Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shadows by Cheree Alsop

Is a powerful supernatural story that tugged at this reader's heart strings. It is an inspiring story about seeing beyond the surface and look beneath a creature/person's real essence. Treat one with respect, kindness and honor and it will be pay back with rewards. This tale is about creatures all that are separated and suspicion of each other. This is a folk-lore about discrimination and judging others because they are different from one another and need to learn to live in harmony because of dangerous foes and how heroes achieve that mission. It is full of excitement, adventure as the lovely Nexa is held prisoner because she is of the race that was born from two separate cultures and doom to a life of being a slave to the higher pure class of creatures.

She is feisty and rebellious and is whipped for every infraction she breaks. She has a strong will and challenges the guards every opportunity she can. Then one day she is exploring hidden caverns sneaking around breaking out of her cell hoping not to get caught and punished severely and a charming mysterious man hears her make a noise and looks behind the wall denies seeing her; she is relieved and sneaks back to her cell. Only to be punished over and over again, it does not break her spirit.

One night strangers come and kidnapped her, she is frighten but is feisty fighting back and her life is about to embark on a transforming journey through dangerous events. To experience life changing miracles of occurrences which make her realized she is not trash to be discarded but an powerful and beautiful creature whose purpose is to shatter all stereotyped beliefs about the various cultures and bring peace to their world. This author has extracted a tender subject and created a supernatural fantasy about seeing beyond the surface of an individual and see what is inside them and accepts them for who they are.

It is full with suspense as the races of Luminos or Nathos and Duskies will have to compromise to fend their lands and families against the fierce flesh eating cannibals creatures, the Sathen seeking their next meal. The Luminos, the Duskies and others gather together to defeat their enemies and protect their families and loved ones. Also the romantic scenes would make a girl sworn over the handsome prince Axon and his gentle ways. The fights between allies and foes and blood lust would attract the male readers.

The conclusion was so powerful and scary this reader was sitting on the edge of her seat, gasping in surprise at how close the characters came to losing their lives, the scenes were so real thinking how that was close, or that must of hurt, as they planted their sharp teeth into her or his skin and other blood curling scenes.

It was emotionally surging at points, climatic at others and sad at some when they lose their comrades to the battles. The plot is set in the ancient days of the Vikings conquering the lands. The Kings their Queens and royalty blood fighting in battles to protect their loved ones and lands. Kings and Queens and royalty blood that must be saved at all costs and the stranger no one accepts until she shows her true courage and defends her people and lands and proves herself worthy of her heritage.

In the author's words; I looked up sharply and he gave a small smile. “We heard about what you did at dawn to save the ship from mutiny. Who knows how many of the other boats would have followed if you hadn’t stopped this one.” He looked at his companions again, obviously embarrassed by the rush of words.

The one to his left held up a hand and the first Nathos shut his mouth gratefully. “What my friend is trying to say is that your act of bravery saving both the Nathos and Luminos aboard this ship has done much to ease the tension between our races and that of the Duskies.”

I stared at him. “Even after the attempted mutiny?”
He nodded. “You would be surprised. We come from a society where leaders are obeyed without question."

As the Amazon book description states this reader wholly agrees with the statement; "Epic, stunning, and absolutely mesmerizing, Shadows is the unique and original story you have been waiting to read". This is definitely a book that I would read again just to savor all the details I missed.

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