Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three and a Half Virgins by John Blumenthal

Is a witty quirky plot about a man who in his past was a Casanova and he tricked women into being played and then walked away breaking their hearts. Later his has a mid-life guilt conscious insight and wants to make amends. Asking his Jewish college buddy to go with him on a road trip to visit the victims of his alleged immoral actions, he discovers a lot about himself and the women he wine, dine, played and walked away from.

It was a delightful tale about a man's personal journey to understand his past relationships and what he lost which was in front of him all the time and discovers the grass is not green on the other side either. It was a refreshing insight to what consequences could occur when one is not thinking with their brains and looking for instant gratification.

As a reader I like the conclusion of the story and the author's acknowledgement to his supporting friends and loved ones; He thanked the handyman for repairing his dry wall and such when writing this charming humor tale about dysfunctional relationships and the ability to apologized and move forward after breaking hearts yet discovers not all seems to be what he thought, not to assume and acts to heal past transgressions to all parties involved.

The author’s words "During my first few days of bachelorhood, I can’t help but wonder what it is about Dave Barstow that Deirdre finds so appealing."

"Is he more romantic than I am? Does he coo sweet nothings in her ear and take her dancing? Is it his sexual technique? Superior penile dimensions? The muscular body? I’ve known Deirdre for a long time and this guy just doesn’t seem like her type. Sure, my ego is bruised, and for a while I let myself wallow in self-pity, but all that gradually fades as the prospect of starting anew begins to take hold."

A tale about repentance and forgiveness, the humor through his eyes and the gist of using pop stars names add to this delightful plot and he is a published writers of other books out there;

You can learn more about this magician of human insight at following link

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He has many reviews which are of positive truths about this book and they are stating the truth; he is a refreshing writer able to laugh at himself and others and shares this insight with readers. Highly recommend this book to be enjoyed with a glass of wine and reflection about one’s own transgressions and commit self to think about forgiving self and others, with a sense of humor and compassion like this writer displays in this story. . . .

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