Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Cell by Chris Hambleton free Saturday April 28th

This author was given a gift, a vision which he took and compelled into a sci-fiction, fantasy book with hidden parables of a spiritual nature, one has to read in between the lines to understand the purpose of this book. A true believer reading this book will be enlightened to the possibilities of the future on the horizon and be prepared of actuality of its occurrence. This book is full of impact, it is a reverse of Islamist against Christians. Today's Americans claim Islamic terrorists are enemies doing whatever they can to accomplish their mission of bringing their Allah to the forefront and be the world leader. Except it is not Muslims being prosecuted in this story but Christianity is abolished and outlawed as a fundamentalist religion. The Christians disband or go underground to escape the lies and deceptions of the Arabic world who is trying to sabotage the Christian's institution with attacks and slander. The United States becomes a Socialist and corrupted government. The head agency FAAHAD, against Hate Crimes is a ploy breaking all constitutional laws to go after all Christians and destroy any foundation they have to stand upon.

The characters in this book, from William, John, Najeev Mohammed, others and Professor Burkhart are all powerful. BurKhart becomes the leading character, lawyer and helps John fight the Supreme Court against the corrupted Anti-Hate agency, FAAHAD.

There are so many elements in this story, one has to have a sticky note pad to keep up with all the excitement and possibilities of characters and future events.

My conscious of a reader rallying for William and his underground mission. He and others were true Christians until the end of their lives and the sacrifices they gave captures a reader's heart. Leaving one to ask would they be as brave to sacrifice their lives as martyrs for a higher supreme being?

I have read one of this author's books, waiting for the suspense, a little disappointed thinking the scene should ended until the most horrifying but plausible scenes came to life, this author is an artist at making the heart race, I had to walk away to get my breathing under control and go back and read it detaching my self from emotions, to get through this part of this magnificent story. The factutal truth in this story touches all aspects of the human soul and ha sthe impact of making one want to redecide their lives choices and to stored away all books for safe keeping. In case fantasy becomes reality.

It is filled with vital information and knowledge that Americans and the whole world has forgotten about and put on the back burner for selfish pursuits. The author is remarkable in concluding the book with factual knowledge that ties the ends up nicely. There is a message written among the suspense. A parable to be figured out. This book has to be read more then once to receive true enjoyment out of it.

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