you are my gal and they will leave her alone. She asks why Diego is helping her against the creeps, what strings will be attached and is scared of her new high school and neighbourhood. Now mom is dragging them to church and she is embarrassed to be a pauper and a church project, the poor girls. But a messenger through others crossed paths with her that would change Carmen's life in more ways than imaginable. But the messengers have to knock on Carmen's door more than once before she received the message of what her next steps was in the journey called life.

She goes through some very difficult personal trials and feels guilty for the consequences of hurting her and others. Her mother has to decide a tumult decision which sends Carmen across country to stay at a place to heal and start fresh. It is a new start, a new awakening and gives her strength to continue on her journey called life, but it is not the season yet for awakening and she turns away from enlightenment for she is not ready. Rebels against the truth and looks for a distract until she finds herself ready to face her demons.

In the midst of this a battle of guilt, conflict and remorse ate at her soul and she was a runner and could not cope with the transgressions and seek another path to escape her emotional pain. This pain was dark, full of doubt and misery. Her previous friends did not let her fall into the abyss. They came to rescue her waiting for her to receive insight when the season was right to come back home to the light. Even if she went through faking until it became real. When the awakening came she was ready to forgive herself and ask for forgiveness from others about her assumptions and flaws that caused pain to her and loved ones in her journey called life.

The conclusion was amazing when Carmen painted her graffiti wall symbol of the cross with the sunshine shining through and the ruby slippers at the bottom of the cross representing she found God, herself and home and realized she is not alone anymore walking on the journey called life.

This author has a touching quality to her writing and has other books written with this same quality. Here is the link for you to investigate this spiritual and creative author that has insight into teenagers and others who walked a lonely path and find salvation after their own personal struggles. 1

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The Chaosifier by Mike Evers

Is an excellent fable with not the magic of bunny rabbits and top hats instead this one is fill with the magic of the unseen we humans take for granted, when someone is saved from a fiery car crash, a fire or other incidents in life one thinks it is luck, coincidence or something more; possibly supernatural, an unseen force looking out for humanity, invisible guardians coming to the rescue.

This author took this ideal concept and plotted an entertaining story about good guardians, the bifurs and the bad guardians, Mountain Lord John mystic gone bad, in the midst of this conflict is a divine machine which was stolen and being manipulative in to a tool of chaos.

The good guys the bifurs have the magical powder which they use sparely and is about to be in shortage. They used it in times of trouble and to be thrown upon human in need of some good luck. As the powder lands on them and they sneeze what they are thinking will occur, like the owner of the warehouse experienced the powder action and conjures up a tornado that went straight into the fire putting it out and saved the trapped victims.

Meanwhile the bad guy the Mountain Lord John and his nagging wife Ruby who he kidnapped from Count Dracula on her wedding day. They were cursed by an angry mystic with strange requests to be completed and to suffer through bad fortune in their marriage. The Mountain Lord is becoming meaner and meaner relishing his revenge through the results of the trouble caused by the adjustment device, the Choasifier for it was creating chaos all around the world, financial collapse, kidnapping of presidents and other tragedies. The bifurs kept in communication through the Internet and other devices when they are deployed to posts around the world to stop the events from getting worse.

The good guardians the bifurs are created with colorful personalities are being overworked trying to stop all the commotion and terror caused by the bad guardian Mountain Lord, and his henchmen, Boris and the gnomes taken hostage to be slaves to the madman.

"Pickle turned to Spike and asked: “What now, Corporal?” Spike didn’t answer with words, but with actions. He checked his equipment and removed his catapult from his backpack. He pulled out some packets of dust from his sack and handed them to his team. He noticed that they were down to the last few sachets of powder. Glancing at his watch, he turned to the team and said: “We’re starting to run low in the dust, so top up your dust pouches, but try and use smaller amounts. I mean it. Okay, ready your pouches and wait to use the dust at the right time. And, Watts...” “Yes, Spike,” replied Watts “Don’t empty a whole bag full of dust over someone this time.”

The humour in this story is hilarious as the bad guys robbing the bank get their justice; when the bifurs dump the magical powder on the gossiping nosy body and she sneezes; the action becomes intense and funny, as the events play out. This reader gives you the author's conclusion below to this incident to not spoil the zany plot. You have to read the plot in-between to see the consequences of the robbers' bad luck.

"Spike smiled to himself as he watched the other two robbers being pushed, handcuffed, into the back of a police van. He was glad that nobody had been seriously hurt in the robbery. He was also pleased that Heinz was back, and he had, for once, not bungled things. In fact, he had done quite the opposite: being largely responsible for the foiling of the bank robbery. Spike walked over to Heinz and, giving him a solid pat on the back, said: “It’s good to have you back, Heinz. Well done, trooper. I’ll make sure Major McDougal hears about this.”

This tale continues with a battle of good and evil, a madman against the invisible bifurs who are the protectors of humanity. The story continues with technology and chaos around the globe, some of it occurs in the Great England areas as the world is threw into total insanity and confusion. The bifurs are assigned to different posts around the globe to assist humanity with battling the evil Mountain Lord and Chaosifier. This story is a fable, hilarious, scary and very imaginative; there is not a moment of boredom.

The divine device Chaosifier is broken and the madman is out of control with it when he only wanted a moment of superstar limelight and now the world is on the brink of extinct and he is frantically trying to tame the monster of the device and his erratic moods. Will the equilibrium of good and bad be put back in order or will all be lost?. The story travels across Europe to Germany to Czech Republic, as the bifurs and two young people to seek the madman and the device which could destroy humanity and they do anything in their capabilities to stop the destruction. The humans and the bifurs are trying different solutions to bring peace back into the earthly realm. So another powerful character comes into the plot to put everything what is lost back to what is found with the cooperation of all participants.

The author mixes in so many concepts and elements into this amazing fable about Doom's day and what needs to be accomplish to stop the madness and uses scenery, traveling on ferries, carts and trains to sled dogs and other allures to captivate the reader's mind, they all blend together into a tapestry of wonderment, magical entertainment. There is a mixture of emotions in this tale from joy to sorrow, from love to hate, from walking on the edge of insanity back to sanity. The story plays like an orchestra with so many instruments and chords, it is like being in a wicked theater performance, this is the only way it could be described, the highs and lows of musical notes being played and as a attendee or reader you get caught up in the vibrations and are blew away. There are hints of love blossoming too, and the conclusion was a delicious treat.

As a reader I have read another book by this author; it too was a fable tale about Robin Hood and was a delight, The Spirit Archer. I did not expect anything less from this writer, he has such a creative mind and a writing style which is delightful, entertaining and full of wonder and chills all at the same time. It reminds me of the favorite book, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe full with its zany adventures and moral consciousness.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Love and Liberty by Lee-Ann Graff Vinson

Is an intriguing story about military veterans stationed in the Middle East, and assigned to be protectors of the civilians and be on watch for enemy attacks. In the midst of the tensely situation, the bond of friendships and relationships are tested. The main characters are a male captain and female captain who worked together professionally in front of their allies but unknown to the troops there is a hot lustful passionate secret clandestine behind the close doors fill with details of intimate encounters between the two. Over time their flings becomes a burning flame that is igniting into a love but the two are afraid to tell each other their feelings, the military is their first priority.

Then causal relationship, until Captain Dana Jenkins is taken hostage by torturers and killers and Captain Jack Parsons will stop at nothing to rescue her and the other soldiers taken hostage even sacrificing his own life for his troop and in that moment realizes what he is about to lose is driven mad with courage to be a savior.

The author includes suspense in her tale; a plan for conspiracy to be acted out in the story by incorporating this element adds a bonus of excitement to the plot with hidden graphic details, but not enough to truly disturb the reader. The hints are there, but also the reality of what could occur when females are being held hostages. This is a story of love and liberty fighting for their country, freedom and the chance of love found, lost and found again. It is about heroes’ victory and the challenges the veterans faced every day when protecting civilians and countries.

This novella is a combination of intrigue, conspiracy, love and liberty with suspense mixed in to give a glimpse into the world of regular military that face life and death, living each moment as their last, and caters to both male and females readers.

The author's words; “the unit exited from the front door of the Mosque with Jack leading his platoon down the dusty road toward home. The soldiers were on high alert for snipers and kept to the middle of the road, giving a wide berth to anything remotely resembling an IED. For thirty minutes, they marched south along the unsecured main road they’d driven in on. Jack and Iggy shared what food and water they had left in their packs with the others. Tim had given all of his to the wounded left behind. An approaching flatbed truck gave the platoon its first chance to escape the dangerous trek back to Camp Liberty on foot.”

This author is trying different genres and this story's approach was captivating, with romance and conspiracy surrounding the lives of veterans. All struggling to survive in difficult chaos in a faraway land and still find hope to continue on even with all threats they faced. There is even some light humor in-between. Definitely a read if you are looking for romance and action in one novella.

To find out more about this story and talented author you can go to

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Something Red by Douglas Nicholas

Is a sensational Irish fable that met this reader's curiosity beyond expectations, it is a wonderful spun tale of the 1200's when travelers of royalty and pleasant decent from the far away a and of the Isle of Emerald Ireland were destined upon a journey to explore England and the back woods, traveling from refuge to refuge. It is a tale of a party of a created family brought together due to strange circumstances. Molly a mature fiery warrior part Irish healer and part magician, her granddaughter Nemain, who is devoted to her grandmother and is a willing student to learn the arts of magic and Molly’s lover Jack who is a fierce and gentle protector. He is a mysterious character who portrays human and something surprising more which adds excitement to this enchanting plot and then the adopted charming grandson Hob who is human and her apprentice. They are all on a destiny to gain knowledge and experience to enrich their future kingdom developing connections with royal alliances and friends across England that will increase their reputation as powerful rulers in the Isle when they return from their trip.

On the trip through the harsh but beautiful lands and back woods, there are rumors of strange incidents and warnings to be beware of all creatures, be it man, a military, smugglers or creatures of the night. Along their journey, there are incidents of monstrous attacks that leave bloody decapitate bodies in their wake. The mystery was or who is causing the carnage and are they safe traveling in the windy snow storms when so blinding one cannot see their hands in front of their faces. The fear in the strange woods what lures behind the dark trees and will they be the next to be attack.

The women of the roamers sense something is deadly dangerous and they escape to a safe fortress a castle of a mighty king, thinking all are safe behind the stone castle walls, away from the threat of the unknown murderer. But are they? Will the Irish Queen Molly be able to work her magic spells and created a protection weapon against their unknown emery lurking within the walls of their safe haven.

In the midst of their gratitude to out of the chill and safe behind strong gates before the threat they enjoyed the company of the weary travelers, the delicious food and the traditions of culture, unaware of the danger waiting for them. The plot continues and the reader had questions, if there is a killer among them why did not the grandmother and granddaughter not able to sense the threat among the guests and will it be too late to save their allies.

Upon the moonlight night they heard the terrifying screams as the monster(s) was tearing them to pieces, limb by limb. Time to gather all their abilities and plan the battle strategy against their foe and rescue the defenseless guests of the castle.

This author is famous and experienced with the knowledge of poetry and the history of the times of the 13th century, it is like he sees all the details it in his dreams, describing the landscape, the Irish traditions and spells, the comfort and the cold gripping fear, The writer's personal style brings the reader into an exciting and strange experience full with so many details this reader savor the story and wanted to go back again and re read parts.

This reader of Irish American descent is going through a longing to know more about Irish roots and culture and this story met these exceptions and so much more. It fulfilled a part of the hunger to be familiar with the traditions and myths about this mysterious and fable culture and the Emerald Isle of the past.

This review and introduction tells the reader what there is to look forward to and to this reader it held true;" From debut novelist Douglas Nicholas comes a haunting fantasy of love, murder, and sorcery set in the wintry woods of northwest England during the thirteenth century.

One of the coldest winters in living memory, a formidable and charismatic woman and her makeshift family are driving their three wagons across the mountains before the heavy snow sets in. Molly, her powerful and enigmatic lover Jack, her fey granddaughter Nemain, and her young apprentice Hob soon discover that something terrible prowls the wilderness. As the group travels from refuge to refuge, it becomes apparent that the mysterious evil force must be faced and defeated—or else they will all surely die".

An intoxicating and spirited blend of fantasy and mythology, Something Red presents an enchanting and dangerous world full of shapeshifters, Irish battle queens, Norman knights, Templars, pilgrims, Saracens, warrior monks, and murderous mastiffs, as well as an epic snowstorm. In this world, nothing is as it seems, and the journey for survival is as magical as it is perilous."

As a reader I was so enthralled with the tale, it was like leaving reality and stepping into a wondrous and mystery time with so much magic in it, it was hard to ignore finishing the story, yet I needed a break to come back and go from the details of their journey and life to the chilling scenes because I sensed the coming stunning conclusion and was pleasurably surprised with the ending. Definitely recommend this book for readers who want to experience being a traveler in the 13th century Britain and experiencing the story telling fables of the ancient generations with chilling images. You will not be disappointed.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three and a Half Virgins by John Blumenthal

Is a witty quirky plot about a man who in his past was a Casanova and he tricked women into being played and then walked away breaking their hearts. Later his has a mid-life guilt conscious insight and wants to make amends. Asking his Jewish college buddy to go with him on a road trip to visit the victims of his alleged immoral actions, he discovers a lot about himself and the women he wine, dine, played and walked away from.

It was a delightful tale about a man's personal journey to understand his past relationships and what he lost which was in front of him all the time and discovers the grass is not green on the other side either. It was a refreshing insight to what consequences could occur when one is not thinking with their brains and looking for instant gratification.

As a reader I like the conclusion of the story and the author's acknowledgement to his supporting friends and loved ones; He thanked the handyman for repairing his dry wall and such when writing this charming humor tale about dysfunctional relationships and the ability to apologized and move forward after breaking hearts yet discovers not all seems to be what he thought, not to assume and acts to heal past transgressions to all parties involved.

The author’s words "During my first few days of bachelorhood, I can’t help but wonder what it is about Dave Barstow that Deirdre finds so appealing."

"Is he more romantic than I am? Does he coo sweet nothings in her ear and take her dancing? Is it his sexual technique? Superior penile dimensions? The muscular body? I’ve known Deirdre for a long time and this guy just doesn’t seem like her type. Sure, my ego is bruised, and for a while I let myself wallow in self-pity, but all that gradually fades as the prospect of starting anew begins to take hold."

A tale about repentance and forgiveness, the humor through his eyes and the gist of using pop stars names add to this delightful plot and he is a published writers of other books out there;

You can learn more about this magician of human insight at following link

and see his Amazon page at iewpoints=

He has many reviews which are of positive truths about this book and they are stating the truth; he is a refreshing writer able to laugh at himself and others and shares this insight with readers. Highly recommend this book to be enjoyed with a glass of wine and reflection about one’s own transgressions and commit self to think about forgiving self and others, with a sense of humor and compassion like this writer displays in this story. . . .

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sins of the Angels and Sins of the Son by Linda Poitevin

Sins of the Angels Book I of the grigori legacy

And Book II Sins of the Son by Linda Poitevin

Are two sensational angel and demons stories designed into a series written by a very talented and creative author. Sins of the Angels is amazing work, had this reader enthralled to finish the first book and move onto the second one, regretting any disrupts. Even growling at my family and friends to leave me in peace so I could enjoyed the first and then second story. They are written in this reader's favorite genre and have me hooked into the wee hours of the twilight to finish.

This author created an imaginary plot with a suspenseful detective mastery about the fight between good and evil, putting a new refreshing twist on her writing and transfer it to continue into the next book; Sins of the Son. Both stories surrounding conflicts, human raw emotions, love found and lost and conspiracy between Heaven and Hell and the final victory or loss to all involved. The twists were captivating, not knowing who the betrayers were and how they all scheme to sacrifice or murder the children of the earth. This writer was able to extract the Biblical story of the final war between good and evil and spin it into an enriching tale was phenomenal. .

The conflict between siblings and family members was stimulating. The tumult of who to believe and the lies all intertwined kept this reader entertained. Both books have deep depth to it and riveting details. In the midst of reading the second book; Sins of the Son, West Side Story music was playing in the background and the love scene between the two powerful characters fighting for the Nephilim's love was so powerful it stirred this reader's heart. Then the sacrifices and schemes that were described as the plot advancing to faster packed action only enriched the stories more. The graphic bloody clues in the first book; leading to the suspect was scary and sent chills down this reader's spine and the aftermath that extending into the second story had this reader on the edge of her seat.

Alex, Aramael, and Seth are described with such intensity and character they were all spellbinding personalities; Alex the feisty detective on a mission fighting her own past personal demons, Aramael a mysterious powerful one that has a connection to Alex that may protect or hurt her and Seth; the mighty one who has the final say in which way the final conquest for humanity will go; the suspense of the crimes and clues and where it all leads too was hypnotic; the decision will humanity live for another day or be eliminated in the doom's day confrontation which was on the brink of coming a reality and on the horizon was thrilling. The both stories were breath taking tales that gripped this reader's core and was immensely enjoyed.

The writer's ability to transport the various characters to different scenes flow smoothly; the hidden intrigue of all the players in the story was amazing. Definitely both stories are dark urban paranormal and supernatural fantasies stories, there is so much included in these stories from horror to crime to thrilling sexual tension, suspenseful events and enriching stories and the promise of continuing series.

Reviewing her Amazon page for Sins of the Angels you will find many satisfied readers and over 37 reviews that explain the plot more in detail. r=8-1

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