Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Embittered Ruby by Nicole O’Dell

This spiritual and fantasy story Is about a sixteen year old Mexican girl with a mom and two siblings who had to relocate to New Jersey to a ghetto apartment from a luxurious rich life in Westchester, NY, because of a divorce. Mother was offer a job in NJ in a dentist office and moved the family there. Now Carmen used to the easy life of riches and luxury, tennis clubs and swimming pools and a gorgeous boyfriend who she is planning to married later in life is all being sacrificed. The tennis club kicked her out, because Daddy's younger peppy girlfriend ratted on her and told them Carmen does not live with her daddy anymore. Carmen wants mother and father to get back together and plans secret matching making dates but dad is inconsiderate and brings along his younger girlfriend Tiffany to her college night and humiliates her mom.

Now Carmen is in trouble because in NJ the leader of the gang has his eyes on her and wants her as his gal, Diego a another gang member comes to her rescue telling her let everyone know you are my gal and they will leave her alone. She asks why Diego is helping her against the creeps, what strings will be attached and is scared of her new high school and neighbourhood. Now mom is dragging them to church and she is embarrassed to be a pauper and a church project, the poor girls. But a messenger through others crossed paths with her that would change Carmen's life in more ways than imaginable. But the messengers have to knock on Carmen's door more than once before she received the message of what her next steps was in the journey called life.

She goes through some very difficult personal trials and feels guilty for the consequences of hurting her and others. Her mother has to decide a tumult decision which sends Carmen across country to stay at a place to heal and start fresh. It is a new start, a new awakening and gives her strength to continue on her journey called life, but it is not the season yet for awakening and she turns away from enlightenment for she is not ready. Rebels against the truth and looks for a distract until she finds herself ready to face her demons.

In the midst of this a battle of guilt, conflict and remorse ate at her soul and she was a runner and could not cope with the transgressions and seek another path to escape her emotional pain. This pain was dark, full of doubt and misery. Her previous friends did not let her fall into the abyss. They came to rescue her waiting for her to receive insight when the season was right to come back home to the light. Even if she went through faking until it became real. When the awakening came she was ready to forgive herself and ask for forgiveness from others about her assumptions and flaws that caused pain to her and loved ones in her journey called life.

The conclusion was amazing when Carmen painted her graffiti wall symbol of the cross with the sunshine shining through and the ruby slippers at the bottom of the cross representing she found God, herself and home and realized she is not alone anymore walking on the journey called life.

This author has a touching quality to her writing and has other books written with this same quality. Here is the link for you to investigate this spiritual and creative author that has insight into teenagers and others who walked a lonely path and find salvation after their own personal struggles. 1

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