Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Chaosifier by Mike Evers

Is an excellent fable with not the magic of bunny rabbits and top hats instead this one is fill with the magic of the unseen we humans take for granted, when someone is saved from a fiery car crash, a fire or other incidents in life one thinks it is luck, coincidence or something more; possibly supernatural, an unseen force looking out for humanity, invisible guardians coming to the rescue.

This author took this ideal concept and plotted an entertaining story about good guardians, the bifurs and the bad guardians, Mountain Lord John mystic gone bad, in the midst of this conflict is a divine machine which was stolen and being manipulative in to a tool of chaos.

The good guys the bifurs have the magical powder which they use sparely and is about to be in shortage. They used it in times of trouble and to be thrown upon human in need of some good luck. As the powder lands on them and they sneeze what they are thinking will occur, like the owner of the warehouse experienced the powder action and conjures up a tornado that went straight into the fire putting it out and saved the trapped victims.

Meanwhile the bad guy the Mountain Lord John and his nagging wife Ruby who he kidnapped from Count Dracula on her wedding day. They were cursed by an angry mystic with strange requests to be completed and to suffer through bad fortune in their marriage. The Mountain Lord is becoming meaner and meaner relishing his revenge through the results of the trouble caused by the adjustment device, the Choasifier for it was creating chaos all around the world, financial collapse, kidnapping of presidents and other tragedies. The bifurs kept in communication through the Internet and other devices when they are deployed to posts around the world to stop the events from getting worse.

The good guardians the bifurs are created with colorful personalities are being overworked trying to stop all the commotion and terror caused by the bad guardian Mountain Lord, and his henchmen, Boris and the gnomes taken hostage to be slaves to the madman.

"Pickle turned to Spike and asked: “What now, Corporal?” Spike didn’t answer with words, but with actions. He checked his equipment and removed his catapult from his backpack. He pulled out some packets of dust from his sack and handed them to his team. He noticed that they were down to the last few sachets of powder. Glancing at his watch, he turned to the team and said: “We’re starting to run low in the dust, so top up your dust pouches, but try and use smaller amounts. I mean it. Okay, ready your pouches and wait to use the dust at the right time. And, Watts...” “Yes, Spike,” replied Watts “Don’t empty a whole bag full of dust over someone this time.”

The humour in this story is hilarious as the bad guys robbing the bank get their justice; when the bifurs dump the magical powder on the gossiping nosy body and she sneezes; the action becomes intense and funny, as the events play out. This reader gives you the author's conclusion below to this incident to not spoil the zany plot. You have to read the plot in-between to see the consequences of the robbers' bad luck.

"Spike smiled to himself as he watched the other two robbers being pushed, handcuffed, into the back of a police van. He was glad that nobody had been seriously hurt in the robbery. He was also pleased that Heinz was back, and he had, for once, not bungled things. In fact, he had done quite the opposite: being largely responsible for the foiling of the bank robbery. Spike walked over to Heinz and, giving him a solid pat on the back, said: “It’s good to have you back, Heinz. Well done, trooper. I’ll make sure Major McDougal hears about this.”

This tale continues with a battle of good and evil, a madman against the invisible bifurs who are the protectors of humanity. The story continues with technology and chaos around the globe, some of it occurs in the Great England areas as the world is threw into total insanity and confusion. The bifurs are assigned to different posts around the globe to assist humanity with battling the evil Mountain Lord and Chaosifier. This story is a fable, hilarious, scary and very imaginative; there is not a moment of boredom.

The divine device Chaosifier is broken and the madman is out of control with it when he only wanted a moment of superstar limelight and now the world is on the brink of extinct and he is frantically trying to tame the monster of the device and his erratic moods. Will the equilibrium of good and bad be put back in order or will all be lost?. The story travels across Europe to Germany to Czech Republic, as the bifurs and two young people to seek the madman and the device which could destroy humanity and they do anything in their capabilities to stop the destruction. The humans and the bifurs are trying different solutions to bring peace back into the earthly realm. So another powerful character comes into the plot to put everything what is lost back to what is found with the cooperation of all participants.

The author mixes in so many concepts and elements into this amazing fable about Doom's day and what needs to be accomplish to stop the madness and uses scenery, traveling on ferries, carts and trains to sled dogs and other allures to captivate the reader's mind, they all blend together into a tapestry of wonderment, magical entertainment. There is a mixture of emotions in this tale from joy to sorrow, from love to hate, from walking on the edge of insanity back to sanity. The story plays like an orchestra with so many instruments and chords, it is like being in a wicked theater performance, this is the only way it could be described, the highs and lows of musical notes being played and as a attendee or reader you get caught up in the vibrations and are blew away. There are hints of love blossoming too, and the conclusion was a delicious treat.

As a reader I have read another book by this author; it too was a fable tale about Robin Hood and was a delight, The Spirit Archer. I did not expect anything less from this writer, he has such a creative mind and a writing style which is delightful, entertaining and full of wonder and chills all at the same time. It reminds me of the favorite book, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe full with its zany adventures and moral consciousness.


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