Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Game of Heart by Kathryn J. Bain

Is a story about a struggling single mom with three children and an ex-husband who is a deadbeat dad who does not pay his child support in the arrears of 40,000 plus and she with the children are struggling day by day to put food on the table and barely pay the bills. The children go without new clothing and are deprived of many things because mother can't afford the basics right now on her part-time job. The story has a charm of it's own as the three pre-teenagers described their personalities and how each one deals with the reality of a divocre and living in poverty and the transformation that is about to come into their lives.

The author was inspiring as she added in the hilarious scenes which poor mom, Deb experienced and the surprise of her lifetime comes into her reality. It is inspiration because it is full with faith and strength to get through any storm as long as you believe in the unseen and yourself.

The mother gets feed up and dreams of escaping her fateful destiny but can not abandon her children. The author mixs into other entertaining characters, her lady friends from the South mingling with the Northern ladies and they have some playful conversations as they help Deb through her emotional and financial difficulties.

In all a warm witty and delightful story that some time God closes one door to only open a much happier one. The humour in the story was so realistic and the reader wanted to smash that arrogant deadbeat over the head too. She had to be a saint not too.

Then an additional gift was given at the end of this short narrative that made this reader curious to Goggle the title and author and this is what I found out;

http://www.amazon.com/Kathryn-J.-Bain/e/B0072LEMOU she definitely writes books that tugged at the reader's hearts. Go see for yourself, fun, clean and witty with realisitic prespectives with some fantasy mixed in.
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