Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At First Light by John R Sikes

and the charcoal drawings illustrations by Glenn Duncan and Jim Borer is a witty short collection of stories with this opening:

Author's Note:
I named this collection of stories At First Light because no matter if I am at sea, on the river or in the woods, it is my favorite time of day. The transformation from darkness into light. A time between the last chill of the night and the warmth of seeing the sun appearing over the horizon. It always brings hope"
This written introduction by the author was an eye catcher already for this reader to get comfortable and read this collection.

In this short collection the author is describing his days as a fisherman and his camping experiences by himself and the antics he lives through. He continues the tales detailing his career as a tour guide taking tourists out on the raging rivers and he adds his own adventures of almost losing his life on more than one occasion. Yet he still does not learn his lesson and like a dare devil goes on yet another wild adventure. He adds a humorous touch to the short tales and the additional illustrations describing the journeys with creative details pulls in the reader. Captivation enough to reeled in this reader and have her get caught up in the story; like when a tourist or friend is flipped into the frigid fast flowing rivers as the canoe overturns or the other typical male tactics one does to enjoy the outdoors life and captured game adds a laugh here and there.

This reader enjoyed this preview and look forward to reading more works from this writer.

This author has other books in the works. His style of writing with humor and realistic life experiences give these stories and unique quality of their own. Rated PG but parents should review first before younger children read this collection.

Available by John R. Sikes

At Rogue Phoenix Press

Fisherman's Son

Young Jason hits the open ocean of the Pacific Northwest for the first time. In his adventure-filled journeys, he learns the ropes of fishing the great seas under the tutelage of his Uncle Buck and the old salty dogs aboard the commercial fishing vessel, the Wave Dancer. Jason's strength of character, quick wits, and bravery are called upon to help save the family business and the lives of his fellow crewmen. Will he survive his ordeals? Will he earn enough money to fulfill every teen's boy's dream of buying a fast car? Enjoy this rolling sea adventure to see how he fares.

Coming Soon

Smuggler's Story

Smuggler's Story is about the early days of drug smuggling and how the notorious drug cartels were formed.

Just After Daylight

Another collection of short stories.

Many of John R. Sikes books are also available in print at Amazon.com

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