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Stolen But Not Lost by Janet Tombow

This author concludes her intense Christian story Stolen But Not Lost; with the following recommendations;

“Perhaps one of these five “lessons learned” might help someone else with difficulties or uncertainties to overcome:

F – Find the truth

O – Open up to counseling

U – Uncover miracles available to you

N – Never think it’s too late for dreams to come true

D - Don’t delay to obey

Recommendations about believing in faith of the Almighty and obeying His clear instructions to walk the right road in your life and be blessed with gifts beyond one’s imagination She opens the story about her childhood and the conflicts she struggled through to be abandoned, abused and rejected by all who alleged to love her, yet lied to her about her natural mother and her toddlers years.

She describes in her plot about travelling across the country and living a new life, always felt something was incomplete. She thought about the person she lost when she left her previous home and has an empty hole in her heart angry she was deceived into thinking that she was unwanted.

Until many years later, 45 years actually she is given a message from the Almighty and begins her journey to seek answers to her lost past and discovers a new and enriching future. She describes her journey and thoughts to readers about embarking on a destiny that transforms and helps her heal to learn forgiveness and to believe in the impossible becoming possible

This book is an excellent personal biography about not assuming the facts until all is discover and seeking for lost ones. It gives one strength to continue seeking and believing in the Almighty, self and hope and the conclusion could be a happy ever after ending...

She also encloses a reference about how to search for lost loved ones and not to have any regrets but listen to your the voice in your mind and heart. .She includes verses of scriptures in her tale to emphasizes the power of the unseen miracles in believer's lives.
©2010, Kitty, all rights reserved.

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Damaged by Troy McCombs

Is a powerful story about bullying and the consequences that occur to the victims. This book was written because something haunted the author's core about the Columbine High School killing. The killers’ young teenagers themselves were displayed as evil monsters and not given any forgiveness for their horrific actions of injuring and killing innocent victims. This reader is neutral and not looking to debate with anyone about the terrible incident. This reader brought up this sensitive topic because this story is a warning and should be read and discuss with all silent crying out victims and the bullies to bring the truth to the light. Not all are innocent when a psychopath is created.

This book was written to see the world through the victim's eyes and how he was affected by the constant taunting and teasing and the lies he experienced every day. School became a torture chamber and he tried to let the adults in his life know that he hatred every moment being in an institution and be bullied by mindless insensitive jerks. I as a mother and substitute teacher know the signs when a child becomes phobia and fights like a demon to not go to school; it is a plea for help.

That the children are being destroy by cruel intents be it physically or psychological abuse by his peers and will do everything in their power to protect themselves and become strangers under your own roof to not experience one more hatred name or label. These taunts paint a self -image and the child starts to believe she/he are stupid, retarded and other vile labels.

This author plotted a dark fantasy with criminal intent to get the message across that bully is the worst damage anyone could experience, it lingers long after the bully moves on with their lives and not realizing the aftermath of their intents. It is very graphic and my stomach almost came up with some of the details. This story is out there but with some of the bullies today this message needs to be declared. Reading this book will definitely open up many eyes and minds to the destruction of an innocent child that was forced to turn into a Dr. Hyde and Jekyll

In the author's words; “His heart felt blacker than night, empty, soulless, cold. Unfixable,bleeding, damaged to the optimal degree. There was no going back to any former life, any former sanity. This was the end of it all, the end of him. His cries were so loud, he could not hear the television. Muffy was standing by his feet, licking his pant leg to try and ease his anguish."

"I'm the bull's-eye in the sights of millions. Put me in a room with a million people, I'm the only target. They can sense it. Are there others like me? All this time, people are afraid of Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Ed Gein but are they mentally disturbed? Is that why they kill people? Are they crazy? How can they be? Society targets them for no apparent reason before they take a single life.

“Society, in turn, creates its own monsters."

"The most brutal novel ever written!"

This book has mature content, language and details that should be review before letting under-age children read it. There is a vital message in the pages and is definitely an eye opener. There are few editing concerns but the story is powerful so they do not distract the reader.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mouch and Company: The Dream Psychic (Paperback) by Bob Dixon

It is an intriguing tale about a teenager and his friends discovering how powerful their psychic abilities are as they are put to the test to fight an evil foe. He wants total control and will not stop at anything to attain it. This story is a thrilling page turner with it's combination of supernatural and fantasy adventures keeping the reader entertaining, anticipating the next action. It is recommended for all ages. Definitely an temporary escape to a magical universe. The writer has the gift to create his colorful and funny characters whom you can bond with and rally for. And join them on their adventures of discovering the truths, lies, and secrets of their destinies as they work together to defeat the evil foe and his plan to extinguish all good magic.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Damaged by Troy McCombs

Is a powerful story about bullying and the consequences that occur to the victims. This book was written because something haunted the author's core about the Columbine School killing. The killers’ young teenagers themselves were displayed as evil monsters and not given any forgiveness for their horrific actions of injuring and killing innocent victims. This reader is neutral and not looking to debate with anyone about the terrible incident. This reader brought up this sensitive topic because this story is a warning and should be read and discuss with all silent crying out victims and the bullies to bring the truth to the light. Not all are innocent when a psychopath is created.

This book was written to see the world through the victim's eyes and how he was affected by the constant taunting and teasing and the lies he experienced every day. School became a torture chamber and he tried to let the adults in his life know that he hatred every moment being in an institution and be bullied by mindless insensitive jerks. I as a mother and substitute teacher know the signs when a child becomes phobia and fights like a demon to not go to school; it is a plea for help. That the children are being destroy by cruel intents be it physically or psychological abuse by his peers and will do everything in their power to protect themselves and become strangers under your own roof to not experience one more hatred name or label. These taunts paint a self -image and the child starts to believe she/he are stupid, retarded and other vile labels.

This author plotted a dark fantasy with criminal intent to get the message across that bully is the worst damage anyone could experience, it lingers long after the bully moves on with their lives and not realizing the aftermath of their intents. It is very graphic and my stomach almost came up with some of the details. This story is out there but with some of the bullies today this message needs to be declared. Reading this book will definitely open up many eyes and minds to the destruction of an innocent child that was forced to turn into a Dr. Hyde and Jekyll

In the author's words; “His heart felt blacker than night, empty, soulless, cold. Unfixable,bleeding, damaged to the optimal degree. There was no going back to any former life, any former sanity. This was the end of it all, the end of him. His cries were so loud, he could not hear the television. Muffy was standing by his feet, licking his pant leg to try and ease his anguish."

"I'm the bull's-eye in the sights of millions. Put me in a room with a million people, I'm the only target. They can sense it. Are there others like me? All this time, people are afraid of Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Ed Gein but are they mentally disturbed? Is that why they kill people? Are they crazy? How can they be? Society targets them for no apparent reason before they take a single life.

“Society, in turn, creates its own monsters."

"The most brutal novel ever written!"

This book has mature content, language and details that should be review before letting underage children read it. There is a vital message in the pages and is definitely an eye opener. There are few editing concerns but the story is powerful but they do not distract the reader.

Queen Emily's Enchanted Kingdom: Sugarland By Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson, Illustrated by Emily Ann Vinson

This little jewel is an imaginative creative colorful creation. The best part is this was written and the pictures were created by a mother and daughter team from Canada. It is a sweet short tale about a dream the little girl has and it has a valuable message in the words.

In today's times the countries and the masses need more fairy tale stories like these because as the years pass and parents are more worry about taking care of their families with working more hours and less quality time with their children, every lesson learn is a future investment in our children's health and well-being.

This author and her daughter are on the right track in creating adorable tales using life lessons to entertain the whole family. As a mother I wished there were more books like these out there years ago. This team touches upon a subject we all need to think about in a unique style.

“Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson is a freelance writer, e-book author and blogger. She is the blog author of the Best Day Ever series, which will soon be published in print and e-book format. The Queen Emily series is based on her daughter and is a joint venture with Emily using her talents to draw most of the illustrations for this book. Lee-Ann is a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild and the Canadian Romance Authors Network. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.”

As a reader I would store these author's books in my library and share with my children and grandchildren, over and over again. In these busy times we need reminders and to spend more quality time with our children and these books are the tools to teach and learn lessons and how to read in a fun way.

Find it here: 1
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Night Sky by Jolene Perry

Is a sweet and powerful tale about teenagers and their angst of growing experiences. Jameson the main character is a mature 18 year old who resides in a household of love and support until a few traumatic event changes his reality. Then there is Sarah, his best friend of three years who he is secretly infatuated with and is in conflict to be her best friend or her beau. Sky, the mysterious gal from far away that comes in his life at the moment he thought his heart was broken and never to heal again. He sees Sarah making out with another guy at a dance and it shatters his self-esteem.

Then Sky comes flying into his world and he is distracted for a while from his painful emotions of being quiet or admitting his adoration for Sarah. Sky opens his eyes and heart to new experiences and new feelings of a love he never thought was possible. Sky is mostly truthful with him and expects the same with him; he never has this kind of honesty with Sarah.

In the midst of the conflict between the two girls, his best friend and his future love; he has to deal with more life threatening events that affect his bearings around him all through his last senior year in high school.

In the author's words; "It’s not like Sarah died. No, she’s just dating someone who can’t understand a tenth of her worth. But it’s what she wants. Maybe she doesn’t know what she wants. And how am I supposed to tell her how I feel?"

This story was a refreshing look at teenagers and the old fashioned values that one should be raise with. Jameson is a sweetheart, a good son and such a gentleman with a sincere heart. Sarah is still growing and needs to learn a lot herself and relationships. Sky is a mature woman with a lot secrets and responsibilities. They are from different backgrounds and they all come to an apex at the conclusion that was comforting to the reader. This story is written to appeal to all ages.

This author has a writing style that is refreshing and pure with a realistic approach towards the events of being a teenager in today's world and how they all adapt to the chaos and truths.

You can read her interview with Kitty Bullard of Great Minds Think Aloud Book Club to find out more about this amazing talented author.

Jolene Perry of Night Sky

This is from a reviewer on Amazon and this reader agrees totally with it. "

"The author was like a ninja in this book with her writing; she crept around some serious subjects but managed to make them subtle yet powerful. This story was definitely a great fast moving plot, there were plenty of scene changes and slower moments; overall great plot line."

This reader also discovered this author is planning to write more enriching love and epics stories like this one.

Google her name Jolene Perry and read some amazing and honest stories which are so entertaining this reader finished Night Sky in one reading.

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A Memoir of Love, Loss and Pie

When a story touches this reader in a sentimental way I look for the words to describe the story. I came upon the Author’s words; and included them in this review for they sum it all up. This heart wrenching story of a woman’s personal journey through life’s rain storms and finally finding sunshine at the end tugged at this reader’s heart.

“Within the first six blocks of the two-thousand-mile trip, any trepidation Id had was replaced with excitement, a sense of possibility, a sudden surge of freedom. Extracting myself from Portland really was like skydiving—first the anticipation, the terror, the leap of faith, the surrender, all followed by a peaceful calm—and then, once the adrenaline wore off, the exhaustion. I was heading toward Iowa and pie, a lot of pie, so I already had a guaranteed soft, safe landing."

As a reader and reviewer of books that are enjoyable, these words above sums up this haunting and sentimental book about a woman who lost the love of her life, her soul-mate and dives into a passion she always cherish to distract herself from the misery of her loss; it was a year of discovering and seeking healing, rebuilding her life and passion which become the lifeline to living; a dream of a fragile thread that gave her purpose to continuing living not to end it all.

This writer has taken the topic of pie and created a personal creative plot about how one suffers during the darkness periods of one’s life and find the joy of living again. She writes of her journey to self-healing to transformation by sharing imitate details on her one year journey to survive a difficult time in her life. She adds colorful characters, human emotions, life events, traveling and the importance of others, loved ones, friends, pets and strangers who she meets on the way while travelling and living out her passion making and eating pies sharing her private moments;

She is an old fashioned baker, believes in no machines, create pie just by hand, rolling the dough and adding in all the special ingredients to share with others creating memories of happiness to share with friends, superstars and strangers. She takes her passion and intertwines it into a poetic comparison of something we loved and how it all interacts together as in life, as in a cycle, to start and end in the same place with a new beginning and cherished memories.

She overcomes many obstacles, traveling across country in a RV, passing old haunts where she and her soul mate shared warm memories of their life before he passed on. So many challenges and writes with a zany sense of warmth and humor to be not a victim but a survivor to tunnel from the darkness into the light, grief is such a powerful monster and she was able to come to grips with her pain and learn more about herself by daring to be and be the best baker she desires to be by channeling her grief into positive energies.

Her words again “This is what my life had come to: grieving widow uproots herself from the security of her Portland home to travel across country in her MINI Cooper with two dogs and a bin of pie-baking supplies and in the midst of judging pies at the Iowa State Fair ends up at the Des Moines, Iowa, headquarters for Better Homes and Gardens magazine to have her photo taken for the November issue. How did I end up here?”. . .

In the middle of this story this reader had a craving to bake old fashioned apple pie, and not being a cheater I did not go to the back of the story, for this reader wanted to savor the life lessons and experiences through the author’s eyes and I did. Then surprise at the end of the remarkable tale there is the additional section of various famous delicious pie recipes, so this reader has a hankering for baking pie and think about what a sorrowful and joyful experience this writer instilled in others by sharing her life’s journey through grief to acceptance and hope.

Her popular blog, The World Needs More Pie, which she launched in 2007, regularly receives national press that has included Better Homes and Gardens, the New York Times and NPR’s Weekend Edition

Here is the link;

As she wrote on her blog “Pie is meant for sharing. Pie connects people. Pie knows no cultural or political boundaries. Pie makes people happy. And happy people make the world a better place. That’s why the world needs more pie.

And authors like her who write from the depth of their souls brings this reader to her own cross roads of thinking; stories like this are gems and are the missing ingredients. So go find it and added it to your to be read list and enjoy a piece of pie with it. Ah the scent of apple pie is calling me.

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The Shadow of the Banyan Tree by Vaddey-Ratner »

The reader and reviewer copied this excerpt not from the book but a reviewer of the book; "I saw a new world through her eyes, a land of geckos scaling the walls, of jeweled beetles and coconut leaves; a place where people have never known the taste of ice, and where naked children are slick like rain-drunk carps, and rockets look like banana blossoms; where people swallow diamonds and hide their eyeglasses to escape the notice and wrath of revolutionaries.
This is an extraordinary book.”
—Jonathan Karp, Executive Vice President and Publisher In The Shadow of the Banyan

I copied this because he has captured the enlightenment of this book; the hope of the main character was compelling and endearing to me as I read how it would conclude. I was exhausted with emotional sensations but grateful the author listened to her father's words and took the time and energy to create this masterpiece.

This author has a desire to honor her father and his brilliant contribution to life as a husband, father, teacher and a wonderful poet and also honor others she loved and lost in the tragic guerilla warfare which occur when Nixon was the USA President in a faraway land; Cambodia.

She relived through hers and others personal tumult experiences by fighting with her personal and past demons to write a fictional story about her private memories of a horrific period in the world's history and her childhood.

She was brilliant with her words pouring out her soul and pen the story with elegant language and thoughtful poetry by mingling her actual and fictional memories into a book full of memories of hers and others. These memories of the characters are tremendous heart wrenching reality descriptions of the atrophies which occur behind the borders and the suffering of the refugees who suffered at the murderous hands of these misguided rebels.

This reader thought it would help to outline some history to really appreciate this author’s depth of emotional investment she dedicated to writing and publishing the truth for all to see.

Not many in America and possibly other countries were aware of the tragedies which occur in the late 70's when Nixon was President. The invasion of Cambodia and the torture of refugees by closed minded sick rebels who were brainwashed as young children to become terrorists, armed with weapons and instilled with a manipulative agenda in their minds.

The commandoes sent them out to the villages to pretend to be friends to the residents of Cambodia and then forced them into enlisting as soldiers to fight the enemies. Those people who defiant those in charge were punished severely with hideous torture of guerilla warfare.

Some individuals and their families who were brave and disobey the commanders’ orders were torn away from each other and transported to a work camp or worse, never to be seen again. Those who went against the rebels were unfortunately taken hostage and punished to be strip of their dignity and their lives. Later the rebels attacked those who did not fit their definition of the idea comrade. No one was safe for madness reign in the country of Cambodia as the new regime ravishes the lands and all material goods and attack the families.

It was an attempt to have the pheasants assist the rebels in taking over Cambodia to create hide-outs and a killing agenda for an execution mission against the enemies, the Vietnamese. .

This author has honour her loved ones and defiant her enemies and did not stay silence about the atrophies of this warfare. She came to realization that the story must be written to be a memorial for herself, father and her loves ones. She wrote an amazing touching and brilliant story about loveable characters, young Raami and her family as they navigated as hostages through the harsh and beautiful lands to holding cells; be a Buddha sanctuary or a pheasant’s home. They suffer as slaves in labor concentration camps, suffer through the misery of poverty, starvation and inhuman abuse.

Raami the character at the age of seven lost her family and witnessed bloody slaughter of the refugees. No child should experience such horror at such a tender age. She had two loving parents and a strong network that cherish her and give her strength to survival to be a fighter and seek for hope in the littlest gift to all things even in the midst of a holocaust.

The fragile bonds and commitment with her family was heart wrenching and fulfilling as they became her life-line to survive through the bewildering atrocities of war. The compassion and depth of the author's insight was breath-taking and harsh at the same time. This reader is still dealing with the after effects of reading this story.

It is awesome, beautiful, heart wrenching, emotional draining and uplifting at the same time. It is truly a gift and a warning that we need to awaken to the warfare in other countries and help these young survivors make it through to be alive to live an independent and free life away from the reality of harsh warfare.

This reader believes this book could become a blessing upon society if the leaders heard her views. I applaud the author for listening to her father's wise wisdom and taking flight and write this memorial to him and her loved ones who were tragically sacrificed in this madness as if she wants everyone to realize no tragedy should hold anyone back from their dreams, no matter what their circumstances are or were. When you come to the conclusion there is a bonus an interview with the author and how she took flight to write a haunting and hopeful tale. The imaginary characters as well as the real ones in the mind of the author were beyond powerful drawing the reader into her world of joy and sorrow, love and hate and forgiveness.

The book can be locate at

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A Far Land by G. David Walker

Was a delightful surprise written by an Indie Author. It is of sci-fiction genre, but this reader wonders if the author was also thinking of supernatural elements to add to the plot. Jason Bennett is a teenager on vacation with his family and relatives in Scotland and he is bored of the adult talking goes off on a hike. Like all teenagers curiosity got him and he was attracted to an antique building and a shining light. He dares to follow the light and opens the door which is not another room rather it is a strange and mysterious world. He walks through in another dimension and realizes too late he may be trapped unless he finds another portal to go back home again. Meanwhile he has no choose but to adjust to his new and wondrous adventure.

He receives help from a mysterious Reyga, a Loremaster who takes him under his wing. Reyga is willing to train the lad the magic secrets of their world if he is willing to learn. Thus the adventure begins Jason is introduced to many new experiences and other worldly aliens. He is in the midst of a conspiracy and does not know which side to choose.

There is intrigue, suspense as the Loremasters and the outsiders' battle against each other by manipulative magic abilities and warring devices. The Loremasters are not reassured of Jason's loyalty and if he may or not be the future prophet coming to save or destroyed their world. The traitors behind the strategic attacks are watching and waiting for the right moment to conquer the world and it's capital, Telerian where the high ones are enclosed in safety for their have the key to all knowledge and command only certain individuals can have authority to utilized the knowledge which causes a chaotic rift in more ways than one; dividing the races of creatures in us against them, thus if something is not agreed upon in time the end may be on the horizon.

Question; will Jason and his allies are able to defeat the dark shadows and regain their authority or lose all. This reader was compelled to find out the conclusion and enjoyed the hours of reading this inspiration story and was so impressed with the quality of details like the writer was trying to create a world where one can walk through a portal and be part of it. The plot was easy to follow and there is more here than a sci-fiction story. You will have to see for yourself and check out this author's Amazon's page to find out more about this creative author who is able to grasp all elements of existence and combine them in a spun tale of pure magic.

In the author's words; It was a prophecy given over eight hundred years before. From a far land, Jaben shall come. The last to arrive, he will already be here. Powerful and powerless, Our hope and our doom are in his hands.

The unique and colorful characters, Jason Reyga, and other Loremasters and of course the female healers and secondary character the brave chameleon creature of the Shanthi race; her name is Lenai, she Jason's guardian and committed to her assignment to protect the far lander with her life. They are leery of each other until in desperation they have to join forces against the dark foes and then so much magic occurs it brought joy to this reader's mind. The story continues and the relationships between Jason and the aliens go through many personal storms until at the conclusion the truth is unveil and then they will or will not come together to save the capital city, Telerian and the rest of the world.

Jason experiences a range of human emotions from fear to joy and in-between as he witnesses many events and feels hopeless. The rebels are winning and will take authority of Telerian and possibly destroy Jason's world, Earth to have complete dominance of the universe. There is a mysterious watcher waiting to choice sides; will he/she assist or kill the young visitor, Jason and will he seek his capabilities before this world and earth are annihilated.

This reader was introduced to this phenomenal writer through a Goodreads monthly book contest and was attracted to the cover and seeing the word Scotland in the first paragraph and my mind was hook and I am so pleased to find a gem among sci-fiction since it is not usually not my genre to read. Highly recommend this author and surprise he has more stories to enjoy.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Ranger’s Tale by Mysti Parker

This reader won this delightful tale in a book contest Hunger Games Read Along Event at

From the first page to the last, it was an entertaining tale of a young woman birth into a family of royalty and wizardry has her life destiny changed when a misfortunate accident takes her brother, the heir to the kingdom. She is given the responsibility of carrying the family’s name and reputation as a mage a powerful wizard to continue the linage of the generation. She is a fiery restless soul and when forced to do something against her nature; it was the last straw and she takes her destiny back from her controlling father. She desires to leave the kingdom and see the world, not trapped behind the walls of her castle...

She sneaks out pass the guards on one adventure where she meets a dark handsome man who saves her from being taken hostages by foes and pirates. Meeting him starts her on a wild passionate lusty and worldly education in romance, relationships and the fine art of defensive fighting; using the bow and arrows, survive in the woods and learn how to track and hunt animals for food. She rebels against her destiny and throwing caution to the winds plans her final elopement from her the destiny she desires not and begins a new start. Live her dreams, not her father’s...

The story is written with highly emotional and intimate scenes of powerful sexual chemistry between her and the dark stranger. They are attracted to each other and bond as soul mates. He is cold and distant with her but as the reader turns the pages the relationship heats up and moves to a more personal connection. He is her lover, protector and the man of her dreams. They separated for a while, she is waiting for him to return from the seas; the days stretch into long nights and no word of his existence arrives. Until the dreaded day a telegraph arrives informing her he was lost at sea. Her world crumples and she is lost without him. The author adds more surprises and twists that compelled this reader to not be able to put the book down.

The story continues on as life continues on but the reader’s heart was crying for Galadin, a hero lost at sea and Caliphany’s grief at losing her life soul mate.
This excerpt caught this reader’s heart;

“It was here that my life truly began, when the floodgate opened my heart to the possibilities of love and loss. Some of the best and worst days of my life had happened since Galadin rescued me that day. But without the good times and bad, I may have never experienced true love, sacrifice, the powers of forgiveness, and the consequences of guilt. Even in my weakness, I knew I was a stronger person now because one man decided to step into my life and save me from myself.”

The story continues with some dramatic events and transformations that pulled this reader along waiting in anticipation to see what would be the next action in Caliphany’s future and will she find happiness and peace ever again.

This story’s setting was creative blending in with elves, mages, faeries, kings, and other colourful characters. The healers and the magic community was a pleasure additional. Plus the sailing ships moving through the ocean with the fear of a pirate attack at any moment kept this reader on the edge of her seat and appreciated the author’s creativity of mixing so many concepts and write such a magical fantasy romantic adventure on the high seas and in the royal kingdoms of those days. I goggle her Amazon Author page and she has many five stars reviews and more works in progress. She deserves them. I was pleasurably delighted with the story and bless my lucky Irish four clovers to have won this gift.

This reader believes Mysti Parker is a rising star and this is her first story in her the paranormal fantasy romantic series’ very entertaining with wizards, paladins, elves, trolls, and other worldly creatures, royalty, a sweet romance, betrayal, and new beginnings with locations of faraway lands and very charming; good and evil characters fighting each other. This tale was suspenseful and poignant at the same time. .

Good News: Look for more romantic tales from her fantasy world of Tallenmere, where magic, passion, murder, and mayhem are a part of everyday life coming soon.

Alert: This is a fantasy romance, not intended for children or teenagers. Contains adult and sexual situations, violence, and mild profanity. ebook/dp/B004XJ5EI2/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t

Another link to explore is

Highly recommend this book with a glass of wine to put your feet up for a while; disconnect the phones, all distracting devices and lose yourself in a high seas adventure of fantasy and romance and destiny transformation, you will not be disappointed..

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Spirit Archer by Mike Evers

This is a short narrative about a young boy in the United Kingdom going through many personal trials; he is the sole support for his mum's household since his dad was killed years ago. Jamie is feeling lost and restless overhears a conversation about a mysterious incident at a local cemetery and to distract him from his worldly troubles he decides to scout out a cemetery to see what or who scared the customer. He ventures into a mysterious world involving a long lost hero to some and a criminal to another; A fork-lore hero to the poor.

This discovery positions his destiny to change from the lost boy to grow into a knowledgeable lad; for he finds a kindred soul who helps him through the darkness to the light, be it supernatural or a fantasy.

This genre is refreshing because education is lacking in the world today and this author was able to take a captivating character and formed a bond with a lost lad and the conclusion was awesome ; meanwhile he describes details of a historical truths that makes this reader want to Goggle the internet and refresh my educational knowledge.

It was ironic how the past comes into the present and the bullies are put in their rightful places. The hero comes to the rescue and proves that if one is kind and gives then they too will be rewarded for their sharing.

This narrative should be extended into longer historical facts written using the adorable Jamie as a teacher and role model to teach the children about not forgetting about their history and to continue to learn new knowledge every day. This story has a surprising conclusion and it is somewhat witty and remarkable. You have to read it for yourself. If you crave folk-lore tales and want to know historical facts this author may be the one for you to investigate.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At First Light by John R Sikes

and the charcoal drawings illustrations by Glenn Duncan and Jim Borer is a witty short collection of stories with this opening:

Author's Note:
I named this collection of stories At First Light because no matter if I am at sea, on the river or in the woods, it is my favorite time of day. The transformation from darkness into light. A time between the last chill of the night and the warmth of seeing the sun appearing over the horizon. It always brings hope"
This written introduction by the author was an eye catcher already for this reader to get comfortable and read this collection.

In this short collection the author is describing his days as a fisherman and his camping experiences by himself and the antics he lives through. He continues the tales detailing his career as a tour guide taking tourists out on the raging rivers and he adds his own adventures of almost losing his life on more than one occasion. Yet he still does not learn his lesson and like a dare devil goes on yet another wild adventure. He adds a humorous touch to the short tales and the additional illustrations describing the journeys with creative details pulls in the reader. Captivation enough to reeled in this reader and have her get caught up in the story; like when a tourist or friend is flipped into the frigid fast flowing rivers as the canoe overturns or the other typical male tactics one does to enjoy the outdoors life and captured game adds a laugh here and there.

This reader enjoyed this preview and look forward to reading more works from this writer.

This author has other books in the works. His style of writing with humor and realistic life experiences give these stories and unique quality of their own. Rated PG but parents should review first before younger children read this collection.

Available by John R. Sikes

At Rogue Phoenix Press

Fisherman's Son

Young Jason hits the open ocean of the Pacific Northwest for the first time. In his adventure-filled journeys, he learns the ropes of fishing the great seas under the tutelage of his Uncle Buck and the old salty dogs aboard the commercial fishing vessel, the Wave Dancer. Jason's strength of character, quick wits, and bravery are called upon to help save the family business and the lives of his fellow crewmen. Will he survive his ordeals? Will he earn enough money to fulfill every teen's boy's dream of buying a fast car? Enjoy this rolling sea adventure to see how he fares.

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Smuggler's Story

Smuggler's Story is about the early days of drug smuggling and how the notorious drug cartels were formed.

Just After Daylight

Another collection of short stories.

Many of John R. Sikes books are also available in print at

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Game of Heart by Kathryn J. Bain

Is a story about a struggling single mom with three children and an ex-husband who is a deadbeat dad who does not pay his child support in the arrears of 40,000 plus and she with the children are struggling day by day to put food on the table and barely pay the bills. The children go without new clothing and are deprived of many things because mother can't afford the basics right now on her part-time job. The story has a charm of it's own as the three pre-teenagers described their personalities and how each one deals with the reality of a divocre and living in poverty and the transformation that is about to come into their lives.

The author was inspiring as she added in the hilarious scenes which poor mom, Deb experienced and the surprise of her lifetime comes into her reality. It is inspiration because it is full with faith and strength to get through any storm as long as you believe in the unseen and yourself.

The mother gets feed up and dreams of escaping her fateful destiny but can not abandon her children. The author mixs into other entertaining characters, her lady friends from the South mingling with the Northern ladies and they have some playful conversations as they help Deb through her emotional and financial difficulties.

In all a warm witty and delightful story that some time God closes one door to only open a much happier one. The humour in the story was so realistic and the reader wanted to smash that arrogant deadbeat over the head too. She had to be a saint not too.

Then an additional gift was given at the end of this short narrative that made this reader curious to Goggle the title and author and this is what I found out; she definitely writes books that tugged at the reader's hearts. Go see for yourself, fun, clean and witty with realisitic prespectives with some fantasy mixed in.
©2010, Kitty, all rights reserved.

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Run from Fear by Jami Alden

Is an intensely suspenseful chilling romantic writer for she has spun a tale while probably thinking of her favorite authors; Judith McNaught, Johanna Lindsey, Karen Robards, Catherine Coulter, Shirlee Busbee among others, as she stated she devoured their lavish historical epics full of overbearing alpha males and the women who brought them to their knees" as she indicates in her Amazon Bio. This story is written similar to that unique style adding all those components in a thriller that was intense.

This story is about victims who became victors in the end. This is a dramatic horror about a serial rapist and killer targeting vulnerable females and torturing them within inches of their lives. In the past he captures Talia and she becomes a victim only to get justice but now she and her sister are in need of a safety house until the arrest and trial and other events passed. After their lives have been disrupted for close to two years They come out of hiding and try to restore as much as possible a normalcy to their lives as they could. In the back ground a security agent Jack with seal training and his own issues takes the women under his wings; since he was the rescuer of Talia. Since that day he save her he was attracted to her wanting to protect her and her sister like broken birds. He was always behind the scenes making sure the women are fine. Everything is going smoothly until the strange incidents starting occurring, the necklace, the flowers, and the pictures and other events which haunted Talia’s mind, bring back flashback of her horrific ordeal at the hands of a serial rapist and emotional roller coaster ride of battling her demons. Jack becomes the knight in shining armor fighting her imaginary or real foes.

Jack knows that something is not right, and comes out of hiding to protect and captured the culprits who are taunting the women. The relationship between them changes from professional body guard to somewhat a personal relationship. Tilia wonders if she is so broken will she be able to open her heart to another man, be vulnerable to depend upon another. The conflict, suspense and twists keep the reader enthralled to see what will happen next. Warning there are some language and graphic details and lusty scenes in this book.
The title fits this story accurately there is fear around every corner, every place the women visit, the past of healing from scarred wounds and memories, the present question will they be safe and the future; can Talia open her closed heart to the man of her dreams.

Here is an excerpt “The obvious one to look at is Margaret Grayson,” Jack continued, referring to David Maxwell’s widow, released from prison after serving only eighteen months after she agreed to give up all of the details of her husband’s illegal activities that spanned the globe. “Cole’s been checking up on her but she’s keeping a low profile, hiding out at the family estate on Bainbridge Island.”

“Doesn’t mean she didn’t hire muscle to harass Talia.”

Jack paused as a guest squeezed past them in the hallway that led to the kitchen.

“True, but so far we haven’t been able to find any links,”

This writer has an Amazon Author page just Goggle this book and/or her name and see her other published books full of chills and suspense with a romantic twist; They definitely will keep the reader entertain because you are on the edge of your seat waiting for that "what If" moments and desiring to see the outcome become a victory.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

“The Castors of Giza” by Chris Hambleton

Is a combination of Biblical history and a fantasy book; the author extracts different theories about the ancient Egyptians days and their lives living in the surrounding lands. This story surrounds one certain Pharaoh who is appointed to the throne of Kemet: Khufu. His father was a master builder and command that the slaves build majestic pyramids, the burial site for royalty.

The Pharaoh wants to be honored by the underworld gods and decides to best his father and create the greatest pyramid and surrounding temples so all can see even miles down the Nile River. He appoints specialized experts in the art of stone making and other fields to journey across the Red Sea and seeks for the materials they will need to complete the dream of the mighty pyramid.

The story is enlightening, intense, and courageous as the experts travelled into unknown territories and encounter roaming nomads and barbarians.

The plot switches between the Pharaoh and his Egyptian kingdom to introduce an incident and one of the experts who’s in trouble to be saved at the last moment by a Hebrew. Thus the unusual friendship begins. The Hebrews understand that the stranger needs to go back home to Kemet and the rescuers are rewarded for their bravery and are allowed to reside in the blessed kingdom and experienced their own personal trials. The bond of friendship grows and the Egyptians realize that the Hebrews have vital knowledge to extend to completing the building of Great Pyramid.

This story is full with suspense, adventure and historical as well as biblical verses that made this reader wonder at the mysteries of life in those days and today of the 21st century.

The author combined the two periods together the emerging of monotheism and the building of the pyramids. He gives insights to the possibility of the secrets of how the pyramids may have been created. The story is full of daily life rituals and tender moments of family and loved ones experiencing joy and sorrow and missing their loved ones as the experts are commanded to venture to a faraway land to scout for the precious stone that is needed to complete the building of the pyramid. He incorporates various theories from religion to the sciences into the story.

The additional bonus is that there is a conspiracy and two brothers are pitted against each other and one’s beliefs are to be banned, but which one’s? Events and twists that make the story compelling, suspenseful and intense to conclude in one or two readings. The additional elements of the letters between the Hebrew slave and the Egyptian master builder lets the reader follow the progress of the building of the king's dream and other concerns that plague the lands and causing intriguing situations.

The author was generous to include data and references of the facts that pull together a sensitive, knowledgeable insight into the lives of the people who lived in the days of Genesis and how the two confronted each other over their views of faith and how they resolve conflicts.

If you like to know more secrets about the pyramids and relationships in those days, you can go to this link: to investigate for yourself and learn more information about this fantastical period of the former days. It is recommend for all ages for it is complete with many details and would make it a hot topic to talk about around the dinner table.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Priest and The Peaches by Larry Peterson

Is an amazing heart wrenching story about a family and their bond with each other, the unseen forces and the people in their lives. The family consists of a father and five children living together under one roof. They lost their mother to illness and their dad became lose in the world of alcohol and grief. He loves his family and does the best he can consider the circumstances.

When a tragedy hits the Peaches Family they have to fend for themselves and became a close knit family. More calamities occur and they are lost in a personal tumult storm and experience events that were detrimental yet they are courageous, miraculous and the trails transform them all. Their father was as I was seeing my own father when alive; a man who would give his own shirt off his back to help his neighbor and kept his deeds quiet. His mantra of L.Y.N. is such a powerful tonic of unconditional love and teaches others to share. The theme of paying forward had this reader reaching for the tissue box.

The hidden poetry of the story was so familiar to this reader's life I felt as I was reliving some of my childhood experiences and was being pulled into a whirling pool of emotions, from love, anger, hatred and finally forgiveness. The writer has the gift of a master in explaining the secret of how pride, anger and hatred blocks the wondrous gifts that were meant to be cherish, and are lost in the rush of daily life of all business and some strangers and loved ones unleashing their selfish ego attitudes it is not to be spiteful but to hide behind the defenses so they do not have to unveil their broken hearts and shame secrets. I think this author is trying to tell the readers to keep their priorities in order and live life as it was meant to be and let the petty things go.

Everyone in this story is like a family member and it is easy to connect with each one. It was like my uncle and aunt was whispering to me and sharing wisdom with this reader. It is filled with knowledge, love, hope and faith and mysteries we all ponder about.

This author broke down all those barriers by writing a touching soul wrenching story about trials in life and shows with faith anything is possible. The twists and life rituals of this wonderful family and their personal journey through heart ache to victory is very inspiration and has this reader thinking about returning back to her former faith and strive harder to release the human qualities of pride and ego; to connect more with a higher force which may be the answer to live on this planet and we should live as in Let It Be as in the Beatles song.

This book is a winner and has a message for all ages. I was joyfully taken hostage by the story and sad to be release. This reader definitely looks forward to read more enlightening stories from this writer. This choice will probably stay as my number one choice for 2012.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daisy Dawson on the Farm by Steve Voake and illustrated by Jessica Meserve

A cute short story book with entertaining charcoal drawings of farm animals and other drawings related to the plot. It is light reading and has a moral written throughout; if there is a problem, vent about it, accept it and then created a plan to solve it. The farm animals are faced with a life situation and the charming Daisy Dawson becomes the team leader and organized them into a comedic cooperated team to think of strategies that will solve the problem.

My children are in college but if I was a grandmother this would be a choice to read with my babies. It has cute little songs in-between the pages and as a reader I was thinking what would be the perfect music tune to listen and sing by as we read this as a family. It is light and charming and a treasure to add in your library with a moral teaching that all little children and even adults who need a refreshing break from stress could enjoy.

As a reader I like the scene when Daisy and the animals received insight to how precious mother nature and the human connection is to each other and what they could do to help one another survive. The added elements of the bond between life and nature were a vital component written into this tale. It even includes dancing to the rhythm of nature’s sounds. This part alone if my children were toddlers would interested me in saving this book for rainy and mom I am bored days. There is so much in this little story that can entertain adults and children happily for quality time together. Oh the good news there are ha others books in this amusing series.

I was curious and asked my teenager could ebooks be attached by computer to a large screen television, "of course mom" I was verifying it so I could save this cute story on a flash drive, for just maybe in the future and shared this delightful tale and other with them; I am discovering these types of books could teach reading, learning valuable life lessons , and includes singing and dancing, what a wonderful way to spend a memorable time with the ones we love. Highly recommend this book and others in this series for a mini break and to create life-time memories and spending quality time with the children is a gift not to be taken for granted.

This is the link
As a mom of three teenagers, who survived through the difficult times of bored days I could not believe this little gem has not been reviewed before I came along. Please go check it out if you are looking for a delightful treat and look forward to enjoying memories with your babies for they grow up too fast.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OTOLI By Bryony Allen

The author’s description; the story revolves around three main characters; Alice, Kieran and Jenny and a group of bullies known as the Popular's. Alice Turner is a year eight pupil at Stowton Middle School who has become a victim of bullying by the girl gang – the Popular's. Deeply unhappy, Alice finds herself wandering into a cafe called OTOLI that she has never noticed before. There she meets Jenny the mysterious waitress who always seems to be scrubbing the same table clean. Alice is initially excited to have a friend, but she soon realizes that this friendship may come at a price.

At times we depend upon one another and our life "depends upon" another, enough to manipulate someone into convincing you to make bad choices and live with regret. Accept your intuition and go with the thought that this is not right and everything has to be done to stop it. This reader believes the author is trying to alert the world that bullying is very destructive and has severe consequences and it should become a priority to stop it from continuing.

What if you found a friend who accepts you unconditionally but then begin to realize that something is not right here? We've all been there, question do you continue the friendship or walk away? It is hard to make choices when you're a teenager, events and challenges arise and an individual is on the outside looking in and needs to choose between being morally right or immorally wrong and go with the peer pressure or rebel against it. This is such a story about bullying and how each character, Alice, Kieran and Jenny decides to deal with the emotional consequences of being bullied.

It has a dark tinge with light humor to balance out the drama. It speaks about friendships and some that aren't what they seem to be, causing little flickers of doubt to creep into the victim's conscious as the Popular's , the high class girls of the school target the weaker students and taunt them to the point of desperation of becoming anti-social, and losing their dignity or pushing them over the edge to become obsessed with revenge. The plot thickens as the tables are turned and the torturers are bullied; and strange incidents begin to happen. The story is complete with suspense and mystery and "what if'" questions.

Alice, the main character and Kieran find that one special friend, Jenny who does not seem to judge them, just accepts them for themselves; as time passes they sense slight gestures and words from Jenny as strange and start to think twice about their friendship; does she, out of desperation and loneliness, accept her intuition run as far away as she can or deny the lies and overlook the slight hints of something more sinister at play. She is caught in a cat and mouse game and will have to make tricky decisions. So will Kieran, their maturity will decide their fate.

I am an American and this book is set in the United Kingdom but bullying is increasing throughout the world through social media outlets; Facebook, cell phones and other devices and to some it is a torture to be targeted and constantly whipped emotionally and physically, it erodes all self-confidence and destroys a bright future. The statistics for suicide and other things escapes these victims, sufferers though are rising and this story is a realistic perspective that other teens and adults should read and utilize to open up a community discussion on how to became an advocate and look for the warning signs of someone being bullied. All ages, diversity and genders are chosen as victims and it is only increasing.

This story is short, realistic and touches on the realities of bullying and describes a sensitive topic with a unique style.

I choose this statement off the internet for I believe it sums up the description of OTOLI.

This book is quite short, so I don’t want to give anything away. However, OTOLI will leave you realizing the shocking effects that bullying can have on people’s lives; both for the victims and also for the bullies. I also loved the supernatural twist to this book; it gives a whole new element to an otherwise very serious story. It is a YA book, a supernatural and fantasy book for all ages and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the organization 'Bullying UK' which is a valuable reason in itself to buy the book and help stop bullying and save someone's life.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Intangible by J. Meyers

Is a supernatural, paranormal fantasy and the title fits this captivating story. It involves two teenagers’ twins who are not aware of their special powers, one is a healer and the other is a seer, a visionary who sees into the future. Sister and brother living a normal teen life hiding their gifts because the masses would not understand; Sera is a kind soul and cannot help another in misery, so over time they are discover due to rumours turning into truth. The adventure begins. They are stalk by others who want Sera's healing to touch them and others who were terrified by the healing hands and would stay away from her.

She and her brother Luke are the forces of light battling against the darkness; not aware they are under an evil mistress’s watch. They crossed paths with strangers with unknown mysterious agendas, be they friend or foe to rescue or hurt the twins. The question is who do they dare to trust and who could they expose their secrets too and not be consider freaks by everyone?

The story is light reading, flows with ease and it entertaining as the author mixes in budding romances, friendships and betrayals, lost and kidnappings and has the reader pondering how valuable is friendship, loved ones and life and how much would one sacrifice to protect another.

Here is an excerpt from the story; “He pressed his hands harder into his eyes. He had to be able to stop it. He couldn’t live with this vision coming true.

Across the room, Sera lounged on the couch, totally oblivious, sketchbook propped on her knees. She squinted at her drawing, three pencil laced through the fingers on her right hand, an eraser clutched in her left.

He couldn’t lose her. And he didn’t know how to save her. He was at a standstill and hadn’t a clue what to do.”

Every page is a delight for it has excitement etched into almost page; this reader could not put this book down; It is a YA fiction, but suitable for all ages. It has common sense, memories of being close to your siblings and the deep passionate love and rivalry that plays between Sera and Luke was a comforting memory. The blossoming of young love and how much to unveil to Marc and not have him running away screaming get away from me, lunatic was touching. The additional bonus of adding Faes and fighting forces in to the events kept this read rivet to the conclusion. This book is full of surprises and twists.

The author weaves various narratives from interesting perspectives and keeps the story flowing without any confusion. The twins, Luke and Sera; Marc who has his own hidden agenda which back fires and causing conflict for him; a powerful vampire named Jonas who is there to terrified or protects the gifted. The scene where one can be engrossed and can’t be forgotten is when Lilith and Fey, two opposing forces face each other in a death match to defend the gifted. .

This reader found myself rooting for and enjoying each character, even those who were more ambivalent than others. The light and dark forces in the battle to save their race and the world was addicting and this reader enjoys when there is imbalance that needs to be corrected for peace to reign. So if you are into many characters that are fighting for their existence and stories which flow smoothly then this author may be the one you are searching for.

The confrontation between Fey and her "Fae Fighters" And Lilith, the "Queen of the Damned was explosive and hints at future books being publish to continue the series which as a reader I will be watching for and put on to be read list

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shadows by Cheree Alsop

Is a powerful supernatural story that tugged at this reader's heart strings. It is an inspiring story about seeing beyond the surface and look beneath a creature/person's real essence. Treat one with respect, kindness and honor and it will be pay back with rewards. This tale is about creatures all that are separated and suspicion of each other. This is a folk-lore about discrimination and judging others because they are different from one another and need to learn to live in harmony because of dangerous foes and how heroes achieve that mission. It is full of excitement, adventure as the lovely Nexa is held prisoner because she is of the race that was born from two separate cultures and doom to a life of being a slave to the higher pure class of creatures.

She is feisty and rebellious and is whipped for every infraction she breaks. She has a strong will and challenges the guards every opportunity she can. Then one day she is exploring hidden caverns sneaking around breaking out of her cell hoping not to get caught and punished severely and a charming mysterious man hears her make a noise and looks behind the wall denies seeing her; she is relieved and sneaks back to her cell. Only to be punished over and over again, it does not break her spirit.

One night strangers come and kidnapped her, she is frighten but is feisty fighting back and her life is about to embark on a transforming journey through dangerous events. To experience life changing miracles of occurrences which make her realized she is not trash to be discarded but an powerful and beautiful creature whose purpose is to shatter all stereotyped beliefs about the various cultures and bring peace to their world. This author has extracted a tender subject and created a supernatural fantasy about seeing beyond the surface of an individual and see what is inside them and accepts them for who they are.

It is full with suspense as the races of Luminos or Nathos and Duskies will have to compromise to fend their lands and families against the fierce flesh eating cannibals creatures, the Sathen seeking their next meal. The Luminos, the Duskies and others gather together to defeat their enemies and protect their families and loved ones. Also the romantic scenes would make a girl sworn over the handsome prince Axon and his gentle ways. The fights between allies and foes and blood lust would attract the male readers.

The conclusion was so powerful and scary this reader was sitting on the edge of her seat, gasping in surprise at how close the characters came to losing their lives, the scenes were so real thinking how that was close, or that must of hurt, as they planted their sharp teeth into her or his skin and other blood curling scenes.

It was emotionally surging at points, climatic at others and sad at some when they lose their comrades to the battles. The plot is set in the ancient days of the Vikings conquering the lands. The Kings their Queens and royalty blood fighting in battles to protect their loved ones and lands. Kings and Queens and royalty blood that must be saved at all costs and the stranger no one accepts until she shows her true courage and defends her people and lands and proves herself worthy of her heritage.

In the author's words; I looked up sharply and he gave a small smile. “We heard about what you did at dawn to save the ship from mutiny. Who knows how many of the other boats would have followed if you hadn’t stopped this one.” He looked at his companions again, obviously embarrassed by the rush of words.

The one to his left held up a hand and the first Nathos shut his mouth gratefully. “What my friend is trying to say is that your act of bravery saving both the Nathos and Luminos aboard this ship has done much to ease the tension between our races and that of the Duskies.”

I stared at him. “Even after the attempted mutiny?”
He nodded. “You would be surprised. We come from a society where leaders are obeyed without question."

As the Amazon book description states this reader wholly agrees with the statement; "Epic, stunning, and absolutely mesmerizing, Shadows is the unique and original story you have been waiting to read". This is definitely a book that I would read again just to savor all the details I missed.

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