Friday, September 14, 2012

The Godling Chronicles by Brian D. and Jonathan Anderson

I heard so much about this book and from the first word or sentence I was hooked as a reader, it had the excitement and suspense etched in the first paragraph about the dark knight and what he was about to face, his worst nightmare.  But first he had to go over the obstacles that stood in his way.  He is apprehensive but courageous, not letting fear stand in the way and the author had him jumping from column to column to conclude at a mysterious platform with stairs leading up to where? He gathers his wits and ignores his gashes from the journey he travelled to arrive at his destiny and claimed his prize, the valuable Sword of Truth, ready, easy pickings yet there is someone or something thing that stands in his way for the final victory.  It was the White Knight, this reader's heart was racing and laughed for now  the story was to become more entertaining as the two dark vs. light fought for the Sword of Truth and so much more.

Two brothers, one of dark and the other of light are in combat fighting for what they believe, one for truth and another for revenge against the light who punished him and stole away what was rightfully his and he was insane with jealous and nothing would stand in his way, even his once beloved brother and the battle had begun.

The author switches back to a village and a young lad bringing hay to a small village, Sharpstone down on their luck and starving. They are relieved to see this lad coming with his goods.  Gewey Stedding lost his mother at a young age and then his father at fifteen and left to fend, became a hay merchant and was 17 years and a woman's dream mate, 6' 2' black wavy hair, this reader swoons at his good and handsome nature, helped all villagers for free, since economic times were harsh. The dark times had invaded the village for 6 plus years and everyone was suffering through it.

Gewey was an orphan and an old friend of his father had a secret and gave it to him when he started on his travels back to his farm.  This reader knew from glimpses this was going to be a heart wrenching life transforming secret and now Gewey  was faced with his destiny and the events started to get more suspenseful as he is placed in his pre-destined role of being blessed and to become a hero, saving the world from the Dark Knight.

In the author's words: from a letter from his departed father:

 "and your mother left the room to put you down, he told me that you were special, and that the gods had blessed you with a great destiny. At first, I thought he was playing a joke, but the look in his eyes told me otherwise. When I asked him how he knew this, he waved me off and said that eventually it would be revealed. The man has always been somewhat of a mystery, but I believe he’s right."

The departed father spoke about Lee Starfinder,  the story was lee took refuge in a temple with his mother until he became bored with the temple life and was called into service as a Lord Duke's servant and his destiny was to crossed paths with the man who became the baby Gewey adopted father, and the authors goes on with their story about the young man at the age of 17 and his mentor Star Leefinder who came back into the young lad’s life and  how each crossed paths with other colorful characters as they are running from the Dark Knight and his henchmen. They journey to temples to locate the answers to defeat the dark knight, locate the Sword of Truth and unraveled the mystery of the secret treasure. 

Along their journey they met up with friends and foes not certain who to trust, they helped or hinder Gewey and the others along their pre-destined mission as it unfolding and defeating the evil that was claiming the lands and temples. He had conflicting thoughts about the spirits, the supernatural creatures and his purpose of protecting the world. .  He and Gewey and the others are the major catalysts in the future destiny of saving humanity and unlocking the doorway to heaven and bring peace back to a broken unity between elves and humanity.

The authors have a poetic style of relating this tale and this reader was enthralled by all the hidden messages woven into this fable. In between tales of how darkness crept across and corrupted the world and The Sword of Truth was the key as was the secret treasure to be taken back from the Dark Knight and replaced back to its rightful position and the treasure unlocked  for all to be balance equally in the universe once again. The tribe of Gewey, Lee and the Elf and the servant Millet and others all travelled to temple to temple to escape their pursuers of the dark, except they are blinded by others deception and placed in tricky situations. They do not know who their friends are and who are the secret agents working for the Dark Knight.

They met some shady characters along the way and were placed into dangerous circumstances and will have to use all their talents and gifts to escape them and be one step ahead of the evil claiming their lives and the world they existed in. Will they survive? Wii they located the Sword of Truth and the secret treasure unlocked and finally defeat the Dark Knight before he claims the earth as his kingdom, you will have to read this suspenseful story by a father and son team. Their creativity of intertwining many fables and faiths together pique this reader’s curiosity to continue to read the next book planning to be published in the near future.  

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