Monday, March 26, 2012

Night Sky by Jolene Perry

Is a sweet and powerful tale about teenagers and their angst of growing experiences. Jameson the main character is a mature 18 year old who resides in a household of love and support until a few traumatic event changes his reality. Then there is Sarah, his best friend of three years who he is secretly infatuated with and is in conflict to be her best friend or her beau. Sky, the mysterious gal from far away that comes in his life at the moment he thought his heart was broken and never to heal again. He sees Sarah making out with another guy at a dance and it shatters his self-esteem.

Then Sky comes flying into his world and he is distracted for a while from his painful emotions of being quiet or admitting his adoration for Sarah. Sky opens his eyes and heart to new experiences and new feelings of a love he never thought was possible. Sky is mostly truthful with him and expects the same with him; he never has this kind of honesty with Sarah.

In the midst of the conflict between the two girls, his best friend and his future love; he has to deal with more life threatening events that affect his bearings around him all through his last senior year in high school.

In the author's words; "It’s not like Sarah died. No, she’s just dating someone who can’t understand a tenth of her worth. But it’s what she wants. Maybe she doesn’t know what she wants. And how am I supposed to tell her how I feel?"

This story was a refreshing look at teenagers and the old fashioned values that one should be raise with. Jameson is a sweetheart, a good son and such a gentleman with a sincere heart. Sarah is still growing and needs to learn a lot herself and relationships. Sky is a mature woman with a lot secrets and responsibilities. They are from different backgrounds and they all come to an apex at the conclusion that was comforting to the reader. This story is written to appeal to all ages.

This author has a writing style that is refreshing and pure with a realistic approach towards the events of being a teenager in today's world and how they all adapt to the chaos and truths.

You can read her interview with Kitty Bullard of Great Minds Think Aloud Book Club to find out more about this amazing talented author.

Jolene Perry of Night Sky

This is from a reviewer on Amazon and this reader agrees totally with it. "

"The author was like a ninja in this book with her writing; she crept around some serious subjects but managed to make them subtle yet powerful. This story was definitely a great fast moving plot, there were plenty of scene changes and slower moments; overall great plot line."

This reader also discovered this author is planning to write more enriching love and epics stories like this one.

Google her name Jolene Perry and read some amazing and honest stories which are so entertaining this reader finished Night Sky in one reading.

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