Monday, April 16, 2012

The Healer's Legacy by Sharon Skinner

This is a supernatural tale about a young woman making a serious error and defiant her adopted parent who was a healer and run away with a stranger. This stranger was powerful and abusive. Now she is in a race for her life and escaping through the woods. She has two mystical creatures helping her escape the brute and his henchmen.

She travelled deeper into the woods, hiding from searchers and experienced many adventures, such as meeting a rock creature and taking care of lame animals while on the run. Along the way she almost sacrifices her life staying in a settlement healing an ill gnome child with herbs in exchange for goods.

She senses dark shadows watching her and is in fear of being found; she journeys to a settlement in exchange for lodging and goods she is to be a hunter and a teacher to the spoiled son and shy daughter of a royalty family whose father was killed and now the settlement is commanded by his brother, their uncle. A cold distant angry stranger until events bring the light back into his eyes again.

The wife in law is scheming for her oldest arrogant son to contain his heritage and title by manipulating her way into the brother's in-law bed. The stranger healer and hunter are a threat to this conspiring lady in waiting. The hunter is slowly attracting the son and daughter to her knowledge and develops a teacher and student bond and later a more personal relationship with one and yet the other will stay defiant, planning for his future inheritance to grow into a dangerous foe or friend.

To get the older boy’s attention Kira decides to bring out the wyvern out of hiding. This reader wanted to refresh her memory and goggle the creature’s picture; it is an awesome smaller dragon with wings and a tail, he is adorable and a protector. What boy would not be interested in such an amazing creature? The colorful characters, the fiery healer, her mystical creatures, horse and other players are entertaining in their own ways.

Then the mystery of she is not just a healer but something more, but what ? Her personal inner war to be depended or independent upon others is an emotional conflict, bringing the reader to senses Kira’s personal agony. and kept this reader alert and turning pages in anticipation to the mystery that was waiting to be unveiled. You will have to read the tale to see if the fiery warrior reaches her mother’s homeland before the brute or something more stunning occurs.

The emotional conflicts the shy little girl who lost her father to an accident experienced and the deep heart ache she went through tugged at this reader’s core, such as the emotional tumult of how she was afraid to be herself because so many people, especially her embittered mother and abusive brother were giving her mixed messages and she went into a shell, the only one to break through would be Kira as she discovers her true self along her own inner journey of self-realization and matures in a confident lady.

Meanwhile the reality of the threat is coming closer to the settlement, strange incidents and events lead to a battle and bloody struggle to freedom and beginnings of healing for Kira and others from past trauma. The blossoming of opportunities are hopeful as they wait to see what destiny will unfold for them as they continue on their journeys. The question Will Kira and others will be able to forgive and trust themselves to find their destinies in more ways than one.

This story is enthralling, exciting, hints of love is on the horizon and the battle scenes are descriptive as if the reader is sitting on the horse and charging into battle and other details in this book are so vivid bringing the reader into the adventures of escaping, hunting, hiding, and meeting others along the way and hints of more mysteries. Definitely recommend you check out this book if you are into adventure and supernatural fantasy..

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