Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Last Free Cat is advanced review copy by Jon Blake

It is a fantasy,sci-fiction story about the future and the corruption that occurring. Except this author has a genius concept of wrote not how the tyrants not only control the people, the sheep to obey all laws but to not defiant what they believed inor there would be severe consequences. This new order has a madman who is popular, rich and a super celebrity to the masses. He has a scheme to lie to the masses and announced that all cats were a dangerous threat diagnosed with the cat flu which is contagious to humans. Like all threats only the rich who can spend money to possess them can own them. They can take care of them, take them to veterinaries while ill and so on. The working class and poor masses miss out on the joys of being a cat owner.

This author is deep, funny and serious about the threat of corruption, the blind obedience the masses believe in and then makes it more entertaining as he has the rebels come into action to help two young people escape within inches of their lands escaping the corrupted military and police force to protect the almost last free treasure in the world for poor people. This is the beginning of a wakeup call and is explained with British humor yet a serious tone of loss and found love and the fight for freedom and values.

These two young characters, Jade and Kris sacrificed their lives and freedom to save the treasure and run to journey to a free Isle where they can live in peace, except along the way they are met with dangerous situations and close calls of being caught by the corrupted officers working for the rich celebrity. They are chase by the Compers, and sniffing dogs to end up as prisoners, rebels or both, you will have to read this delightful fantasy with some truth in it about how valuable someone or thing is to us until we lose it.

It is a short novella, has true meaning and a delight for all pet owners and readers who like to see the underdog win the victory. The characters, Jade and kris are a winning couple and easy to sympathize with as they get into scrap after scrap saving themselves and the treasure.

This is a work in progress and here in the author's words;

"I went to the window to see half the street gathered below. As usual, they watched sullenly. A lot of them hated Comprot, others went to them all the time, like going to teacher to tell on your classmates. But all of them needed entertainment, anything to break up the boredom of their lives. There were a few jeers as the van moved off, then all eyes turned to me at the window. As you may have noticed, I am a private kind of person, and last thing I wanted was to be the center of attention. I knew they thought I was stuck up, and I knew some of them would be relishing this moment—seeing the posh people from the marina on the wrong side of the law, brought down to earth, getting what they got all the time. Well, they could think what they liked."

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