Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Runaway Princesses by Marie Seltenrych and A Petition

Runaway Princesses was an adorable fairy tale about two sisters who were raised in a royal family and disrespected many people and lessons they were taught. They were divas and framed the lower class and had them punishment for slight infractions. Until they became bored and decided to run away to the land of happy children they saw from the roof of their castle.

They travelled along the road towards the town and tried to hide their plan to visit this town a few miles from the castle, and had to hide from hunters, the king's men and others.  When they arrived they were in for a rude awakening and met shady as well as kind hearted people and learn many valuable lessons in their journey to discover happiness and many moral lessons away from home and when they returned to the kingdom, they had to prove who they were.

This story was cute, hilarious and geared towards young children. It had colorful portraits made by creative author with computer graphics and it was a pleasure to read. This is a keepsake in EBook or hard cover form. 

In the author’s words;

““Thank you, Missus Red-hair,” Bruschetta said, running her fingers through very short tufts of hair. “This feels…, short.”
 “Yes, I am grateful: the itch is gone.”  Biscottini said, smiling, feeling relieved.
“Mother, can we sell this?” Rosehip asked.
“If Bananamash and Buttermilk agree to do so, we can sell their locks of hair to the factory in Cauldron Town, where they make mattresses.”
She turned to the princesses, “You can buy material to make new dresses with the money, or anything you like, for I notice you are wearing petticoats, poor darlings.”
The princesses nodded their heads. 
“We agree,” they replied immediately.
Following a quick breakfast of gruel with a little honey, and it continues on ….

It was a sweet and enlightening tale and I would selected it as a gift to give to my children and grandchildren for it is written with care and concern to be shared with many. The graphics are a bonus and were a delightful addition to the story and .they could be used to teach art lessons by hand or research together how one could use computer technology to create their own pictures and story or to be shared with your loved on as entertainment of fun-time.

You can find this fairy tale and other books written by this compassionate and witty author of various genres at this link

She is also an awesome artist and now an advocate for innocent children in the middle of a custody battle, so check out her books and the petition help victims of Domestic Violence, October is the month of DV awareness.

Runaway Princesses

For the Readers;  

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