Monday, April 2, 2012

Sins of the Angels and Sins of the Son by Linda Poitevin

Sins of the Angels Book I of the grigori legacy

And Book II Sins of the Son by Linda Poitevin

Are two sensational angel and demons stories designed into a series written by a very talented and creative author. Sins of the Angels is amazing work, had this reader enthralled to finish the first book and move onto the second one, regretting any disrupts. Even growling at my family and friends to leave me in peace so I could enjoyed the first and then second story. They are written in this reader's favorite genre and have me hooked into the wee hours of the twilight to finish.

This author created an imaginary plot with a suspenseful detective mastery about the fight between good and evil, putting a new refreshing twist on her writing and transfer it to continue into the next book; Sins of the Son. Both stories surrounding conflicts, human raw emotions, love found and lost and conspiracy between Heaven and Hell and the final victory or loss to all involved. The twists were captivating, not knowing who the betrayers were and how they all scheme to sacrifice or murder the children of the earth. This writer was able to extract the Biblical story of the final war between good and evil and spin it into an enriching tale was phenomenal. .

The conflict between siblings and family members was stimulating. The tumult of who to believe and the lies all intertwined kept this reader entertained. Both books have deep depth to it and riveting details. In the midst of reading the second book; Sins of the Son, West Side Story music was playing in the background and the love scene between the two powerful characters fighting for the Nephilim's love was so powerful it stirred this reader's heart. Then the sacrifices and schemes that were described as the plot advancing to faster packed action only enriched the stories more. The graphic bloody clues in the first book; leading to the suspect was scary and sent chills down this reader's spine and the aftermath that extending into the second story had this reader on the edge of her seat.

Alex, Aramael, and Seth are described with such intensity and character they were all spellbinding personalities; Alex the feisty detective on a mission fighting her own past personal demons, Aramael a mysterious powerful one that has a connection to Alex that may protect or hurt her and Seth; the mighty one who has the final say in which way the final conquest for humanity will go; the suspense of the crimes and clues and where it all leads too was hypnotic; the decision will humanity live for another day or be eliminated in the doom's day confrontation which was on the brink of coming a reality and on the horizon was thrilling. The both stories were breath taking tales that gripped this reader's core and was immensely enjoyed.

The writer's ability to transport the various characters to different scenes flow smoothly; the hidden intrigue of all the players in the story was amazing. Definitely both stories are dark urban paranormal and supernatural fantasies stories, there is so much included in these stories from horror to crime to thrilling sexual tension, suspenseful events and enriching stories and the promise of continuing series.

Reviewing her Amazon page for Sins of the Angels you will find many satisfied readers and over 37 reviews that explain the plot more in detail. r=8-1

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