Friday, March 30, 2012

Damaged by Troy McCombs

Is a powerful story about bullying and the consequences that occur to the victims. This book was written because something haunted the author's core about the Columbine High School killing. The killers’ young teenagers themselves were displayed as evil monsters and not given any forgiveness for their horrific actions of injuring and killing innocent victims. This reader is neutral and not looking to debate with anyone about the terrible incident. This reader brought up this sensitive topic because this story is a warning and should be read and discuss with all silent crying out victims and the bullies to bring the truth to the light. Not all are innocent when a psychopath is created.

This book was written to see the world through the victim's eyes and how he was affected by the constant taunting and teasing and the lies he experienced every day. School became a torture chamber and he tried to let the adults in his life know that he hatred every moment being in an institution and be bullied by mindless insensitive jerks. I as a mother and substitute teacher know the signs when a child becomes phobia and fights like a demon to not go to school; it is a plea for help.

That the children are being destroy by cruel intents be it physically or psychological abuse by his peers and will do everything in their power to protect themselves and become strangers under your own roof to not experience one more hatred name or label. These taunts paint a self -image and the child starts to believe she/he are stupid, retarded and other vile labels.

This author plotted a dark fantasy with criminal intent to get the message across that bully is the worst damage anyone could experience, it lingers long after the bully moves on with their lives and not realizing the aftermath of their intents. It is very graphic and my stomach almost came up with some of the details. This story is out there but with some of the bullies today this message needs to be declared. Reading this book will definitely open up many eyes and minds to the destruction of an innocent child that was forced to turn into a Dr. Hyde and Jekyll

In the author's words; “His heart felt blacker than night, empty, soulless, cold. Unfixable,bleeding, damaged to the optimal degree. There was no going back to any former life, any former sanity. This was the end of it all, the end of him. His cries were so loud, he could not hear the television. Muffy was standing by his feet, licking his pant leg to try and ease his anguish."

"I'm the bull's-eye in the sights of millions. Put me in a room with a million people, I'm the only target. They can sense it. Are there others like me? All this time, people are afraid of Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Ed Gein but are they mentally disturbed? Is that why they kill people? Are they crazy? How can they be? Society targets them for no apparent reason before they take a single life.

“Society, in turn, creates its own monsters."

"The most brutal novel ever written!"

This book has mature content, language and details that should be review before letting under-age children read it. There is a vital message in the pages and is definitely an eye opener. There are few editing concerns but the story is powerful so they do not distract the reader.

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