Monday, March 5, 2012

Intangible by J. Meyers

Is a supernatural, paranormal fantasy and the title fits this captivating story. It involves two teenagers’ twins who are not aware of their special powers, one is a healer and the other is a seer, a visionary who sees into the future. Sister and brother living a normal teen life hiding their gifts because the masses would not understand; Sera is a kind soul and cannot help another in misery, so over time they are discover due to rumours turning into truth. The adventure begins. They are stalk by others who want Sera's healing to touch them and others who were terrified by the healing hands and would stay away from her.

She and her brother Luke are the forces of light battling against the darkness; not aware they are under an evil mistress’s watch. They crossed paths with strangers with unknown mysterious agendas, be they friend or foe to rescue or hurt the twins. The question is who do they dare to trust and who could they expose their secrets too and not be consider freaks by everyone?

The story is light reading, flows with ease and it entertaining as the author mixes in budding romances, friendships and betrayals, lost and kidnappings and has the reader pondering how valuable is friendship, loved ones and life and how much would one sacrifice to protect another.

Here is an excerpt from the story; “He pressed his hands harder into his eyes. He had to be able to stop it. He couldn’t live with this vision coming true.

Across the room, Sera lounged on the couch, totally oblivious, sketchbook propped on her knees. She squinted at her drawing, three pencil laced through the fingers on her right hand, an eraser clutched in her left.

He couldn’t lose her. And he didn’t know how to save her. He was at a standstill and hadn’t a clue what to do.”

Every page is a delight for it has excitement etched into almost page; this reader could not put this book down; It is a YA fiction, but suitable for all ages. It has common sense, memories of being close to your siblings and the deep passionate love and rivalry that plays between Sera and Luke was a comforting memory. The blossoming of young love and how much to unveil to Marc and not have him running away screaming get away from me, lunatic was touching. The additional bonus of adding Faes and fighting forces in to the events kept this read rivet to the conclusion. This book is full of surprises and twists.

The author weaves various narratives from interesting perspectives and keeps the story flowing without any confusion. The twins, Luke and Sera; Marc who has his own hidden agenda which back fires and causing conflict for him; a powerful vampire named Jonas who is there to terrified or protects the gifted. The scene where one can be engrossed and can’t be forgotten is when Lilith and Fey, two opposing forces face each other in a death match to defend the gifted. .

This reader found myself rooting for and enjoying each character, even those who were more ambivalent than others. The light and dark forces in the battle to save their race and the world was addicting and this reader enjoys when there is imbalance that needs to be corrected for peace to reign. So if you are into many characters that are fighting for their existence and stories which flow smoothly then this author may be the one you are searching for.

The confrontation between Fey and her "Fae Fighters" And Lilith, the "Queen of the Damned was explosive and hints at future books being publish to continue the series which as a reader I will be watching for and put on to be read list

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