Monday, April 9, 2012

Love and Liberty by Lee-Ann Graff Vinson

Is an intriguing story about military veterans stationed in the Middle East, and assigned to be protectors of the civilians and be on watch for enemy attacks. In the midst of the tensely situation, the bond of friendships and relationships are tested. The main characters are a male captain and female captain who worked together professionally in front of their allies but unknown to the troops there is a hot lustful passionate secret clandestine behind the close doors fill with details of intimate encounters between the two. Over time their flings becomes a burning flame that is igniting into a love but the two are afraid to tell each other their feelings, the military is their first priority.

Then causal relationship, until Captain Dana Jenkins is taken hostage by torturers and killers and Captain Jack Parsons will stop at nothing to rescue her and the other soldiers taken hostage even sacrificing his own life for his troop and in that moment realizes what he is about to lose is driven mad with courage to be a savior.

The author includes suspense in her tale; a plan for conspiracy to be acted out in the story by incorporating this element adds a bonus of excitement to the plot with hidden graphic details, but not enough to truly disturb the reader. The hints are there, but also the reality of what could occur when females are being held hostages. This is a story of love and liberty fighting for their country, freedom and the chance of love found, lost and found again. It is about heroes’ victory and the challenges the veterans faced every day when protecting civilians and countries.

This novella is a combination of intrigue, conspiracy, love and liberty with suspense mixed in to give a glimpse into the world of regular military that face life and death, living each moment as their last, and caters to both male and females readers.

The author's words; “the unit exited from the front door of the Mosque with Jack leading his platoon down the dusty road toward home. The soldiers were on high alert for snipers and kept to the middle of the road, giving a wide berth to anything remotely resembling an IED. For thirty minutes, they marched south along the unsecured main road they’d driven in on. Jack and Iggy shared what food and water they had left in their packs with the others. Tim had given all of his to the wounded left behind. An approaching flatbed truck gave the platoon its first chance to escape the dangerous trek back to Camp Liberty on foot.”

This author is trying different genres and this story's approach was captivating, with romance and conspiracy surrounding the lives of veterans. All struggling to survive in difficult chaos in a faraway land and still find hope to continue on even with all threats they faced. There is even some light humor in-between. Definitely a read if you are looking for romance and action in one novella.

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