Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spontaneous Combustion: Enlightenment and the Cosmic Crucible-by Miles Gentry

 Spontaneous Combustion by Miles Gentry is not a theological story, rather it is a philosophical/psychological observation of what is to occur when the genetic chemistry lab in our vessel is activated.  It explores the concept of predestined humanity, DNA was incorporated with dominant genetic material that is waiting for the right moment to become activated.  Be it with the alignment of the planets or others signs of the awakening eclipsing upon the horizon.

There is a dominant mystery in our vessels and brains seeking the key to awake to the new age of spiritual awareness. There is evidence that this chemical transformation is gradually occurring in some sleeping vessels residing on Earth.  Some would call these individuals light workers who are more evolved in their journey of existence.

The author describes the Holy Book and religious beliefs not in the theories we were raised with, but rather it is a dominant chemistry evolution asleep in our DNA structure and waiting to be turned on to occur inside each individual (gentle or harsh depending upon their understanding of the activation switch hidden inside themselves) and he extracts the biblical concepts which fit the theories he writes of.

To burn and feel the heat of Hell is to not be aware of the transformation that is about to occur in one's vessels. All the chakras and neurological and psychological changes which will activate to bring one's consciousness and six senses to a heightened awareness when turned on, can be a gentle or harsh awakening, and if ready will assist the new transformation to a stage of advance evolution into a different plane of existence and be able to live above the chaos of today's reality.

If they accept the change with the strange occurrences it will be easier, so one could be able to adapt to another dimensional level, and have a new observation of what humanity's purpose was while here and visiting. He explores that this is a spiritual existence and excludes the stereotyped religious beliefs and sees a different perspective about Jesus and his journey on the earthly dimension. 

He did communicate secrets and parables to his apostles and others to explain that the human body is an advance technological machine that has fallen from their purpose, caught in the insanity of the present day reality one needs to survive in. And they became lost in the lies, the instant gratification, the commercialism, the political trappings, and the genetic abuse of Mother's Nature's gifts to humanity. All methods to keep the enlightened individuals  on the brink of awakening distracted from their true purpose and forget their mission to unite humanity and the universal mysteries together while residing in the earthly plane and assist each other to the new awakening.

As a reader I had these and other concepts hidden in my subconscious and afraid to accept them  yet  this author has the gift to extract sensitive  theories and write in an entertaining (not with a lecture writing) style which could stimulate the sleeping brain and open the ability to absorb some of his knowledge, and made the reader desire to goggle about the pineal gland and systemic functions to investigated how to  awaken the sleeping chemical potion in our brains and explore if it is true that God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and all other of the three elements in historical tales are really the Self, the Id and the Ego and to accept one  needs to let go of the false beliefs and listen to their  inner voice. Which is whispering to one to help them  through the fire to be burnt gently  and molded into a new vessel awakening to the light of eternal  life in different evolutions which goes on for infinity not just the earthly vessel of skin and bones.

I won this transforming book from Author Mysti Parker 20,000 Hits promotion on Facebook and the Author Miles Gentry was generous to send me an autographed hard copy, so I wrote this review in exchange for the book.

This reader wanted to understand the theories behind this plot and emailed the author, he was prompt and replied; his reply piqued my curiosity and I set my TBR list to the side and invested my time to thoroughly enjoy this work. Here is an excerpt of the conversation I had with him;

You ask, "...the secret is in there yet to be found, and you are the vessel to reach the sleeping vessels?" The secret is "in us" - but no, I am not "the vessel to reach the sleeping vessels." I am on a journey to awaken myself, but also to share all insight that I might discover. Each individual is on this same journey, to awaken to greater realization and conscious existence. That "thing" that wakes us is to be found within us [Part II]. Though in potential, it is inherently within us. Awakening is a process, much like that of the acorn growing into the oak tree.”

In all I was pleasurably surprised by the concepts this author explored in his book and think as a reader if you are lost in your beliefs about awakening this book is the first stepping stone to the truth of what we may be facing in the near future and a guide to explore the concepts to discover if this is the truth for you.  Here is this author’s link to preview this book that could be transforming, it has expanded my awareness.

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