Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daisy Dawson on the Farm by Steve Voake and illustrated by Jessica Meserve

A cute short story book with entertaining charcoal drawings of farm animals and other drawings related to the plot. It is light reading and has a moral written throughout; if there is a problem, vent about it, accept it and then created a plan to solve it. The farm animals are faced with a life situation and the charming Daisy Dawson becomes the team leader and organized them into a comedic cooperated team to think of strategies that will solve the problem.

My children are in college but if I was a grandmother this would be a choice to read with my babies. It has cute little songs in-between the pages and as a reader I was thinking what would be the perfect music tune to listen and sing by as we read this as a family. It is light and charming and a treasure to add in your library with a moral teaching that all little children and even adults who need a refreshing break from stress could enjoy.

As a reader I like the scene when Daisy and the animals received insight to how precious mother nature and the human connection is to each other and what they could do to help one another survive. The added elements of the bond between life and nature were a vital component written into this tale. It even includes dancing to the rhythm of nature’s sounds. This part alone if my children were toddlers would interested me in saving this book for rainy and mom I am bored days. There is so much in this little story that can entertain adults and children happily for quality time together. Oh the good news there are ha others books in this amusing series.

I was curious and asked my teenager could ebooks be attached by computer to a large screen television, "of course mom" I was verifying it so I could save this cute story on a flash drive, for just maybe in the future and shared this delightful tale and other with them; I am discovering these types of books could teach reading, learning valuable life lessons , and includes singing and dancing, what a wonderful way to spend a memorable time with the ones we love. Highly recommend this book and others in this series for a mini break and to create life-time memories and spending quality time with the children is a gift not to be taken for granted.

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As a mom of three teenagers, who survived through the difficult times of bored days I could not believe this little gem has not been reviewed before I came along. Please go check it out if you are looking for a delightful treat and look forward to enjoying memories with your babies for they grow up too fast.

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