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Ten Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing, Work in Progress

Ten Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing

What is the working title of your book?
Cry for the Children  (may changed title when completed) When the Children Cry, still thinking, if others like to give suggestions, I am open to any. 

Where did the idea come from for the book?
It was a combination of life experiences and my love for spiritual, supernatural and fables stories. The Song When the Children Cry  by White Lion and family and friends who I crossed paths with all contributed to this work. 

What genre does your book fall under?
Mysticism Fantasy, spiritual fiction, still exploring that

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Misty, mother Meryl Streep 
Christina daughter Rooney Mara
Hank Father James Remar (Dexter),
Patty- ex girlfriend Charlize Theron
Ms. Henderson: Mystic Professor Jessica Lange 
Russian Police Officer: Clint Eastwood
Father in-Law John Travolta (born 1954)
Nick Santiago Paramedic Jean Dujardin – The Artist

Samantha Santiago- Nick’s Sister Kate Hudson
Mike Fernandez- detective- Robert Downey Jr. 
Frank Texas Truck Brad Pitt (born 1963)
Mitch -Evil Counter Clerk Driver Fred Savage (born 1976) or Justin Bierber if teenager
Girl Mitch  deceived; Shaline Woodley from George Clooney 
Mark, Nick’s Friend George Clooney
Madame Eliza Psychic Whoopi Goldberg
Dark Master Mich ael Fassbender. 
Possessed Nurse: Jennifer Lopez (born 1970)
Possessed Mark Woman to tricked Mike Maureen O’Hara
Bartender Patrick Swayze - (born 1952)
Sergeant Wilkens and wife Will Smith (born 1968) Viola Davis
Capt Steve Thomason Bruce Willis (born 1955)
Medical Staff Physician and Nurses Shannon Elizabeth (born 1976), Jodie Foster (born 1962), Kate Hudson, Bette Midler (born 1945)
Black Beauty

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Beware of danger in the darkness and the evil surrounding you , look before you leap into a situation.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
Still deciding on that, looking for an editor to review it

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
This started as a draft for the National Novel of the Month, November 2011 and I been working on and off without completing it. 

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
The Last Battle Chronicles of Narnia

Who or What inspired you to write this book? 
My family has Irish roots and my grandparents are from Ireland and raised Catholic, so their departed spirits haunted my consciousness and their life's lessons are ingrained in my soul and my muse desires to be release, I been procrastinating and holding back, looking for an editor and finding my niche in writing this story. 

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
It has adventures, moral lessons, and entertainment throughout. It is a fable written to readers to think about their spirituality and destiny here on earth.  It is about good or bad life's experiences make us or break us. Times are difficult right now and there is allot of anxiety and negative energy swirling in the universe and we need to find an outlet, a belief to locate our peace of mind and a centre to our balance, be it spiritual or another method. The fear, anxious and the depression are dark emotions and the world is changing and needs more positive energy like joy, peace and of course love. Hey I am a child of the Sixties. Love and Peace is my motto, there is a solution to every concern we are faced with every day. Time for unity and cooperation and to believe in good vs. evil and the light will win over the darkness. 

I  tagged five,

Lisa Vandiver
Jacqueline Hopkins-Walton
 JD Mader
   Michelle Matkins
  Marie Seltenrych 

if they can't meet the commitment
any volunteers
to promote your book(s)
are welcome

These are the questions:
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Ten Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing

What is the working title of your book?
Where did the idea come from for the book?
What genre does your book fall under?
Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Who or What inspired you to write this book?
What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Runaway Princesses by Marie Seltenrych and A Petition

Runaway Princesses was an adorable fairy tale about two sisters who were raised in a royal family and disrespected many people and lessons they were taught. They were divas and framed the lower class and had them punishment for slight infractions. Until they became bored and decided to run away to the land of happy children they saw from the roof of their castle.

They travelled along the road towards the town and tried to hide their plan to visit this town a few miles from the castle, and had to hide from hunters, the king's men and others.  When they arrived they were in for a rude awakening and met shady as well as kind hearted people and learn many valuable lessons in their journey to discover happiness and many moral lessons away from home and when they returned to the kingdom, they had to prove who they were.

This story was cute, hilarious and geared towards young children. It had colorful portraits made by creative author with computer graphics and it was a pleasure to read. This is a keepsake in EBook or hard cover form. 

In the author’s words;

““Thank you, Missus Red-hair,” Bruschetta said, running her fingers through very short tufts of hair. “This feels…, short.”
 “Yes, I am grateful: the itch is gone.”  Biscottini said, smiling, feeling relieved.
“Mother, can we sell this?” Rosehip asked.
“If Bananamash and Buttermilk agree to do so, we can sell their locks of hair to the factory in Cauldron Town, where they make mattresses.”
She turned to the princesses, “You can buy material to make new dresses with the money, or anything you like, for I notice you are wearing petticoats, poor darlings.”
The princesses nodded their heads. 
“We agree,” they replied immediately.
Following a quick breakfast of gruel with a little honey, and it continues on ….

It was a sweet and enlightening tale and I would selected it as a gift to give to my children and grandchildren for it is written with care and concern to be shared with many. The graphics are a bonus and were a delightful addition to the story and .they could be used to teach art lessons by hand or research together how one could use computer technology to create their own pictures and story or to be shared with your loved on as entertainment of fun-time.

You can find this fairy tale and other books written by this compassionate and witty author of various genres at this link

She is also an awesome artist and now an advocate for innocent children in the middle of a custody battle, so check out her books and the petition help victims of Domestic Violence, October is the month of DV awareness.

Runaway Princesses

For the Readers;  

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The Godling Chronicles by Brian D. and Jonathan Anderson

I heard so much about this book and from the first word or sentence I was hooked as a reader, it had the excitement and suspense etched in the first paragraph about the dark knight and what he was about to face, his worst nightmare.  But first he had to go over the obstacles that stood in his way.  He is apprehensive but courageous, not letting fear stand in the way and the author had him jumping from column to column to conclude at a mysterious platform with stairs leading up to where? He gathers his wits and ignores his gashes from the journey he travelled to arrive at his destiny and claimed his prize, the valuable Sword of Truth, ready, easy pickings yet there is someone or something thing that stands in his way for the final victory.  It was the White Knight, this reader's heart was racing and laughed for now  the story was to become more entertaining as the two dark vs. light fought for the Sword of Truth and so much more.

Two brothers, one of dark and the other of light are in combat fighting for what they believe, one for truth and another for revenge against the light who punished him and stole away what was rightfully his and he was insane with jealous and nothing would stand in his way, even his once beloved brother and the battle had begun.

The author switches back to a village and a young lad bringing hay to a small village, Sharpstone down on their luck and starving. They are relieved to see this lad coming with his goods.  Gewey Stedding lost his mother at a young age and then his father at fifteen and left to fend, became a hay merchant and was 17 years and a woman's dream mate, 6' 2' black wavy hair, this reader swoons at his good and handsome nature, helped all villagers for free, since economic times were harsh. The dark times had invaded the village for 6 plus years and everyone was suffering through it.

Gewey was an orphan and an old friend of his father had a secret and gave it to him when he started on his travels back to his farm.  This reader knew from glimpses this was going to be a heart wrenching life transforming secret and now Gewey  was faced with his destiny and the events started to get more suspenseful as he is placed in his pre-destined role of being blessed and to become a hero, saving the world from the Dark Knight.

In the author's words: from a letter from his departed father:

 "and your mother left the room to put you down, he told me that you were special, and that the gods had blessed you with a great destiny. At first, I thought he was playing a joke, but the look in his eyes told me otherwise. When I asked him how he knew this, he waved me off and said that eventually it would be revealed. The man has always been somewhat of a mystery, but I believe he’s right."

The departed father spoke about Lee Starfinder,  the story was lee took refuge in a temple with his mother until he became bored with the temple life and was called into service as a Lord Duke's servant and his destiny was to crossed paths with the man who became the baby Gewey adopted father, and the authors goes on with their story about the young man at the age of 17 and his mentor Star Leefinder who came back into the young lad’s life and  how each crossed paths with other colorful characters as they are running from the Dark Knight and his henchmen. They journey to temples to locate the answers to defeat the dark knight, locate the Sword of Truth and unraveled the mystery of the secret treasure. 

Along their journey they met up with friends and foes not certain who to trust, they helped or hinder Gewey and the others along their pre-destined mission as it unfolding and defeating the evil that was claiming the lands and temples. He had conflicting thoughts about the spirits, the supernatural creatures and his purpose of protecting the world. .  He and Gewey and the others are the major catalysts in the future destiny of saving humanity and unlocking the doorway to heaven and bring peace back to a broken unity between elves and humanity.

The authors have a poetic style of relating this tale and this reader was enthralled by all the hidden messages woven into this fable. In between tales of how darkness crept across and corrupted the world and The Sword of Truth was the key as was the secret treasure to be taken back from the Dark Knight and replaced back to its rightful position and the treasure unlocked  for all to be balance equally in the universe once again. The tribe of Gewey, Lee and the Elf and the servant Millet and others all travelled to temple to temple to escape their pursuers of the dark, except they are blinded by others deception and placed in tricky situations. They do not know who their friends are and who are the secret agents working for the Dark Knight.

They met some shady characters along the way and were placed into dangerous circumstances and will have to use all their talents and gifts to escape them and be one step ahead of the evil claiming their lives and the world they existed in. Will they survive? Wii they located the Sword of Truth and the secret treasure unlocked and finally defeat the Dark Knight before he claims the earth as his kingdom, you will have to read this suspenseful story by a father and son team. Their creativity of intertwining many fables and faiths together pique this reader’s curiosity to continue to read the next book planning to be published in the near future.  

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India Was One by an Indian

Reading India Was One, was like entering through a hidden portal, the reader is introduced to the rich heritage of India, it is a story that unfolds with descriptive colorful characters that become like a family to the reader. There are the parents, the adults, the zany friends, the traditional relatives and the .lovestruck lovers who let you follow them through their daily lives;from college to romance, to friendships, to their favorite past time, Cricket. The married couple traveled to exotic locations, all over India, Europe and United States, the details are so vivid, it lets the imagination believe you are joining them on their journeys. This story divulges hidden secrets, the conflicts and the traditions of people living in India before and after a civil unrest. It adds exquisite colorful artwork and details one is not familiar with. Since the Partition of India in August 1947,there have been three major wars, one minor war and numerous armed skirmishes between India and Pakistan.

India Was One, tells of this country divided in two, North and South. The perils of the lovers and families trying to unite again, but are denied. The Indians are separated by their ethnicities and are trapped behind either the North or South borders according to military protocol, have to go where commanded even if loved ones are separated. The civilians are trying to coexist and declare their heritage of being an Indian and not lose their heritage to misguided terrorists. The conclusion was heart-wrenching, and at the same time, a ray of hope. The humor and art work is worth the price alone. This book covers all aspects of what a reader needs for a mini vacation away from life's struggles, so warm and friendly with fast paced thrills. You will not regret purchasing this book and placing it in your library.It is an excellent book to take a mini mind vacation with and opens a portal into a world of wonders and mysteries.

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Awakened Within, A Lost Souls Novel by Author Michelle Matkins

Review of 

Awakened Within, A Lost Souls Novel 

Author's Words:

"With a jolt, Vienna Rossi sat straight up in bed. She ran her fingers into her thick tangled mass of hair. The room was dark and she could hear a chorus of crickets chirping outside her bedroom window. Taking a deep breath, she held it for a moment then exhaled, trying to calm the rapid beating of her heart. This was the third night in a row this week that she awoke because of a nightmare. And not a series of nightly scares, but the same disturbing dream that had been haunting her for the last few weeks. It was becoming more frequent and it wasn't getting any easier to deal with."

"Vienna searched her purse for something to take for motion sickness. If she didn't take it now, she knew she'd pay for it later. Popping a little yellow pill into her mouth, and slipping on her trusty pressure point wrist bracelet for travelling, she settled in for the flight."

Vienna is a young college student who is having strange nightmares and hears a voice talking to her. She decides to follow her instincts and go to Palm Springs, California where her dad has a vacation home and solve the nagging vision that was haunting her. Seeking clues to a bloody murdered girl in the past leads her into supernatural events. She discovers secrets about her self and meets some very interesting characters along the way, a handsome man who is there one moment and gone the next. He appears out of thin air and poof he is gone again.

While she is in California she finds out her uptight dad is engaged to a woman named Bunny, Bunny a little older then Vienna, and she is not happy about her new future step-mother, and who will tell the ex -wife the bad news.
Meanwhile the nightmares are leading Vienna to dark places and isolated back alleys and possibly meeting the murderer of the haunting vision of the girl that keeps invading her dreams.

She needs help but is too embarrassed to explain about the strange events occurring in her life. She is at a crossroads in her life, she enjoys being an artist and part-time teacher, not ready to dive into an unknown supernatural realm where the unexpected occurs. Her best friend Kim and even the new step-mom surprised Vienna for they believe in ghosts and other unseen phenomenon. She discovers Kim is a paranormal investigator, news to Vienna. She herself is still sceptical but not for long. She keeps getting hit in the head with warnings and signs, and a baritone voice.

Is she about to lose it or give up, and ignore all the signs? Will Jack, her spirit guide, be able to save her in time? She is closed to his presence and he is fading fast. Without her belief in him, something wicked is about to happen and he will not be able to protect her.

He tries to get her attention, with mirror writing, static in the music, and vapours in and out of her eyesight. He is scaring the daylights out of her.
Kim arrives in town with her paranormal equipment. Of course the girls go shopping first, and then chase after the possible friend of the suspect they think may have killed the young girl. Vienna dares herself to go on a date with the murderer's co-worker to find out more information about Nathan who was the alleged suspect, he disappeared from his computer job and not been heard from since.

Meanwhile Kim is contacting the computer company to have a technician come to the house and does her own investigation. The girls are in separate locations and Vienna is in trouble and Jack can't reach her.

The story is action packed, and modern writing with an edge of haunting quality to it. It is a page turner because the characters are unique in their own personalities.

This is the author's word's

"Jack," she said. "Jack, are you here with me? Give me some sort of sign."
The lamp on the nightstand flickered.
"Okay. You're here. I wish I could see you."
Jack summoned up energy from the lamp causing it to flicker again. He conjured up just enough to make himself visible, yet transparent.

"Oh, my God." Kim placed her hand to her racing heart. "I can see you."
The bedside light flashed in response.
"Where's Vienna? What can I do?"
"She's in trouble," Jack answered, his voice barely a whisper. Kim had to concentrate to understand him. "She's with Ryan. She's been drugged. I can't wake her."

Author's words:

"Where the hell was she? She couldn't see out. Should she start screaming for help and bang on the walls? Would someone besides Ryan hear her? Or would he be the only one. That would make him angry. His bright green eyes flashed in her mind. He was going to hurt her.

What was she going to do? An even worse thought occurred to her; what was he going to do?

This was a haunting chilling supernatural tale with all the elements of the unseen from ghosts to spirit guides and everything in between. I highly recommend this book by Michelle Matkins a/k/a Michelle Ann Hollstein. She is becoming one of my favourite authors, and writes in different genres too. Psst, I heard this book will be free this weekend, go see her works and decide if she is an author you like to store in your reading library.

Back of Book:
In order to make the nightmare stop, Vienna Rossi, realizes she must take matters into her own hands. She’s compelled by an unseen force to hop on a last minute flight to track down a murderer.

Awakened within her is a psychic gift she never knew she had, a handsome spirit guide who drives her nuts, and the ability to help lost souls crossover to the other side.

Vienna and her spirit guide, Jack, team up with Vienna’s best friend, Kim, for a dangerous, murder solving, ghost hunting adventure.
Book Trailer:
Vienna's Spirit Guide, Jack
Vienna Rossi
Communicates with ghosts
She has the ability to help Lost Souls

Door opening to Vienna's psychic abilities
YouTube - Videos from this email

The Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop, Sept 10th-13th, 2012

Last week, while I was surfing through the Indie Authors community I saw a post that caught my eye, and went to review it.  It was The Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop for these days, September 10th-13th. Sponsored  by Terri Giuliano  Long and 47 bloggers  and 20 authors.  Each day these creative writers arranged to dedicated their time to write their expression of gratitude to the bloggers in their own  blogs,   about  the vital relationship that exists  between the bloggers, and other professionals such as Indie Authors.

To me my appreciation was to replied ; I believe the blogger is the behind the scenes writer who with their unique passion created specialized portraits, be it in words as a book reviews, rhythms as in flash fiction and poetry, themes, as in entertainment and games or artwork as original pictures. They worked around the clock to make it perfect. Prepared it to be presentable and in a flair on the event date opens the hidden portal of the element of surprise to introduce the authors and their books for readers and others to review.

A blog is successful because of  it's originality content and the compassion of the blogger that goes into the promotion. Depending on their presentation their site could attract one or more readers to the blog and displays the author's links so the readers could become  familiar with the inspiring blogger, the guests, the authors and their works.  All individuals are born with the  desire to nurture their potential passion be it music, art or writing and others are born to service like school teachers and bloggers. They want to help others become known and though their blogs they can do this  with an entertaining platform, their site.

Bloggers are designed to the category of a service person, in the 21st century they are in the position of the modern reporter and promoter. As bloggers they  have  many talents be it  as writer, psychologist, social worker, teacher  and artist or what role is necessary to connect with the audience and the guests and accomplished their objective to create a bond. One that is lasting and urged the reader to want to share the news and the connection of knowledge and/or promoted the author's product and to have it be a successful visit. So the readers will go into the community and into Internet land and spread their joy through the media social channels, like Facebook, Twitter and such. Also to spread the warm feeling of I got something to tell another. For the data  to be declared a success and to be shared with their friends and others and the world. The bond between a blogger and author  is a relationship or professionalism, compassion and entertainment.

I applaud Bloggers, as I still new in this arena and dabbling more towards book reviews and promotion,  they are vital  to the author's promotion and could be a lifeline introduction to an author's success or failure. They are great people, open, honest, hilarious, serious, creative and compassionate, so the next time you visit someone's blog, don't drive by and disappear like a ghost. Stop and indicated you were there, even if it is two simple characters of a keyboard,. With the appreciation of a  smile :D,( the  semi colon and a large D), it is the eyes and the mouth of "Hey I was here and kudos to you and your guest for writing and creating an amusing or knowledgeable blog,  and now I am off to visit the author's links. See how two simple symbols can express so much.

I was out of work, due to a personal health condition, am an avid reader and thought about writing as a hobby and was introduced to the Indie Authors community and became a volunteer reviewer for a publishing company and one day selected  a delightful ghost story written By Author Coral Russell. After the review was submitted I found out she selected it to promote in her rising book, Amador Lockdown. The review was included in the published book and I was honoured for the privilege. It came at a dark time in my life and it was a shining sign I should continue to assist and promote Indie Authors and that is why I do it today. I created a shared authors, artists and readers page on Facebook, and write blogs to became a dabbling blogger and promote unknown authors and let them shine in the limelight. I get to sit back behind the curtain and basked in a job well done and go to sleep at night with a peaceful and clear conscious of doing a good deed in a quiet style. It became a passion and that is why I created blogs and shared authors' wonderful works to be seen by all.

I and behalf of others wanted to thanked the host of the sponsored event, Terri  Giuliano Long and her guests, 47 BLOGGERS and 20 AUTHORS and of course all of the READERS for coming for this great event and expressed their gratitude for the behind curtain writers, the bloggers and the authors they write about. And kudos to the authors who understand how vital the relationship is between a blogger and an author. Ah, peace in the Indie and Blogger  land.  Let's all sit down around the fire and always share the peace pipe.

The two links, one is the introduction and the other to see who the bloggers and authors are and the other two above are for entertainment but sums up what a blogger is and to emphasized  they are the missing link in the puzzle of enriching knowledge that brings authors and readers together. Let's give them all  a rousing round of  applause for all. This why as a blogger it is an honour to me to promote others and shared their achievements, their  accomplishments, and their dream to be a published author and promote them and their books to the readers.

Go to the links above and you can review the bloggers, and authors who are participating in the Celebration and read more interesting blogs why bloggers promote for authors.

Sign Up for the Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop!

Sign Up for the Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop!:

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 Unemployed Imagination.: Time and Life

 Unemployed Imagination.: Time and Life:             At times I feel as though I have lived too many lives.   I have tried to be too many things.   And it has left me with nothing. ...

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Spontaneous Combustion: Enlightenment and the Cosmic Crucible-by Miles Gentry

 Spontaneous Combustion by Miles Gentry is not a theological story, rather it is a philosophical/psychological observation of what is to occur when the genetic chemistry lab in our vessel is activated.  It explores the concept of predestined humanity, DNA was incorporated with dominant genetic material that is waiting for the right moment to become activated.  Be it with the alignment of the planets or others signs of the awakening eclipsing upon the horizon.

There is a dominant mystery in our vessels and brains seeking the key to awake to the new age of spiritual awareness. There is evidence that this chemical transformation is gradually occurring in some sleeping vessels residing on Earth.  Some would call these individuals light workers who are more evolved in their journey of existence.

The author describes the Holy Book and religious beliefs not in the theories we were raised with, but rather it is a dominant chemistry evolution asleep in our DNA structure and waiting to be turned on to occur inside each individual (gentle or harsh depending upon their understanding of the activation switch hidden inside themselves) and he extracts the biblical concepts which fit the theories he writes of.

To burn and feel the heat of Hell is to not be aware of the transformation that is about to occur in one's vessels. All the chakras and neurological and psychological changes which will activate to bring one's consciousness and six senses to a heightened awareness when turned on, can be a gentle or harsh awakening, and if ready will assist the new transformation to a stage of advance evolution into a different plane of existence and be able to live above the chaos of today's reality.

If they accept the change with the strange occurrences it will be easier, so one could be able to adapt to another dimensional level, and have a new observation of what humanity's purpose was while here and visiting. He explores that this is a spiritual existence and excludes the stereotyped religious beliefs and sees a different perspective about Jesus and his journey on the earthly dimension. 

He did communicate secrets and parables to his apostles and others to explain that the human body is an advance technological machine that has fallen from their purpose, caught in the insanity of the present day reality one needs to survive in. And they became lost in the lies, the instant gratification, the commercialism, the political trappings, and the genetic abuse of Mother's Nature's gifts to humanity. All methods to keep the enlightened individuals  on the brink of awakening distracted from their true purpose and forget their mission to unite humanity and the universal mysteries together while residing in the earthly plane and assist each other to the new awakening.

As a reader I had these and other concepts hidden in my subconscious and afraid to accept them  yet  this author has the gift to extract sensitive  theories and write in an entertaining (not with a lecture writing) style which could stimulate the sleeping brain and open the ability to absorb some of his knowledge, and made the reader desire to goggle about the pineal gland and systemic functions to investigated how to  awaken the sleeping chemical potion in our brains and explore if it is true that God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and all other of the three elements in historical tales are really the Self, the Id and the Ego and to accept one  needs to let go of the false beliefs and listen to their  inner voice. Which is whispering to one to help them  through the fire to be burnt gently  and molded into a new vessel awakening to the light of eternal  life in different evolutions which goes on for infinity not just the earthly vessel of skin and bones.

I won this transforming book from Author Mysti Parker 20,000 Hits promotion on Facebook and the Author Miles Gentry was generous to send me an autographed hard copy, so I wrote this review in exchange for the book.

This reader wanted to understand the theories behind this plot and emailed the author, he was prompt and replied; his reply piqued my curiosity and I set my TBR list to the side and invested my time to thoroughly enjoy this work. Here is an excerpt of the conversation I had with him;

You ask, "...the secret is in there yet to be found, and you are the vessel to reach the sleeping vessels?" The secret is "in us" - but no, I am not "the vessel to reach the sleeping vessels." I am on a journey to awaken myself, but also to share all insight that I might discover. Each individual is on this same journey, to awaken to greater realization and conscious existence. That "thing" that wakes us is to be found within us [Part II]. Though in potential, it is inherently within us. Awakening is a process, much like that of the acorn growing into the oak tree.”

In all I was pleasurably surprised by the concepts this author explored in his book and think as a reader if you are lost in your beliefs about awakening this book is the first stepping stone to the truth of what we may be facing in the near future and a guide to explore the concepts to discover if this is the truth for you.  Here is this author’s link to preview this book that could be transforming, it has expanded my awareness.